Wouldn’t it be super swell if you could receive a notification directly in Notification Center when your favoirite jailbreak app or tweak received an update?

Apparently jailbreak developer Ryan Petrich thinks so too. Hence, he has started working on a Notification Center tweak aptly entitled (tentatively at least) CydiaBulletin.

Thankfully, it looks like the days of furiously refreshing Cydia are numbered…

As you can see from the screenshot above, there is a notification informing him that a new version of Activator is available in the Cydia store.

We’re assuming that the tweak will open up Cydia to the particular app in question with a swipe.

Something like this has been overdue for quite some time, so it’s good that someone is working on it. Even better is the news that the tweak is in the very capable development hands of Mr. Action Menu himself.

There’s still no word on an exact ETA, but we’d like to imagine that it wouldn’t be released too long after the A5 untethered jailbreak goes live.

Are you excited at the idea of CydiaBulletin? We certainly are.

[via Ryan Petrich]

  • That’s very useful I like the concept

  • any way we can get tat blurry background wallpaper for Custom NC background without using BlurryNCbackground tweak?

    • You could take a screenshot and blur it with Photoshop


    • Check out the bottom of the about page of Custom NC Background

  • ML

    A Huge development in cydia´s history! Thx to u rpetrich!

  • Jinn Carlo

    I think we should give credit to @doctypes, the one who thought of the idea. 🙂 It really is a great concept, possibly the best tweak this year. 🙂

  • Rafael Franco

    Very useful!!!

  • Anonymous

    This will be great. I’m glad he keeps coming up with these ideas.

  • creed waters

    srly, Ryan Petrich is some kinda iphone rainman, a good % of cydia tweaks on my phone are his.


  • Cool as ..just need i4s jailbreak and this tweak ..when available

  • Dan

    nice, if it’s free, I’ll be using this

  • The reason I don’t have SBSettings = Activator. It should be optional not obligatory for SBSettings.

    • Eric Morgan

      How else would you get it to work exactly?

      • Use the notification center widget and and pull down to view it like normally from anywhere.

      • Notification Center and have it open the window or just use the toggle there

    • So how would you activate SBSettings then without activator?

      • The NotificationCenter doesnt need Activator..

      • True. I forgot about the NC widget. I disabled it when I installed SBSettings. Prefer the old style.

  • Steven Smith

    Definitely great and helpful. Thanks Ryan.

  • Awesome! I can’t wait for a 4S jailbreak!

  • I want now

  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t it be super swell if you could receive a notification directly from cydia’s badges when updates…
    had to troll 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Will it drain battery and when will it come out?

  • Wouldn’t it be super swell if this article notified you when this tweak was actually available!

  • Eduardo Ardavin

    Any update on this tweak?

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking this tweak would be pretty pointless as Cydia gets a badge on it when an update is recognized, but if it can tell you an update is available without even updating sources, and w/o even opening the Cydia app then I would like that very much.

    I usually update my sources through Mobile Terminal, that way I can just tap cancel when I open Cydia, and not have to get interrupted by the reload process when I’m reading info about a package.

    So to receive a notification that a tweak needs updated, without even updating the sources kind of does not make sense to me, as Cydia would have to running in the Background.

    Or instead of that, Cydia could have the same daemon the AppStore has, that checks for available updates once a day.

    However, by the looks of he screen shot it looks as if the notification comes in after you have installed the update (Activator Updated). And I have to say, this seems rather pointless since you have to manually update the tweak/app, which means you already know the tweak/app was updated.

    So I’m really very unsure and curious of how this tweak will really work. I am not one for calling tweaks “pointless” because in my opinion, just because a tweak seems pointless to one person, it may not be to another, therefor all tweaks have a use to someone, some where. But it seems I’m starting to not think like this as much anymore. I just seen a new tweak in the app store called “xMessages” which places contact pictures and time stamps in your messages app. But I some how find it hard to believe that some jailbreakers would not have a messages tweak, like biteSMS, Messages+, or iRealSMS or some other tweak to improve the messages app, and I’m pretty sure that all of then have the option to have contact photos and time stamps.

    But on a side note I do suppose someone would not have a tweaked out messages replacement, and use this tweak……….but it just seems kind of pointless to install only this tweak, instead of a tweak that has those features plus much much more. But that’s just my opinion.

    As I said, I use to say: “all tweaks have a use to someone”……….but I find myself seeing tweaks that really do just seem pointless when compared to all of the available tweaks that are in Cydia.

    • I like the stock messages app but I wanted contact pics with my messages. Xmessages made sense to me . Also, I actually pay for all my cydia purchases and thought bitesms was to much for me to pay. I’m sure somebody will find a use for this app.

  • Ill be waiting for this..