There’s been quite a bit to digest today regarding Apple’s excellent educational event. I think the rumors that we’d see a “Garageband” for iBooks pretty much panned out like we expected.

To sort out all of the details, we’ve compiled a post explaining the highlights from Apple’s event, along with details on the software involved and videos plus download links.

If you’re at all behind on Apple’s Media event this morning, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

The Anticipation

There was lots of speculation going into the media event, and most of it was spot on. Check out our pre-event coverage below.

Apple Planning Media Event in New York This Month
Apple’s Upcoming New York Event to Focus on Education and Textbooks
Apple Announces “Education Event” in New York City on January 19th
Expect “GarageBand for eBooks” From Apple’s Event This Thursday

The Keynote

The keynote unfortunately wasn’t live, but we were able to piece together most of the details for you to digest.

Apple Unveils iBooks 2
Apple Unveils iBooks Author
Apple Unveils iTunes U

The Videos

Thankfully, Apple posted the full video of their keynote, along with an iBooks 2 promo and iBooks author promo video.

Apple’s Full Media Event
Apple’s iBooks 2 Promotional Video
Apple’s iBooks Author Promotional Video

Our Hands On Experiences

Jeff goes hands-on with both iBooks 2 and iBooks Author. You definitely want to check out how easy it is to preview your work in progress on the iPad! Totally seamless.

iBooks 2 Textbook Hands-on
iBooks Author Hands-on


Download links to both iBooks 2 and the iBooks Author Mac App Store app. The good news? They’re both free.

iBooks 2
iBooks Author

Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous coverage on Apple’s media event, including iTunes updates, and iPhone compatibility.

iBooks Textbooks Are iPad Only
iTunes Updated With iBooks 2 Textbook Syncing Support
The Economics Behind Apple’s Digital Textbook Initiative

We think that covers everything. If we missed anything, let us know in the comments below.

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    Why does the blog cover this as if the new iPhone 9 was released?

  • Very good wrap up …. Thank you

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