We’ve seen Apple introduce some pretty cool applications this morning during its education event. iBooks 2 looks like a great place to download interactive digital textbooks, and iBooks Author seems like a great tool for creating them.

But Apple didn’t stop there. The company wanted to make it easier for teachers to bring “everything you need to take a class” to the iOS ecosystem. And it looks like they’ve done it with the new iTunes U application…

Up until now, iTunes U has been a section of the iTunes Store dedicated to free course material (mostly videos) that would allow students to learn information from a teacher without officially being enrolled in their class. And Apple has built on this tremendously with the new iTunes U app.

The software contains full courses with videos, documents, apps, and books from top universities around the world. It even allows teachers to upload their course syllabus and includes iBooks notes integration — it’s the entire package.

Since the app is free, and all of the content is free, Apple seems to be breaking down some serious barriers in the world of education. You can download the iTunes U app for both the iPhone and the iPad from the App Store.


  • Anonymous

    I’m sure this will be huge but there is too many professors that make a killing selling a new variation of their book every semester.

    • Anonymous

      I hated that while I was in school, every semester they would change something small like the order of the chapters or add in a page of bs to get the students to have to buy the current version of the textbook. If you didn’t, you would have a harder time finding the right chapters and what not. A complete rip off for students that already don’t have a lot of cash flow to begin with.

  • G

    I really hope Canadian schools pick up on this