Version 0.3 of the Absinthe iPhone 4S and iPad 2 untethered jailbreak utility was released a moment ago by the Chronic Dev Team, and with it comes support for Linux.

If you’re already jailbroken with v0.2, there is no need to attempt to reapply the jailbreak with the latest version, because there’s nothing really new besides a few cosmetic changes and a fix for a rare bug that most won’t encounter.

Chronic Dev Team member @pimskeks speaks on the release:


Besides, if you tried to reapply the jailbreak, it would simply refuse since the app detects whether or not the device is already jailbroken.

For Linux users, this is very good news. Historically, Chronic Dev has been one of the few jailbreak developers to support the “3rd” operating system. Head over to our downloads page in order to download version 0.3 of Absinthe. There are also downloads for OS X and Windows, but again, these should be used for new jailbreaks only.

Are you a Linux user? Are you happy to see support for the A5 jailbreak come to your platform?

  • Why do they work on the unlock 5.0.1bb 04.11.08 instead .. We don’t need jailbreak anymore …. We we unlock unlock

    • Kok Hean

      We need the jailbreak.

    • CANF800SL CANF800SL

      go buy an unlock iPhone… Haters will always Hate.

    • unlock needs jailbreak

    • Only fools knowing buy a carrier locked iPhone with intent to use it on another network.

  • my settings app crashes once i go into the “General” settings. I wonder if this will fix it. Will it let me reapply it?

  • its off topic nut i have a sprint iphone 4S bought it before 11/11/11 meaning every device bought before that date would come unlocked how the fuck do i know if its unlocked cz my BB is 1.0.14????? is there a way to know if it is or not

  • i used cmd CLI jb for my ipad, now icloud seems to crash my ipad

  • Anonymous

    I use Linux but I don’t jailbreak my device :D.