Last Summer, Apple unveiled the latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 5. The update contained more than 200 new features including iMessage, iCloud, and a revamped Notification Center.

Apple released the software last October for the iPhone 3GS, and all newer devices. So what do you do if you own a first or second generation iPhone or iPod touch and want to install iOS 5? Enter Whited00r…

The folks of the Whited00r community have been remanufacturing Apple’s mobile software for a couple of years now. You may recall them bringing iOS 4 and its multitasking feature to the iPhone 3G and other non-supported devices last year.

Now the team is back with a customized version of iOS 5. Installing it is as easy as downloading the firmware from the Whited00r website, and running iTunes. But before you get started, there are a few things you should know.

First of all, the custom firmware is missing some of iOS 5’s biggest features, including Notification Center and the App Store (yeah, no App Store). And its iCloud component is really just a front-end for a redesigned DropBox-sync feature.

But on the plus side, it does contain several iOS 5 features. And the ever-important multitasking and custom wallpapers are there. It even includes a host of pre-installed jailbreak tweaks and of course, the Cydia Store.

Unfortunately we don’t have an older device to confirm if Whited00r works as advertised or not, but initial feedback seems to be rather positive. For those of you interested in trying it out, you can find the custom firmware and a brief tutorial on how to install it here.

Have you tried Whited00r 5.1 out yet? What do you think?

  • Dan

    no appstore, so people who opt for this have no choice but to be pirates? Or can they still use the itunes app store and sync their purchases.

    • If there is no built-in AppStore in the WhiteDoor custom firmware, i think they should make Installous built-in or they should open an special (of course pirate) market..

      • The AppStore IS built in. But at the moment, you have to launch it via a Safari bookmark.

      • Oh, thanks.. At least there is an AppStore.. 😛

    • Orion Reyes

      Yes AppStore is included as a Safari bookmark, same functionality

    • go to Safari on your device and check your bookmarks. it should be at the bottom saying Official App Store

  • My boy has been waiting for this for his 3G..he will be on the case tomorrow..just thought can you download app from iTunes on the mac/pc then install them to the device..? If this can not be done its a deal breaker for any older idevice

    • Seb owns all the iPhones he can do it..and make a video for us to see…

    • Orion Reyes

      AppStore is included as a safari bookmark, and there is an appstore from Whited00r also included

  • Whited00r is absolutely the BEST custom firmware for older iOS devices. Works well, super fast, full of great features (multitasking, folders etc) and also has Cydia and Terminal preinstalled. Loads of great stuff, great community. Only one bad thing: Whited00r is iOS 3.1.3 based. Don’t worry, Redd00r (iOS 4 based) is coming soon, stay tuned…

  • I tried but it did not know what that good

  • I tried but it did not know what that good, but it makes a crazy speed!

  • Anonymous

    iOS now has custom ROMs… what now, Android?

  • I am RagingNinja. A whited00r staff member.

    • Can you help me with the latest app store of whited00r? I can’t find it

  • I installed WhiteD00r on my iPod 2G and it is great. I even found a trick to bring the real App Store back. Means I have 3Store (WhiteD00r’s App Store) and App Store.

    Love the Multitasking and Reminders plus folders. Keeps my 2G upto date 😉

  • i have tried whitedoor 5.1 on iPhone 2g……… It has App store…. the app store icon just launches the whitedoor tested apps but you can open Apple App Store from bookmark already saved in safari “Official App Store”

  • Anonymous

    Gotta love Whited00r. To think I was using it just 8 months ago, then bought an iPhone 4.

  • Orion Reyes

    Easy to install, faster than 4.2.1, and the greatest thing is that it preserves the baseband unlock! I just bought a cheap iPhone 3G while I wait for the iOS 5 unlock on my iPhone 4. This way I can use the 3G while I travel, but seemed slow and faulty with official firmware. Great mod, now I like it the way it feels and runs! AppStore is included as a Safari Bookmark, and there is an AppStore from Whited00r, not one but TWO AppStores!!! Also Facebook crashes on iOS 4.2.1 and it is stable in this version, Recommended!!!

