Those of you who have been having trouble jailbreaking your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 with the Absinthe app will be happy to hear that the Chronic Dev Team has just released an update for the Mac version of the utility.

The update, which brings Absinthe to version 0.2, is in response to a couple of reported issues with the app, including devices not rebooting after activating its VPN setting, and mysterious white icons…

Planetbeing, one of Absinthe’s developers, announced the update via his Twitter account:

“…Mac version updated. v0.2: Tries to fix no reboot after activating VPN/tapping Absinthe icon. We also tried to fix white icons on SpringBoard after jb.”

He goes onto say that if you still see the white icons, even after using the new version of Absinthe, try installing an application from Cydia. He also notes that if Absinthe crashes, just restart your device and try it again.

Needless to say, if you’ve already successfully jailbroken your device, there’s no need to do it over again. But for those that have been experiencing problems, you can grab the latest version of Absinthe from our Downloads page.

Any questions?

  • I had issues at first, but after the idb tippage I did a clean restore and the jb went buttersmooth.

  • Well I guess I could restore and try this

  • Never had any of these issues, but it froze on “Preparing Jailbreak data” several times. Had to keep restarting. Finally worked on try number 8.

  • Any one else having problems with the APP store?
    My device is kinda funny in general and I am having problem with the app store being irresponsive and giving me error msgs

  • Absinthe won’t recognize my iphone 4s. It is plugged in, passcode diabled, everything rebooted. (Windows version). Thanks for any help anyone can give.

    • I like to think I’m an experienced jail breaker and I’m experiencing the same issue. I tried all the troubleshooting suggestions from the post earlier today and still no look. I can’t get absinthe to recognize my device (iPhone 4s). I guess I’ll have to wait and hope redsnow comes out with a version.

    • update ur itunes i had same trouble

  • After tapping on the absinthe app in the iOS, is it normal to take a while? I think its kinda stuck on “Abseinthe is now setting things up, please stand by message. Any help would be appreciated! 🙂

    • ok in ur phone go to general/Network/Vpn click on vpn nothing else .. wait and see wut happens .. if nothing happens stick ur device back in the comp, turn on Absinthe. click jailbreak it will recover, shut the Absinthe program off and on again then jailbreak wait for it to do its thing then when it says slide ur ipad on do it go to general network vpn press on and wait u will see cydia i promise

    • I have the same problem

  • anyone know how to fix the white icons issue. everything worked except for white icons for maps and stocks

    • My white icons disappeared after installing ssh and changing my root/mobile passwords. Reports say rebooting also works but the reboot didn’t fix it for me.

  • need to unlock iphone 4s please help

    • Anonymous

      i can’t seem to get my iphone 4s unlocked either. please help or hurry with an update for ultrasnow, this is killing me!!!

    • Anonymous

      i can’t seem to get my iphone 4s unlocked either. please help or hurry with an update for ultrasnow, this is killing me!!!

  • Films don’t play ..get a error message saying …video could not start because it could not be found on this sever…

  • I had no problems and worked the first time. But Safari Downloaded wouldnt work for me. Made safari crash every time i opened it.

  • I had no problems and worked the first time. But Safari Downloaded wouldnt work for me. Made safari crash every time i opened it.

  • after i jailbrock my ipad i am having issue with picture frame setting on the
    it says : “There was an error loading the preference bundle for Picture Frame”
    can any body help me?

  • Anonymous

    Went perfect for me. I followed the tips and instructions, and so far it seems fine.
    1) did backup with LATEST update of iTunes
    2) did restore as New Phone
    3) with iTunes open and phone attached and recognized, ran jailbreak.
    4) jailbreak gave Absinthe icon, tapped it, a few seconds later I had Cydia (did NOT tap that yet tho)
    5) re-opened iTunes (as it had closed), it found phone attached, am now running a Restore Using Backup – choosing the backup done in step 1.
    Seems to be plugging along fine. I’ll update later if any issues.

    **Donated a few coins to the TEAM, too! With many thanks!!**

    • Anonymous

      Final restore done, Safari, photos, camera, all folders/apps, iBooks, everything seems to be working great so far!

  • hxh

    ran fine on ipad 2, but got the white phone icon on iphone 4s. did the exact process for each, not sure what is wrong. Trying to install app from cydia, but it is taking forever to update sources

  • Absinthe icon disappear of the reboot, but nothing shown afterwards! I have the “white icon” can’t locate or see anywhere!! I tried using Absinthe again, but it said system already untethered jailbreak!!? HELP!!!

  • Has anyone tried to jailbreak iOS 5.1b3?

  • Can some one help . I keep getting white icons on my 4s . And jb my device on windows

  • Hello guys.. i’m experiencing the problem with the white springboard icons …
    Now i downlaoded the new 0.2 version ob Absinthe but when i want to jailbreak it says: “Error: Device is already jailbroken! Detected stash.” …
    How can i now fix this problem with the white icons when i’m not able to jailbreak again?

    • Anonymous

      Having the same issue too.. :S

  • Didn’t work!

    iPhone 4S
    Mac OS lion

    Absinthe quit unexpectedly
    ERROR: mb2_handle_receive_files: too long device filename (16777216)!

    Please post solution because I’ve been reading this issue all other the place. I tried ‘sudo’ from terminal, no luck. What seems to be the problem?

  • my iphone4s Safari icon turned white after i completed the jailbreak using absinthe for windows. Solved it by installing Winterboard (install only, default theme) and the icon is back to normal. Funny.

  • harsh agarwal

    i have jailbroken my ipad successfully, but there is no sound while using any apps or games, please help..

  • OK, after all these negative comments, there is NO way I’m going to jailbreake my iPhone 4S

    • Anonymous

      then don’t. Nobody is forcing you!

  • Anonymous

    Do I have to be on Wifi for absinthe to work?

  • absinthe does not even read my iPad 2. i have restored my iPad 2, and nothing still