We’ve been on an Apple TV tear as of late, so how appropriate that the fine folks over at FireCore update their excellent aTV Flash (black) tool for Apple TV jailbreakers.

aTV Flash (black) version 1.2 brings quite a few new features to the table, especially when it comes to the media player that comes bundled with it.

Included with the latest version are new video zoom options, and a Kindle Fire inspired “recent” pages addition to the web browser.

The easy to use and built in media player is perhaps the most compelling reason to use aTV Flash (black), and as usual with FireCore, there’s some real attention to detail here:

If you stream a lot of video from your computer, or NAS device, then you’ll no-doubt appreciate the new zoom and watched indicators.

For those of you that like to browse the web from the comforts of their couch, FireCore has made that easier with a previously viewed pages implementation:

Still not convinced you should update? Then check out FireCore’s full change log:

  • Added video zoom options (available through Playback Menu)
  • Added watched indicators to grid view
  • Added ‘Recently Visited’ section to Browser top shelf
  • Added support for MicroDVD .SUB files
  • Added screensaver during pause
  • Added file delete option
  • Added activity indicator for metadata clearing
  • Added ‘tune’ icon placeholder for audio files without metadata
  • Added episode number to the fetched name the list view
  • Added Reload Metadata’ option in contextual menu for folders
  • Added ‘no items’ message to the ‘Unwatched’ filter of the list view
  • Added gray ticket image caching
  • Added loading screen when opening Manage Extras menu
  • Improved scrubber bar logic
  • Improved audio feedback for watched and pre-playback screens
  • Improved poster loading for large folders
  • Improved support for DVDs without menus
  • Improved subtitle support for right-to-left languages (e.g. Hebrew)
  • Improved installer device detection
  • Resolved minor memory management issues
  • Resolved issues with subtitles settings while playing a playlist
  • Resolved issues with yellow subtitles displayed for movies converted with Handbrake
  • Resolved conflicts with default audio player
  • Resolved issues with passwords that contain @ symbols
  • Resolved issues with metadata loading for files that contain ‘/’ in folder or file name
  • Resolved buffer overflow in libafpclient observed when navigating folders with long names
  • Resolved issues with installer Bonjour detection
  • Resolved rare crashes during web browsing
  • Changed metadata format to S.# / Ep.# for TV Shows
  • Disabled metadata processing during movie playback
  • Corrected audio feedback when pressing Menu while in grid view
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes

For existing aTV Flash (black) users, updating is as simple as using the update option from the Maintenance page. For new users, you can head over to FireCore’s website to download version 1.2.

If you’ve yet to install aTV Flash (black), or have yet to jailbreak, check out our tutorial on jailbreaking the Apple TV for more information.

What do you think about this most recent update?

  • Thanks for the news Jeff! I’m off to update… 😛

  • Done it about a hour ago ..looks good so far..love updates..

  • Wish I could do this but can’t get my apple tv in dfu mode to jail break it maybe my remote is bad

  • Dan

    yeah I might be getting this, sent them an email to know if everything works in Canada, still waiting for the reply

  • Try using the AC cable plug. Then press home and play 7 sec then unplug AC. Good luck!

  • i will be buying me an apple tv tomorrow!!!

  • Anonymous


    Can you or someone tell me how to get espn to work with XBMC? I HULU and a bunch other plugins working but not espy.

  • Anonymous


    You make fantastic videos. Could you make one showing how you get espn to work on XBMC. It keeps asking for a subscriber id and password. I’ve tried my TWC and ESPN login ids and password and it seems to not work. It’s always saying that the subscriber id doesn’t match with TWC or I get a script error. Thx.

  • willy aparicio

    Is iDownloadBlog join the SOPA protest tomorrow?

  • Can Pandora run in the background? once I get out of Pandora, it’s no longer playing.. Can you try that Jeff.. And for the folks who have problem with ESPN, just change some parameter then save it and get back into it and changed everything to default then save again.. should work.. Good luck..

  • Anonymous

    if they would add Amazon Prime Videos to atv flash, then maybe… but for now, it’s XBMC all the way.