Just by looking around the showroom floor at this year’s CES, you can see that Apple’s rumored TV set has already made an impact on the industry. The electronics show is littered with voice-activated “smart” televisions, and the like.

But you wouldn’t know it by listening to Samsung’s Australian audio visual director Phillip Newton talk. The executive made some interesting comments recently in an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald regarding Apple’s TV set.

When the newspaper questioned Newton on what he thought about Apple’s rumored “connected” TV, he responded:

“It’s old news as far as the traditional players are concerned and we have broadened that with… things like voice control and touch control; the remote control for these TVs has a touch pad.”

It’s true. Samsung has been at the forefront of CES this week with its so-called “Smart” televisions. The TV sets aren’t just voice-activated, but they can also be controlled by physical gestures (a la Minority Report) and facial recognition. Cool.

But we still can’t help but think that Newton’s comments are reminiscent of those of ex Palm CEO Ed Colligan. The chairman of the then-largely successful smartphone company made similar comments back in late 2006 regarding the rumored iPhone.

Here’s one we dug up via Brighthand Smartphone News, dated November 21, 2006:

“We’ve learned and struggled for a few years here figuring out how to make a decent phone. PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They’re not going to just walk in.”

And we all know how that turned out. If Apple’s taught us anything in the past 10 years, it’s that you should never underestimate it. That doesn’t mean that every product the company puts out is a guaranteed hit, but you can’t dismiss them.

Given all of the hype, it’ll be interesting to see what, if anything, Apple has cooked up for the TV industry this year. Word is that there were over 250 Apple employees combing the floor at CES this week, all of whom just got a peek at the next 12 months of consumer TV technology.


  • Don

    Hey i have a smart TV…
    an old laptop hooked up to the tv with a 5$ VGA cable,
    controlled by the iphone.
    Now thats old news

    • That’s whys Samsung should concentrate on TV and apple just continue.. Sooner or later, Apple will buy Samsung and own its Smart TV and sell them at over priced TV with some sort of iOS… Anyway I have a Samsung 6400 TV and my iPhones (2x 4 1x 4S) controlling it (touch pad remote) since my tv doesn’t have browser, I hook it up via wireless network. See all happy haha

  • Lol well Smart tv is cool but the apps suk there are barley any good ones my Samsung smart tv is alright no much usefull apps tho

  • Lol well Smart tv is cool but the apps suk there are barley any good ones my Samsung smart tv is alright no much usefull apps tho

  • So apple could , if true about the 250 employees, know what’s coming for the next 12 months..so Apple could make a device that’s so much better then these tv’s and then the others have to play catchup ..when. They catchup Apple drop tv No. 2 and they play catchup again…sounds like the iPhone story again but with tv’s…

    • Only difference is that NO OBE buys TV every 2/3 years.. Haha unless maybe suddenly there is a new feature like a personal assistant… (hint.. I’m a iPhone 4 user who hates the fact apple release a new software for 4s just for Siri…)

  • Juan Vargas

    really samsung? you just copycat the rumors of the iTV and now to you is old news lol time will tell.

  • Simon Reidy

    You know a competitor is afraid and full of shit, when he resorts to a comparison of a product that is not even announced. In a year or two it’ll be something like this:

    Samsung owner: My TV has all the highest specs and 7 billion features just like my Android phone! The operator’s manual is 600 pages long!
    Apple owner: My TV has beautiful picture and sound, apps, and slickly implemented features that people understand. Oh and there is no manual as its so easy to use. It just works.

  • G

    I’m a fan of this site so I’m only saying this for our mutual best interest, please keep the fanboyism out of here. Lines like “Just by looking around the showroom floor at this year’s CES, you can see that Apple’s rumored TV set has already made an impact on the industry” are simply ignorant. Apple has tremendous influence on the industry but they’re not the only ones with the intention of “Smart TVs.” In fact, Apple’s intentions here are up to now 100% speculative

    • Anonymous

      While I welcome any and all feedback, I must respectfully disagree. This observation has been made by a number of publications that don’t specialize in iOS-related news like we do here, including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.
      That line you quoted is part of a bigger story, which has ran in one form or another on both of the aforementioned websites, that tv manufacturers are not going to be caught flat-footed by Apple like cell phone makers were back in 2007. So to say that the rumors of an Apple TV set with Siri integration haven’t fueled other TV makers to rush voice-recognizing televisions to market is ignorant. No fanboism here. Just calling it like I see it.

      Thanks for reading!

      • G

        I think it’d be fair to say Apple set a new standard with Siri. As it stands right now, an iTV is only a myth