Those of you who use Mobile Terminal know that the version currently in Cydia hasn’t been updated in a while, and currently doesn’t support iOS 5 and above. As usual, we have a fix for you.

As a matter of fact, we had a fix for you three months ago, when we first published a tutorial on how to install MobileTerminal on your iPhone running iOS 5…

We have a full video tutorial for you here, but if you need step by step written instructions, I suggest you check out our previous post on how to get Mobile Terminal on your iPhone iOS 5.

  • jose castro

    i have had this installed for a while now

  • There is a much easier way. Just go to cydia and install mobile terminal(new).

    • That’s in a repo that has hacked app/tweaks in it, and this being a blog that does not support hack repo’s , it can not tell you to use that repo..that would be insainlyi for them to say what repo it’s in….

      • jajaja, nice way of saying the repo’s name anonymously.

      • mattsuperman148

        Hahahaha!! Nice.

      • Alan Spicer

        Kobayashi Maru … Star Trek 2009? Kirk: The test itself is a cheat isn’t it? It’s made to be un winnable. … Re: don’t like hacked app/tweaks … Jail break itself is a hacked app (OS) isn’t it?

        I don’t like no-win scenarios. — Kirk

      • Alan Spicer

        Also that repo that supposed “has hacked app/tweaks” is where you have to go to get inetutils and the other packages that you need to have mobile term be worth anything. I don’t see them anywhere else.

  • Remember: u can use any terminal emulator from the app store (iSSH, Prompt etc.) Just set server to; username root; password alpine (unless u changed it). Obviously u will need OpenSSH installed.
    They usually have some more features than Mobile Terminal. I like Prompt a lot….bigger fonts, more user friendly etc.

    • I’ve been meaning to make a tutorial on this for a minute. Today may be the day.

  • Dan

    so what’s the use of mobile terminal?

    • irssi for iPad/iPhone

    • Alan Spicer

      If you have to ask … they you don’t need it and don’t want it, probably …

      • Dan

        If you have to reply to a 2 year old post…

      • Alan Spicer

        I don’t like no-win scenarios … read below. Even 2 years later. My no-win scenario was that I wasn’t finding how to add the packages that add ping and many other commands to mobile terminal. You have to switch from User to Hacker profile in Cydia. Then you can download inetutils and many other console packages that are needed. Mobile terminal is great for quick ping, whois, etc. from you iPhone … among other things. You’re probably not a command line / I.T. guy. It took me 2 years to need / find / this thread and post something useful. No further comment your honor.

      • Dan

        My point is, there’s no real point in replying to posts from two years ago. Nothing wrong with reading the articles. 2 year old posts though? pointless. Good day to you.

  • Is there any logical reason for Mobile Terminal not to be hosted on a clean repo?

  • There is an updated version in SOSiPhone repo.

  • I already installed Core youdoles (LOL). (Love iDB btw 🙂

  • Alan Spicer

    Thanks for reminding me to go in HACKER (not USER) mode to be able to download the good stuff. When did Utils short for Utilities start getting pronounced “Yootles” or “Youtils”? It’s Utils … Not Yootles. Utilities are not Yootle-ities. YOU TILLS. Say it again. YOU TILLS.