We know. We’re as eager for the A5 jailbreak to drop as you guys are. Probably more. But even though we’ve been saying it for weeks now, we think we’re extremely close to a public release.

And The Dev Team confirms that in its new blog post entitled “Corona A5 jailbreak nearly ready to pop!” The post provides some important information regarding the highly-anticipated exploit…

“Due to the combined efforts of @pod2g and members of the iPhone Dev Team and Chronic Dev Team, we’re nearly ready for a general release! All technical hurdles dealing with the underlying technique have been overcome, and its now all about making the jailbreak as bug free as possible…

Jailbreak programs:

To be as flexible as possible, the A5 version of the corona jailbreak will take multiple forms:

  • Chronic Dev have incorporated the overall flow into a GUI that runs on your Mac or PC. The goal is for the GUI to be enough for most cases.
  • iPhone Dev have incorporated the exact same flow into a command-line interface (CLI). This will allow us to help users through individual steps of the jailbreak manually, to both help the user and help improve the overall flow. Although the CLI will also allow the user to perform the entire jailbreak from beginning to end, we anticipate it will be more useful in debugging the occasional errors. The CLI currently has over 20 individual options (in addition to the single “jailbreak” option) that should be useful during debug after the GUI release.
  • Once all the bugs in the flow are worked out, we’ll also incorporate it into the redsn0w GUI (but still leave the CLI freely available too). In order to maximize the chances of the jailbreak working for everyone, the redsn0w GUI will use native Apple iTunes libraries — this technique is slightly different than how the Chronic Dev GUI handles communications, and should provide nice combined coverage for all the odd computer configurations out there.


The supported firmware versions will be:

  • iPhone 4S: 5.0 (9A334), 5.0.1 (9A405) and the “other” 5.0.1 (9A406)
  • iPad 2: 5.0.1 (9A405)

iPhone 4S owners looking to maximize their chances of achieving an eventual software-based carrier unlock should be staying at 5.0. Everyone else should be at 5.0.1. If you’re an iPhone 4S owner who already updated to 5.0.1, it’s too late to go back down to 5.0. But if you’re on 9A406 it is possible to downgrade the BB by going to the 9A405 version of 5.0.1 while the window is still open.”

The post goes on to warn that this style of jailbreak has never been done before. So, as usual, it’s highly recommended that you backup your device and take other necessary precautions.

It’s also worth noting that a shared PayPal account has been setup for all of those involved in the A5 jailbreak. So if you’d like to make a donation, you can do so here. And as hard as these guys have been working, it’d be money well spent.

Make sure you stay tuned to iDB this weekend — we’re expecting the jailbreak to drop any day now.

  • itsupportBC BC

    Good thank

  • cant wait for it >,<

  • Anonymous

    No sleep. no doubt

  • Can’t wait!

  • Alaa Ezzedine

    Guys pleAse move it we are fed up waiting and waiting i am checking this website more then 20 times dialy please make it this week end so that we can spend this week end diving into cydia and tweaks … Thank you in advance

    • Anonymous

      if ur fed up leave the site no one ask u to come here .these guys r doing it for free .they need to charge u 100.00 dollars to JB ur phone would u be fed up then ? and dont speak for everyone else here !!!!!!!!!!!!

      • They dont do it for free…we give donations…im preety sure if we didnt give they wouldnt still be jailbreaking for as long as they…pod2g bought a 4s with our donations…so it takes money nothing is free

      • They dont do it for free…we give donations…im preety sure if we didnt give they wouldnt still be jailbreaking for as long as they…pod2g bought a 4s with our donations…so it takes money nothing is free

      • They didn’t force you to donate. The jailbreak is downloadable for free. They are doing it for free. The iPhone Dev Team doesn’t take donations, yet they release baseband unlocks and jailbreaks. Pod2g had to get a 4S to test his jailbreak. He could easily have said “nah, I have no jailbreak”, but he did make one.

    • Hey, Mr. Alaa…have some respect & wrap your brain around the hours (hundreds, if not thousands) these men have worked for you. One more thing, if u check iDb 20 times a day…start checking it 5, nobody is forcing u to check 20 times, so do not complain about something so futile.

    • Please keep visiting IDB 20 times daily , but let’s show a more positive attitude and please donate.

  • i wonder which one would everyone use, redsn0w or greenp0ison?

