Folks, the madness has started. One of the first jailbreak tweaks featuring custom Siri commands has officially made its way to the Cydia store, and it’s called VoiceUtils.

VoiceUtils allows you to respring, reboot, power off, and enter safe mode — all via Siri. You’re definitely going to want to check out our video of it in action…

VoiceUtils can be downloaded for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Remember, you will need a jailbroken iPhone 4S to take advantage of the tweak.

We’re sure this is the first of many Siri tweaks in the pipeline, and in our opinion, this one isn’t a bad first attempt.

What do you think?

  • Anonymous

    All I want to see is a tweak that replaces the stock voice with glados from portal.

    • I can only imagine that would be sooner than later 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Jeff do you have any slight delays with sbsettings? When I drag down the NC, there is some sort of delay. I’m assuming you downloaded sbsettings in your 4s lol.

    • That would be awesome!

    • Nikita Lebedev

      Dude I totally agree on this idea… I’d pay for that change=))))

  • Ahhhhhh seeing all these new jailbreak tweaks make me sad because I have a pc and I can’t jailbreak my phone. Killing me slowly

    • virtual machine?

      • It isnt possible to jailbreak using a virtual

      • Yes it is. I did it this afternoon.

      • Sergiu Bulzan

        using vmware? please tell me how! i’m stuck at waiting for reboot

    • U’ll need three things to jailbreak ur i4S if u have a PC..
      1. A cord
      2. A flash drive with Abstinth (I forgot how its spelled-the jailbreak software for A5 iDevices)
      3. Then a bestbuy store near u

      Find a Mac there and Ta-Da

    • Anonymous

      i had a feeling pc versions will comes out with redsnow, just a feeling.

  • Should I jailbreak now or wait until tomorrow? I want all the bugs to be fixed and the website to have less traffic.

    • It’s up to you, but the jailbreak works perfectly for me.

      • Jeff, if there is any new info u gather regarding how to make Absinthe recognize the device when it is plugged in, please share. I have spoken to 15-20 others thru iDb forums, other forums & twitter that are stumped & looking for answers. Thank u so much for all the effort u put into your job & all the help u provide.

  • It’s a good start.
    I just want something like this for Facebook and twitter without using Siri proxy plugins.

    Oh and also voice activator for Siri. Voice activator was cool. Voice control and I sung beautiful duets.

  • Holy damn!!! That is fast!! I want an iPhone 4S naowww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What would also be grrrrreat is a tweak or shortcut to jump straight to text input in Siri in case you don’t want everyone around you hearing your texts or whatever you’re doing.

  • Yeah, that was a great tweak!!

  • Any idea when the windows version for the jb will come out?

  • can this work with spire?

  • I <3 u Jeff.

  • Has anyone got the same problem like I do? After I jailbreak my iPhone 4s using absinthe, my doesn’t play my tracks. Anyone can help?

    • Anonymous

      reboot phone or just open iTunes and sync should work

  • Alvin Mendez

    Forgot how much I missed the jailbreak!!! I love the Hands FreeVoice Control

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know how this works? Not siriproxy…that would mean you need would have to connect to a proxy..

    I want try making siri tweaks, so if anyone knows how, please say so!

  • Will this work with the iPhone 4 and Spire? I don’t see a reason why it wouldn’t, although would certainly appreciate confirmation. 🙂

  • windows version is OUTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when are you guys going to report it!?!?!

    • Version 0.4.3 adds support for Windows users. It also makes the “-j” jailbreak option much more functional 🙂 See the README.txt for usage.

  • Anonymous


    • Christian Campana-Emard

      Same here, I’ve just been looking up ‘Best iphone 4s tweaks’ and ‘best ios 5 tweaks’ and now it’s FREAKING AMAZING

  • When are we getting a working Siri on the iPhone 4 ?

  • when i told siri to reboot.. it got my screen stuck on the apple logo….cool

  • I would like a command to return to springboard though 🙂