Those looking to score an iPhone on the cheap might be happy to hear that RadioShack is still offering up 16GB iPhone 4 models for just $99 — the same price that carriers are asking for the 8GB version of the handset.

It appears that the nationwide retailer still has some stock left of the old entry-level iPhone 4. And if you’re okay with not having the latest and greatest, you can pickup a 16GB iPhone for the lowest price we’ve seen to date.

9to5Mac has gotten its hands on an internal RadioShack training document (above) that lists both the 8GB and 16GB iPhone 4 models for $99. Though the phone is nearly two-years old, it still rivals most of the other $100 handsets available on the market.

So if you’re on Verizon or AT&T, and looking to add-a-line or grab a new smartphone, it might be worth checking with your local RadioShack for one of these. The extra 8GB makes a world of difference. But you better act fast, we can’t imagine that these things will last long.

  • Jon Garrett

    how is a 16GB phone entry level when there is a lesser 8GB version available?

  • The iPhone 4 is “entry level” … but some people like to enter into different levels. Some people like to store photos, music and video … others, not so much. Those may want the 8GB version – maybe.

    Also, its possible that some stores may only have the 8GB models and other stores may only have the 16GB models.

  • Nice!