    • redsn0w for me.unless its coming out days later

      • my bad there is only 1 tool which will be named Absinthe JB this time =D

  • i just wish i hadn’t updated to 5.1 b3 now grrr does anyone know if i can downgrade?

    • just download the firmware and restore, apple is still signing 5.0.1

      • Thanks Jonathon only problem is will i loose all my text msg and that

      • You won’t loose your info as long as you back up in iTunes prior to a restore, but then again does it matter as long as you can jailbreak? You can sync contacts and calendars via iCloud if they are that critical.

  • It’s going to be legen.. wait for it..
    I CAN’T WAIT FOR IT!!!!!!!!

  • …this is when I smile & thank myself for spending $7.99 & obtaining PKG Backup 6 months ago. Once the JB drops, getting ALL my tweaks & themes will be as simple as redownloading PKG Backup (after I log in to Cydia & go to “purchases”), opening the app & restoring, using the saved file in Dropbox. *MORAL OF STORY*

    • I’d be very very careful doing this. While its all well and good to have all your old tweaks etc probably not all will be iOS 5 compatible. Doing a batch install of all of them could cause a springboard crash / resporing loop and you will have difficulty figuring out what is causing the crash.

      My advice would be to only install a few at a time and make note of them as you install.

      • Certainly, I realize that PKG Backup has risks due to tweaks not being compatible, etc. I mainly posted that to let others, who may not be aware, know that PKG is a option for backing up.

      • Was just thinking that

    • Actually this is a bad idea bro!
      What if the tweeks aren’t compatible with ios 5 yet then u have to go through all the tweeks and look which one is causing springboard to crash or even worse wont let u boot up again!!! Then u have to remove the tweeks with ssh..

    • Your backup is from a none A5 device do not use that backup…you will have to do a restore and then install your tweaks again…but it’s up to you to find out…good luck if you use that backup..

  • ic0n1c

    876 minutes to go…

  • Anonymous

    As soon as the jailbreak released..im ready to open my account and throw away my mOney to the dev team!!!

  • creed waters

    idb app????

  • Donating the minute it’s out.

  • Yes! CHEEEHOO baby!!!

  • Drum roll pls…………..

  • How do you downgrade from 9A406 to 9A405?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get why everyone is so excited, just wait and see, you’ll enjoy random reboots, springboard crashes and a memory leak that sends your available ram from 360mb down to 160 when you haven’t used the phone and no apps are running … I wish they’d sort the A4 jailbreak out and preferably re-package it into GreenPoison because Redsnow has always been tempremental.

  • I don’t think jailbreak is worth it anymore. iOS5 is nearly perfect and I had always funny experience with jailbreaked devices. It just doesn’t work as smoothly as normal device.

    • Dan

      yes it is… winterboard, bite sms, gridlock, callbar, perpagehtml, folderenhancer, sbsettings, springtomize and much much more.

      OS5 may be nice, but there’s still a lot to do with jailbreaking.

  • Sitting on 5.0.1 (9A405) right now. 😀

  • So there’s a possible unlock for the iPhone 4S but what about the regular iPhone 4 on 5.0.1?

  • Good News! Waiting for the same moment

  • Just donated 50 bucks. Money well spent if you ask me, these guys deserve every cent.

  • Ready donate for iPhone 4 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Don’t know about any of the other tweaks, just want Flash player ability..
    I’m sure there are other tweaks which will be useful, but that is the main reason I am waiting for JB…
    Thanks guys for all your hard work..

  • an unlock for 4.11.08 would be really sweet, i am already jailbroken but no unlock!:(

  • FYI Absinthe 5.0.1 JB will be out in a few hours time, get ready to JAILBREAKKKK!

  • I figure this JB will drop just in time for Apple to quit signing for 5.0.1. That way if the JB is buggy and u have to restore u will be shit out of luck. Just a guess.

  • Anonymous

    Jailbreak in progress!

    Stop the presses, close the hatches, lock the latches, start a fresh pot of coffee, and hunker down waiting …

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  • This jailbreak better not drop before 3 PM central time. If it drops while im not home ill be having a panic attack so i can jailbreak. So long stock 4s 🙂

  • Well, you know what they say about the jailbreak releases. Sunday is always fun day with them. I think we can expect a release on that day. Hopefully it’s earlier.