Looking to add a bit more style to Notification Center? If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

Flowtation is a recently released jailbreak tweak that does just that, adds visual style to the way Notification Center behaves when revealed.

Instead of Notification Center overlapping the current content on your screen, it physically pushes the content out of the way when displayed.

It’s not the easiest concept to explain with words, but that’s what video is for…

It’s a pretty interesting concept; it doesn’t add any technical enhancements to the experience, but it’s certainly a different look and feel.

If interested, Flowtation can be downloaded for $0.99 on Cydia, and it’s compatible with iPhone’s and iPod touches running iOS 5 or higher.

Let us know what you think about Flowtation in the comments section.

  • airbreak

    It doesn’t lag at all btw.

  • Anonymous

    I want the animation Android has, would be great if someone could do it. But this is nice as well!

    • You want the crappy battery life Android has too then I am guessing?

      • Anonymous

        No thanks…

      • uhh, I’m pretty sure androids battery life is a whole lot better iOS 5 right now..

      • Jon Garrett

        better or equal to. only Trolls run all over the internet spreading lies and rumors about Android phone’s battery life.

        Android phones that are running 4G, a half dozen widgets and multiple applications running (something an iPhone cannot do) WILL have an impact on battery life

        on the other hand, under clocking your processor (like on the iPhone) will extend your battery life.

        but here’s something you’ll NEVER hear an apple fan boy say about Android and its batteries.

        on an Android phone you can root your phone and adjust your battery voltage !! AND you can overclock your processor and STILL adjust your battery voltage !!

        weather you’re an apple enthusiast or Android, the best thing you can do is EDUCATE yourself, don’t get all your information from one site cause all you’ll ever get is misinformation and one-sided opinions.

      • Jon Garrett

        what phone has a batter worse than the iPhone 4S? you people kill me, you make all these statements and you’ve NEVER used the product you criticize, all you’re doing is repeating what you’ve read other liars say. on apple’s own website there are pages and pages and pages of complaints about the 4S battery and 3 OS versions later the problem still persists.

    • Jon Garrett

      then get an Android phone and stop wishing a jailbroken iPhone could do what an Android does.

      • Kok Hean

        Nah, I’ll stick to a jailbroken iPhone 🙂

    • use vWallpaper as an alternative. if you want an android animation, you dont need iphone…

  • Pretty cool tweak. I wish it had more effects than just fading though.

  • Nice app but I always believes this kind of app will make the phone slower.

    So I have jailbroken my 4S last week, the only app I installed is FakeClockup(free).

    You might want to give a try~ It speeds up your phone a lot a lot by speeding up the animation.

    • Anonymous

      3 things :

      1) You jailbroke your 4S last week, were you before everyone else then as it was only released to the public, what, 1 or 2 days ago.

      2) The tweak does not slow down the phone, yes TWEAK, not app.

      3) You have a 4S and all you installed was a tweak that you say speeds up the phone, which infact it doesn’t .. A 4S is wasted on 1 tweak that isn’t even that good lol

      • You’re right. Not even on my single-core A4 iPhone 4 it doesn’t. The dev made it precisely so it wouldn’t slow down. He announced on his twitter today that he found some performance issue with it. He already fixed it though and the update will be available within 2 days.

        Follow him @cjori

      • Anonymous

        Jesus, give him a break, man. If he wants to install the goddamn tweak and believes it will make it a lot faster, then let him. Maybe for him it isn’t a waste “lol”

      • I second your comment Maurid!

  • paul featherstone

    Mint tweak 😉

  • Anonymous

    Any of you who has an iPhone 4S jailbroken, could upload the General.plist file? It’s in Applications/Preferences.app. Unfortunately I messed it up and now my settings app is crashing when going to the general tab, forgot to back it up before touching it and I don’t want to restore my phone.

    Thanks in advance!

    • mattsuperman148

      Wow. I feel bad for you there. Give me something to send it to you. Like an email. It’s pretty long.

  • A dashboard for iOS 🙂 I’ve been following the developer ever since he released CustomNCBackground and he’s awesome 🙂

  • Can anyone here suggest me a cydia app that allowed apps in multitask to be closed at once? I used to have it on my iPhone but i forgot its name.

    In fact, recommend me some good tweaks that you guys are using.

    • KillBackground is the one you’re looking for. I also use f.lux, IntelliScreenX, PasswordPilot, Springtomize, StartDial, Voice Activator, NoStoreButton, and SmoothCoverFlow 😉

    • Weekillbackground..put a kill all apps in the notification centre …
      F.lux ..is good
      RSSwidget for natifacation centre …put one rss in there..
      Put this in the settings part ..
      Not tweak but a app
      Ifile..browse the file system of you device..
      PKGBackup..backup your tweaks/apps from Cydia..
      Bytafont ..this is a app to change your fonts ..so this is a app and a tweak

    • Anonymous

      RenoveBackground SBSettings Toggle

  • Anonymous

    THIS is a paid tweak? Jesus Christ, it sucks! Everyone is so desperate nowadays.

    • quit using Jesus’ name as some kind of curse

      • Anonymous

        Don’t get all religious on me, for crying out. Who says I did? And if I wanted to, I would. Not like Oh So Holy “Kurt” would prohibit me from doing it.

  • crashes every app on my ipod touch 4g fuck ipods! and their low memory

  • Anyone know why after I installed weekill my mail app icon is white? I’ve tried a respring and a reboot with no change. Any ideas what I should do?

  • wat if after jailbreaking the 4s i adde custom notofication background app and now i hav no service i cant get service wat do i do?

    • Try to reset network ..
      Settings …General…..Reset…

  • It’s a good tweak Nice and stylish but definitely not in the range of a paid tweak

  • This is all ready on insanelyi repo..put this on my i4s to try…what utter rubbish , this is not worth the $.0.99 at all..it’s not even worth free…so wow ..the page that you bring the Notafacation centre over scrolls down with the Notafacation centre..the stock way looks better..

  • a smit

    goddamned kids today all they do is whine about how ugly icons are and when animations aren’t ultra smooth … mind-numbingly trivial