You’ve probably heard that rumors that an official Hulu app for the Apple TV is complete and ready to go, yet Apple is holding it back from being released. Apple is worried about Hulu+ eating into its iTunes sales, so the app has been placed on hold indefinitely.

For Hulu fans, that’s quite disappointing, especially considering the service is available on pretty much every other platform known to man, including the iPad, and iPhone.

But there is a way to get Hulu running on the Apple TV right now. This guide will show you how to take advantage of the Seas0nPass jailbreak so that you can watch Hulu Plus on your Apple TV.

How to Watch Hulu on the Apple TV

Step 1: Jailbreak Your Apple TV using our tutorial and video guide below.

Step 2: Install aTV Flash (black) on your Apple TV using our tutorial and video guide below.

Step 3: Configure XBMC and PlayOn to establish a link to Hulu from your Apple TV. You must have Windows, but you can do this using Virtual Machine software like Parallels.

Step 4: Configure PlayOn with your Hulu account information, and start watching!

Total Costs:
Seas0nPass Jailbreak: Free
aTV Flash (black): $29.95
PlayOn Subscription: $4.99 monthly $19.95 annually or $49.99 lifetime
Hulu+: $7.99 monthly
Also, if you don’t have a Windows machine, you will need to invest in some sort of virtual machine environment, which could add more to the cost.

Admittedly, the costs involved will set you back a bit initially, but if the Apple TV is your only means of television based entertainment, it’s well worth it in my opinion. It allows you to get so much more out of the Apple TV experience. Hulu is really just the tip of the iceberg.

This is absolutely great for cable cutters, don’t you agree?

Note: We’ve received some comments on this post that you’d rather see a more “hardcore” version of this tutorial for those who would rather pay a minimal amount for these services. You can see our more in-depth tutorial for installing Hulu on the Apple TV for free.

  • Steven Smith

    Isn’t it cheaper to be using xbmc on your jb-ATV2 and the Hulu plugin?

    Also you may need a VPN setup if you live outside US and somehow you have a Hulu! account.

    • You could do that, but it’s not as straightforward as just using aTV flash black. It makes it pretty seamless, even for novice users. Perhaps I’ll include that tidbit. But I really think aTV is heavily worth it, because it’s so much more than just Hulu. It’s Amazon, ESPN, and so-on.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t use Hulu so I’m not sure but if you already have an Apple TV and an iPhone can’t you just use AirPlay?

      • Steven Smith

        Yes you can use AirPlay on iDevices. But I agree with Jeff and BlueCopter, but I guess this is for the novice who wants something straight forward.

      • no hulu doesnt work with airplay.

        Also it is has a limited selection. they have 3 teirs web, mobile, tv. mobile and tv are restricted while web has everything.

        hulu plus is also required for usage on an idevice.

      • Hulu plus app does in fact work with AirPlay. I did it this week. Just double tap your home button, swipe right twice, and turn on AirPlay mirroring on your apple tv. Currently iPhone screen mirroring only works with iPad 2 and iPhone 4s, but this absolutely works. No need for all this other stuff if have a newer device.

      • John Davidson: won’t let me reply directly.

        It works on airplay mirroring but not airplay. It is a different ballpark. Quality is worse when compared to real airplay. It uses more battery because it is encoding everything on the screen. You are essentially trans-coding the video.

        Quality is priority #1 for me. That is why I use the xbmc plug-in. It plays back the 720p h264/acc video natively with hardware acceleration. It also has access to the complete hulu library. The iphone/ipad app is limited to the web tiered videos. You will miss a lot of major shows that aren’t available on the mobile.

  • why pay for playon?

    you can get hulu for free with the xbmc plugin. it support hulu+, 720p, queue, subscriptions. You can even scan hulu items into your xbmc library.

    download this repo file then install from zip.

    You can then get hulu, amazon vod, espn , vevo and more.

    if you are outside the us then you can use free dns servers to bypass geo blocks.

    • Blue you’re right. I should have included both methods for those who are a bit more willing to go the extra step. Follow up post in the works.

    • espn plug-in isnt working. any ideas?

  • The best plugin for XBMC for a Jailbroken Apple TV is ICEFILMS. Over 75,000 Movies and TV Shows for FREE streamed to your TV. Screw Netflix and Hulu. I get everything they get and MORE. Just under A on the movies is over 500 Movies. Been watching The Big Bang Theory, which all SEASONS are there including up to date shows. Also watched Hell on wheels, latest Episode too. Just google How to Install Icefilms on Apple tv.

    • If IceFilms start getting the TV shows in HD I’ll be cancelling my cable ASAP.

    • If IceFilms start getting the TV shows in HD I’ll be cancelling my cable ASAP.

  • Jeff, why everything that I’m watching on playon is upside down? ( I have the apple tv 2g v4.4.4 jailbroken with the aTV flash black and XBMC).

  • Anonymous

    You could save a lot of money, time and hassle by getting a Roku for $49. I have both and am liking the Roku better.

  • espn plug-in isnt working. any ideas?

  • Um, how about for $80 you just buy a Roku? It would be supported and work with Hulu without the use of a pc and all that other mess (assuming you can get it to work).

  • Anonymous

    So, I just spent $100($29 for atvflash $20 for Playon Subscription, and $49 to upgrade Parallels) to set this up and I could not be more dissatisfied. The interface of XBMC is embarrassing and the video quality is down right horrible…I’m talking .5 pixels here and I’m being generous. You can’t even search Hulu which is a headache since there are 10,000 titles(you literally have to browse through all of them to get the video you want).

    If you want to watch Hulu on your Apple TV you should either 1)download couch surfer and just visit Hulu through the browser without paying for Playon(this option sucks too, but not as bad as the XBMC route) or 2) you can mirror Hulu from your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 which doesn’t require you to jailbreak, doesn’t suck, and the video quality doesn’t look like it from the 1930’s.

    You can’t get espn3 and some of the other stations with the last option but consider that a blessing. The video quality is so bad is not worth it. I tried watching the A-Team and the quality was so bad, Mr. T looked like Fat Joe.

  • aTV Flash (black) isn’t free. It’s $30. (But this is how I watch hulu on the ATV2 and it’s great.)

  • PlayOn isnt connecting to my apple tv for some reason. Ive done every step twice and it wont show up. Can you please help?

  • Steven Reising

    Can’t I just connect my iPad directly to my tv and play the Hulu app off of it? Seems alot simpler. And the hdmi connected is 39.99.

  • Dagi

    Great tutorial. For those who want to watch Hulu outside of US I definitely recommend Unotelly.

  • disqus_FD1vvNbqoM

    Hi I am a beginner of this apple tv. If I jailbreak this device and I do the all the procedure you have provided above, Will I be able to watch Hulu outside of States ? Since Hulu has a regional restriction( non USA ip address can’t access)