  • rapid rapi

    CAN’t get it installed on ipod 2G itunes shows error 1604,do i need to keep devicein dfu mode for this?

    • Anonymous

      I would try using pwned DFU mode in redsn0w, then restoring via itunes. I don’t know how stitching SHSH blobs from another device would work, though.

    • Yes you do

  • Hoho. I bet its slow and laggy on a 3g. My 3gs shouldnt run ios5 in all honesty

  • Anonymous

    I have an old iPod touch 2G and i decided to install Whited00r 5.1 on it. I wasn’t that concerned about App Store because I have an iPhone 4 and all the apps that I download go to iTunes because of iCloud, so I just sync. It’s really impressive in some point and disappointing in others. It has Reminders, iCloud (actually, it uploads all your data to DropBox), multitasking, but the Newstand is something really horrible, you can just read Whited00r news. I’m really expecting redd00r, that is a Custom Firmware with all the iOS 5 functionalities based on iOS 4.2.1.

  • This is old news.

  • Rabbit0_0

    its stuck after install Custem ISPW and i cant turn on my ipod 2g

  • i thing it’s going to be really painful to use iOS 5 on iPhone 3G… it already struggles in iOS 4… so i don’t recommend it..

  • James Brock

    so, i tried this and instead it installing 5.01 i still have 3.1.3 however it installed the icould feature and i still have the app store. So i guess a win win for me?? idownloadblog, any thoughts?

  • Mann I remember the good ole days when I had a iphone 3g…*sigh* lol

  • Hi I need some guidance
    I’m using iPhone 3G iOS 4.2.1 jailbroken (probably since it’s unlocked in the shop) If I want to upgrade to iOS5 what should I do just download whited00r and follow the steps or do I have to jailbreak it and unlock it and then use whited00r??

    • @Arun You can just download the firmware and ‘update’ the firmware (I initially had alot of issues getting my wife 3G to take the ‘update’ but none of that was whited00rs fault)

      It’s worth pointing out though that this isn’t really iOS5, it’s actually a custom iOS3 with some iOS5 esque bits added (@Jens so the performance is better than iOS4 on a 3G), the reason the app store is missing (it actually isn’t but you have to go via the whited00r ‘app store’ web site) is because there are several popular apps (i.e. Facebook) that whited00r have made a custom version of for you to use because otherwise the latest version won’t run under iOS3.

      The downside of this is that if you updated to iOS4 to run a specific app (as my wife did) but it’s not popular enough for whited00r to have made a custom version of then you won’t be able to install it because you are actually running iOS3 (and iTunes will automatically prompt you to update to iOS4 when connected)

  • will it be able to download “last generations” app from the official app store (via safari bookmark)? either they are “popular” or not/

  • raj

    Whited00r is absolutely the BEST custom firmware for older iOS devices. Works well, super fast, full of great features (multitasking, folders etc) and also has Cydia and Terminal preinstalled. Loads of great stuff, great community. Only one bad thing: Whited00r is iOS 3.1.3 based. and stell facebook and more application is refuse to download on my iphone 3g. plus point of this whited00r is multi tasking is working perfect

  • raj

    somebody have a idea that how to install ios 5 or even ios 4.3.1 on i phone 3g ???
    whitedoor is still working with ios 3.1.3
    Please help me if you ave a idea…please send me detail, i am very thankfull to you.

  • It seems that the whited00r app store has stopped working. I cannot use the 3store (which is supposed to be its app store) and it is crashing.

  • is the facebook version 5.3 is work with whited000 on the iphone3g????

  • raghava

    does it support all latest apps n games

  • mhac olazo

    hey there, whited00r
    how to use it , i have a iphone 3g
    with 4.1 version,

  • mhac olazo

    plz anyone email me @

  • jagdish jp

    how to 4.2.1 to update 6.1 for iphone 3g plez help me some one

  • Khore nadda

    My iphone 3.1.3 no longer finds any wifi signals. Is it possible to fix using terminal?