A couple days ago, pod2g shared with us the video of a jailbroken iPhone 4S. What could be considered as a tease is actually a way to keep us updated about the progress of the various teams working on the jailbreak.

Today, pod2g teased us a little more by posting the image of a jailbroken iPad 2 running iOS 5.0.1 on his blog…

The photo comes with a few words:

No more to say !

What is this supposed to mean? That the jailbreak for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 is nearing completion? We’ve heard the same encouraging message for a couple weeks now, so let’s not get our hopes up quite yet.

So far, only older devices running iOS 5.0.1 can be jailbroken, using PwnageTool, RedSn0w, or even Sn0wBreeze. The iPhone 4S and iPad 2 sport Apple’s A5 chip which is currently immune to exploits used for the latest untethered jailbreak. This is something that hopefully won’t last long.

UPDATE: Looks like pod2g removed the image and post from his blog. We’re not sure what it means but if I had to take a guess I’d say other jailbreak hackers such as MuscleNerd kindly asked him not to show off any jailbreak until it’s ready. I could be wrong though. What’s your guess?

  • mattsuperman148

    Stop teasing Dammit!

  • Omar Aly

    iPad 2, not 3.

  • Typo iPad 2.

  • *ipad 2

  • There will be no more to say once it has actually been released ! Surely they must know when it will be out ?

  • Typo fixed. Thank you

    • With all the hype and RUMORS about the iPad 3 coming out in March and being announced next month, I can see why you typed that in. Lol!
      Or your fingered slipped and hit the 3 instead. Hah!
      Thanks iDB! You guys are the best in iPhone and Apple news!

    • Anonymous

      “The iPhone 4S and iPad 2 sport Apple’s A5 chip which is currently immune to exploits used for the latest untethered jailbreak.”(2nd to last sentence)

      I cannot get my head running with this sentence! I never knew iPad 2 and iPhone 4S can play sports… or they are sports… or they support Apple’s A5 chip…

      • Dylan Lewis

        to sport means to have

      • Anonymous

        Too much internet slangs nowadays… -_-

      • LMAO at response of “too much internet slang” as this is a definition of the word “sport” as a verb in the English language and not slang…

    • You’re obsessed with ipad 3 😛

  • c’mon already…

  • Like matt said, this look more like teaser =P
    I would be ‘jealous’ if I really wanted jailbroken iPad 2 (as well as iPhone 4S). =P

    Thanks for the update!

  • I have been watching IDB about every 5 minutes today while at work just hoping to see “Iphone 4S Jailbreak Released” I can’t wait for it to finally come!

    • Anonymous

      I’m on vacation this week. All I do is constantly check twitter idb and pod2g blog.

      • Not on vacation, but I’m constantly checking my RSS feeds from all kinds of Apple blogs. I even created a rule in my Outlook so that when any new RSS feed comes in containing the words “Jailbreak, A5, pod2g, released”, I get an email and phone notification.

        yes, Im desperate haha

  • Mohammad Daas

    Typo in last sentence, I think you mean iphone 4S and ipad 2.

    • The last sentence is “This is something that hopefully won’t last long.”

  • Sweet!


  • I’ve been checking pod2g’s blog site, idb, and the whole dev teams’ twitters for weeks, daily…. Please just throw it out there like a frisbee to a sea of Labrador Retrievers already, dang it !!

  • Fuck this. Seriously.

  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • Why does it say that he posted this pic january 17, 2012 @ 11:37pm? This date and time is on his blog

    • peelosty

      I think he lives in France….so Europe is either 5 or 6 hours ahead US depending on ya location

  • Can’t wait.

  • Must be soon. It shows the new Cydia 1.1.3 not 1.1.2+5 like the 4S ad in the video. Eagerly waiting and refeshing this site hourly.

  • Honestly, I think they’re waiting for iOS 5.1 to be released so that Apple wont patch the exploit.

    • The Corona exploit has already been patched in the new iOS 5.1 beta 3 for developers. It makes no sense for them to hold off on it’s release because of that.
      It’s good that it’s taking long for them to package it all in with minimal problems so they don’t release a buggy JB to the community.

  • Anonymous

    and what exactly is that supposed to mean?

  • Post deleted on pod2g blog?

    • Anonymous

      That’s crazy it is gone off his blog. I wonder why he removed it???

  • I see it as a good way for him to make some money on the newly installed ads in his blog. Imagine how many people are checking it daily or multiple times a day, once the JB comes out and it’s hosted on multiple sites he will lose his views and quite a bit of money from the ads.

    I think the JB is complete but he may want to make some money first and I wouldn’t blame him as he has put so much hard work into the JB.

    Hopefully there will be donations afterwards though 🙂

  • stop teasing me! i miss my jailbreak!

  • Anonymous

    Damn it. Fucking teaser……

  • the photo was removed on his blog?

  • waiting patiently in the middle of Kansas…

  • Ryan Watt

    Ughh huge tease. Can’t wait

  • Moroşanu Bogdan Mihăiţa


  • Isn’t that series of number in the bottom left unique to that IPad? He might have took it off because of that 🙂

  • no more teaser. its no longer up. he took it down.

  • My guess is “pod2g had removed the post to burn us more until he release the jailbreak which is hopefully too close, so it’ll be a great release” simply a big TEASER, because it’s not useful now to remove something you’ve just posted a few seconds ago, all around the globe now has the photo of iPad2 jb, I myself have the whole post in PDF and PNG and still yet opened in my firefox….


  • Yea he definitely took it down. I took a screenshot of a tab I still had open so if anyone wants to see the original post check my twitter or website macmixing dot com

  • i think he is going to post a video, demonstrating the jailbreak because maybe he thought an image wasn’t enough, or he’s just playing with us

  • I don’t want to see anything else until the jailbreak is released 🙁 this is torture

  • I think he is too kind to not tease us.

  • Lee

    great, the image is removed. why ?
    because, the DREAM TEAM is now cancelling the release of the untethered jailbreak ?
    c’mon now.

  • Byron de Waal

    Personally i think the jailbreak is ready to be released but they all making sure their tweaks are working in cydia so when the jailbreak happens people will be able to buy their tweaks and they will actually work, planetbeing is a perfect example, he just said he is happy that his tweak still works

  • well fuck .. let’s get it on then boys .. the world is ending in 1 more months and i need time to find my perfect theme and lockscreen for my ipad 2 and iphone 4s

  • oops i meant 11 more moths

  • Derrius Anthony-Casey

    Well now you’ll have to update the update bekause he posted it back up lol .

  • Hope Release it Tomorrow =D

  • The post is back, and the iPad UDID in the bottom left corner is now blurred out. So that’s why he removed it. Bit late now tho, his original pic is now all over the Internet!

  • Max

    If you check his blog right now again, he put the picture back up. But instead, now his UDID is blurred out. Case solved.