The iPad 3 hysteria is reaching a fever pitch, and even I am getting swept up in the excitement. So much so that I just sat down and made a short list of the things I would most like to see Apple add to its next tablet device.

Before I unleash my list upon the unsuspecting masses, I must reiterate that I do know that some of these are never going to happen, but that’s kind of the fun of a wishlist, right? Asking for things that would be mind-bendlingly awesome but are almost impossible, or just highly improbable.

With that out of the way, onwards we go to my iPad 3 feature wishlist

  • Retina display – Almost guaranteed at this point, a new high-resolution screen is top of my list of wants for this iteration of iPad. The current model’s resolution may have been fine pre-iPhone 4, but now we are all so used to a screen that is laminate to the glass above it, anything less just feels cheap.
  • Increased memory – While a new dual-core chip is being rumored heavily, it is the memory which I think could do with improvement. The way iOS handles multitasking is unique, but throwing more memory at things always improves them. Not having to re-load games and apps that remember their state no matter how long ago they were used would help push the iPad to the next level.
  • Smaller bezel – The iPad 2’s bezel is far from huge, but any improvement over the current model would be greatly received. Apple’s tablet already has the illusion of just being a slab of glass, and removing as much of that black frame as possible can only help.
  • Higher capacity storage options – Let’s face it, it’s only a matter of time before we get a 128 GB iPad. With games getting larger and larger, and HD media required for that high-resolution screen, the more storage the better really.
  • Improved speakers – If you’ve ever listened to music or a podcast on your iPad then you’ll know that the built-in speakers leave a lot to be desired. Let’s have an improvement here please, Apple. The speaker on the iPhone 4S, for example, is much better than anything that has come before it.
  • A trackpad on the back of the iPad – Hey, if the Playstation Vita can have one, why can’t an iPad?!
I’m sure you’ve got some others to add to that list, so be sure to let me know in the comments!
  • jose castro

    lol u might as well add 3D lol everything else is in 3D hahahahahahaha

  • • iPad with Cydia pre-installed

  • Why do you want a thinner bezel? Sure it would look nice. but the reduction of the bezel would make holding the iPad more difficult, smart covers wouldn’t fit unless they changed the screen size. and it would be more difficult to focus on content on the screen.


  • SD-Card slot would reduce the cost for a larger internal storage and be much more flexible!

  • Why not another design ?

    • KewlDewd

      Why? How should it be designed?

      • Anonymous

        Just ask Samsung 😉

    • KewlDewd

      New design for the sake of a new design is not a good reason. Is there something about the current design that makes it difficult for you to work with? I’m guessing not, and that you only want a redesign so everyone can look at you and immediately know that you are holding the latest and greatest iPad. I understand a lot of people think that way, but not me. If the iPad 3 looks identical to the 2 but is chock full of upgrades inside, I will be stoked.

  • KewlDewd

    Trackpad on the back? That would be weird and pointless. If the iPad had no (or a tiny) bezel, how would you hold it? The rest of that stuff is reasonable and realistic, and could happen.

  • waterprof 🙂

  • Inbuilt with wings to fly and legs to run 😉

  • Anonymous

    dedicated button for making the best espresso

  • near field communication

  • Tom

    I can’t believe that with all the freedom that ‘mind-bendlingly awesome but are almost impossible, or just highly improbable’ allows you, you neglected to add a teleportation device, a ‘see through clothes’ mode for the camera and a toasted sandwich maker to your wish-list!


  • Thank you for mentioning increased memory – Apple is always so stingy with RAM. The iPad2 and iPhone 4S didn’t have anywhere near as much as people thought they would before release. I’m an every-other-generation sort of upgrader, so looking forward to a big improvement from the iPad 1.

    My personal wish-list:
    – Retina Display (must or no buy),
    – increased RAM (sure hope so)
    – quad-core processor (doubt it, but probably improved)
    – SD card slot (yeah, right)

  • A built in USB port would be nice. Especialy a USB 3.0 port!

  • A built in USB port would be nice. Especialy a USB 3.0 port!

  • Anonymous

    Smaller bezel? Nooo, please do not make the bezel any smaller. This size is good to hold it. Where to put your hands on a smaller bezel?

  • Sue Jobson

    I want an iPad the size of a kindle!!

  • Aric Bolf

    Be careful when making expectations that are too high. That can lead to disappointment and anger. It can be better to be in the middle ground of anticipation of something neat without counting on any specific feature. It is nice to wish though 🙂

    Has anyone considered the idea of 2 iPad 3’s coming to market? One high res for higher price and a low res one (think the new iPhone 4 8GB model) to compete better on the lower end.