By now, most of you are familiar with the jailbreak application known as IntelliScreenX. The utility, which only works on devices running iOS 5.0+, was introduced by Intelliborn in mid-October last year.

Well, planetbeing, who is a member of the so-called dream team of hackers working on the A5 jailbreak, just tweeted a photo of IntelliScreenX running on his iPad 2 (shown above)…

Along with the picture, planetbeing tweeted this short message: “Been a productive day. Relieved to find out IntelliScreenX (an app I helped write) works on the 4S and iPad 2. :)”

The image and the tweet are good signs for a couple of reasons. For one, it shows that the jailbreak is stable enough for planetbeing to install Cydia packages. And two, this marks the third time in the last few days that we’ve seen an untethered jailbreak running on an A5 device. Yesterday we saw Dustin Howett show off a jailbroken iPhone 4S on video, and just hours ago pod2g posted a photo of his jailbroken iPad 2.

As the old saying goes, “where there’s smoke, there’s probably fire.” So with all of these jailbroken A5 devices floating around, we figure we can’t be too far away from a public release. As always, we’ll let you know the moment we hear anything.

  • Anonymous

    We know they love to tease, but they should aim to please, too. And by that I mean ‘release’…

    • So it’s tease please and release lol!!!

    • I think its enuf teasing now.. My excitement is turning into disappointment. 🙁

      • Anonymous

        Days is becoming weeks from where I can see…….

  • Ew, IntelliscreenX does not look very nice on iPad.

    • Anonymous

      Changing the width of an application is a very easy and minor change

  • Anonymous

    They should just release it 🙂 I know they want to make it ‘perfect’ before they release it, but I can’t wait!

  • Lee

    3 months from now on : “be patient, the A5 untethered jailbreak is coming very very soon.” LOL

    • Its just BS/.// Forget it man. Get some life.

  • Osama Tarabay

    Give em some space & credit guys, they’re probably checking for bugs and inconsistencies, does anyone want their phone to crash down on em because of a rushed release?

    We’ve waited this long, we’ll wait a few more days..

    • mattsuperman148

      I’ll be okay with my phone crashing once or twice if I get the jailbreak a couple months earlier 🙂

    • Exactly. People need to relax a bit. Coding and jailbreak ing take a lot of energy and time. Especially for a decent stable jailbreak tool without bugs.
      If your in such a hurry, go learn coding yourself and make your own jailbreak, not that many will succeed in that. So just cut the crap with trying to push for ETA’s and just be grateful when they do release jailbreaks for us.

  • before they will relese it 5.1 will be out and then if something goes wrong while jailbreaking or after we’ll be stunk on 5.1 without jb.

    • It sux man!

    • Lee

      THIS is exactly what i’m really afraid of.
      yes the truth is it was never that bad, but apple is in a new era after steve.
      and yet they’re still against jailbreaking. 🙁

    • Not when geohot was around 🙁

    • Anonymous

      I think its the sad truth (at least for us) that as an OS matures, it inherently becomes more secure, as exploits are patched, along with new and more advanced security measures being implemented by Apple. Add to that the fact we’ve lost one of the best jailbreak hackers to Apple and another one to Facebook, and its only natural that things are probably going to get harder, and jailbreak wait times longer.

      Having said that, when there’s a will there’s a way and NO OS is 100% secure. There will always be vulnerabilities. They’ll probably just become harder to find and/or take advantage of. But who knows? Maybe new exploits will be found that make things easier. I really hope so anyway.

      I love iOS and Apple device in general, and am in awe of the work of pod2g, the dev team and everyone else involved in the jailbreaking scene right now. I just have this nervous feeling that in a year or two I may have to switch to Android if jail-breaking becomes too difficult and temperamental. Particularly as the A6 chip will no doubt be a bad ass chip with some insane new security measures for talented coders to unravel!

      I really hope the jailbreak scene continues to thrive and grow though, as some of the tweaks and apps for iOS5 are amazing and make the iPhone 4/4S (and soon my iPad2) 10x better devices because of them. No matter how good the iPhone 5 is I know I could never live with the limitations of stock iOS, so put me down as one of those people that buys Apple ONLY because of the awesomeness of jailbreaking 🙂

      • I disagree. As long as new stuff comes, there will be mistakes or bugs. As nothing is perfect. In this case, the Axxx chips !

      • Yea I get what you mean. The more “new” features released with future updates, I believe, the more bugs the OS can possibly have. That’s why the updates come all the time, to keep adding new features and to make them as secure as possible. If not, apple would of released a lot features it now has since the beginning, but we’d all have ‘android like’ devices that would crash upon opening every new app. This is just my take on the whole Idea tho..

  • Thanh Long Hoàng

    Cody, are you vietnamese?

  • Anonymous

    I would appreciate it if they stop teasing us with pictures and just tell us how they are progressing.

    • If he knew anything else, I’m sure it would of been posted…. -_- these people with their demands. “Beggers can’t be choosers.”

    • agree

  • Dan

    I can smell the jailbreak!

  • What about the question planetbeing replied to after this picture?
    @planetbeing your out of the sandbox and have unsigned code running. What’s left to do?

    @jwbolfer make it so you can do it on your devices too, without you having to know anything about stacks, slides, ROPs or heaps.

    What do you think that means?

    Follow me on twitter aswell 🙂 @JohnKeating21

    • Basically this means that they are patching things up to make it a stable jailbreak tool. As there are SO MANY variables with each device they want to make sure that it’s safe for the majority to use (there will always be bugs for the minority) and basically idiot-proof. No need for extra commands, tampering with file systems etc.
      What they are doing right now is packaging the jailbreak tool so that the masses can use it without bricking their devices. Unfortunately there is a lot of stuff involved in this process and thats why it’s taking longer than we expect.
      Hope this helps!

      • Makes alot of sense, just thought this would be better news for everyone out there who is waiting on the A5 JB. It’s great to see how far these guys have come :). Good update, just think this tiny bit of writing deserves alot of publicity, not long now 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I don’t want to sound too pessimistic, but the truth is that Apple is winning the race by miles and the future doesn’t look any brighter for the jailbreaking community. I’ve been saying this for over six months now and so far I haven’t been wrong. I wish, I was wrong!

  • Anonymous

    >this marks the third time in the last few days that we’ve seen an untethered jailbreak running on an A5 device.

    Damn Cody! You are good if you can tell from a static picture if the jailbreak is tethered or untethered 😉

  • release it already… jesus x(