Apple already posted their official iBooks 2 video, now they’ve posted their official video for iBooks Author.

We’ve covered iBooks Author already in our media event coverage, and via our own hands-on time with the app, and we came away pretty impressed with its easy of use.

Be sure to check those out, along with Apple’s own video if you’re at all interested about the changing landscape of desktop publishing.

You can also visit Apple’s official iBooks Author page to watch the video and glean more information about the content creation tool.

Have you downloaded it yet?

  • This is simply amazing! Now i can write my book and a proper program! Thanks Apple!

  • Unbelievably awesome. I can’t wait for all the cool books to come out.

  • Matt

    wow i love Apple. cant wait for that company to take over the world. deff would buy an iPad for school instead of textbooks (interactive slideshows, videos, images, etc). simply amazing plus money and weight saving!