iBooks 2 looks superb, but how does one go about creating the content? Apple’s answer? iBooks Author — a free Mac App Store app that allows you to create books for use in iBooks 2.

From the photos from The Verge’s live blog feed, the impression we get is that it’s a simple to use creation tool that looks like Pages meets Keynote meets Hypercard. In other words, it looks mighty slick, and easy to use…

iBooks Author Features

  • Free
  • Built in templates
  • Interactive elements
  • Drag and drop controls for layout creation
  • Ability to embed Javascript and/or HTML 5
  • Multimedia glossary creation
  • Preview on iPad
  • 3D Models

Folks, all of this stuff is very exciting. eBook authoring has always been a meticulous chore, but we think this has the potential to completely change the game and flip it on its back. Not only does this hold insane promise for the educational field, it also hold promise for authors in general, whether involved in making textbooks or not.

Best of all, it’s available for free today in the Mac App Store. What do you think, will this change eBook authorship as we currently know it?

  • Please let someone make a windows version. I would love to turn the books I have for my son to make them interactive and fun but I havent got a Mac. 🙁

    • Simon Reidy

      Agreed. Until its on Windows I can’t use it. I have a feeling Apple isn’t about to cut out the vast majority of computer owners by keeping this Mac only. It just won’t catch on and have the impact it needs, until iBook creation becomes multi-platform.

  • Simon Reidy

    I’m impressed. This is the type of social and educational input I love to see from large tech companies, and Apple is always first to the party with an easy and fun way of creating new things.

    As someone who doesn’t live in the States, many of us involved in education have been appalled at the educational figures coming out of the US. It’s critical that today’s youth are educated in an interesting, fun and interactive way, in order to capture ever-shortening attention spans and school attendance rates. Apps like iBooks and hardware like iPads, are perfect for schools to create fun, technically relevant, and hand on experiences, that if properly manage could transform the learning experience.

    Nice one Apple. Your move Google 🙂