Google has always touted its Android operating system as being “open” when compared to Apple’s “closed” iOS platform. In MG Siegler’s recent blog post, the TechCrunch writer/Apple pundit explains why he hates Google for ultimately turning its back on the customer:

All of this backstory knowledge fuels my rage. When I see Google talk about how “open” the platform is, setting it up as the foil to the “closed” (and framed as “evil”) iPhone, I want to scream and rip someone’s head off. It’s not only the most extreme example of being disingenuous that I can ever recall seeing. It’s nuclear bullshit.

Apple, for all the shit they get for being “closed” and “evil”, has actually done far more to wrestle control back from the carriers and put it into the hands of consumers. Google set off to help in this goal, then stabbed us all in the back and went the complete other way, to the side of the carriers. And because they smiled the entire time they were doing it and fed us “open” bullshit, we thanked them for it. We’re still thanking them for it!

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    Fandroids’ comments in 3…2…

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      Said like a true Apple fanboy.

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        Let me start my comment by saying I hate Macs, my wife has one and it doesn’t play nicely with my dlink router/wireless network. Additionally I built my Windows gaming pc, cost $1800 but could be sold at retail for $2300 easy. However Apple got the smartphone right. Android has come a long way in being a functional platform but the one thing keeping me from switching is the app store. Most of the Android apps are crap. While Apple haters can complain about the “restrictions” they do weed out the garbage app developers. If you don’t like the restrictions the jailbreak your phone. Hell, we know that Android users root for a reason. Google isn’t as “open” as they claim to be.

      • Anonymous

        My brother bought a S2 and I love that gorgeous screen. One thing I like about android is the power to customise but I prefer iOS’s friendly interface. Once I am able to jailbreak my 4s, the power of customization is mine to wield.

      • Jon Garrett

        “most of the Android apps are crap” can you tell me how long did it take you to evaluate 400,000 apps AND how much money did you spend doing so?

        also, please tell me the percentage of Android apps that were either iOS ports or released on both platforms?

        as for your “we know that Android users root for a reason” statement, I know for sure that you don’t even know what Rooting is. Rooting is done for the same reason as Jailbreaking and EVERYTHING that you need to jailbreak for already comes standard on Android devices OR can be done with an app that requires NO rooting or hacking of any kind.

      • Anonymous

        I own an iPhone 4 and and Xperia Ray so I aren’t speaking, like most on here, based on what I think not what I actually know. The 2 OS’s are equally as good depending on what you want to do with them, the only negative with Android is it isn’t on any handset actually worth owning, 1 that isn’t made out of plastic that is and that is the reason I don’t use the Ray, the phone itself is superior to the iPhone as far as camera, UI etc but the whole argument that constantly goes on about what is better is what annoys me .. It’s not what’s better it’s what does what you want it to the best, every1 has different taste and wants different things from a phone, personally i think the 4S is shit and wouldn’t waste the money on the same phone I have but with Siri, nothing I ever want or will ever care about and as for the camera, the pictures compared to the iPhone 4 look almost the same.

        With regards to apps, seriously mate you must be joking ?? Yes there are a lot of shit apps on the Android market but let’s not play make believe .. there are over what, 500,000 apps on the app store but 499,900 are utter shit, it has to be said.

      • Fuck off Jon, go rant other place ( Sorry for swearing). Case closed/

      • Anonymous

        LOL @ Jon Garrett. “and EVERYTHING that you need to jailbreak for already comes standard on Android devices OR can be done with an app that requires NO rooting or hacking of any kind.”

        Oh really? IntelliscreenX or something just like it is available on Android without rooting? Oh wait, even if you root Android has nothing like it. Thanks for showing us how truly uniformed you are. Well done.

      • If Android enourages rooting, why is it that if you install clockworkmod you void the warranty? I have owned a G-Tablet and several iPhones. The stock software on the G-tab was horrendous so I rooted it and got Cyanogenmod 7. That made it pretty decent. The problem with android is the platform itself. A non jailbroken iPhone is still more intuitive and user friendly than any rooted android device and there is no contest between a jailbroken iOS device and a rooted android device IMO.

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        Lmao at your logic. So anyone that goes against android is always an apple fanboy.

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        It’s not logic it’s a fact, fanboys always post pointless comments like you did, maybe to start an argument in the comments, who knows.

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        You contradicted yourself from your previous comment man. You started off this argument while I mean no harm when I said fandroids will comment.

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        I contradicted myself, how do you figure that ?? Was my original reply to your post agressive, arrogant, offensive ?? No, I think not, it was merely a comment much the same as yours.

  • Okay.. So what was the question??

  • Lupius

    This post is relevant to blog content because it illustrates the superiority of iOS?

  • Can you install ios on non Apple hardware or in a vm to run along side another os? It’s open enough. Look at CES and look at all the devices running Android that aren’t phones or tablets.

  • So all 400k apps in the Android Market are crap huh? And all iPhone apps are just super polished… I own both platforms and I can say with certainty that my iPad apps crash more often than my Asus Transformer apps.

    • Anonymous

      Anecdotal evidence means squat. My iPad has NEVER crashed in its entire lifetime. Neither has my iPad 2. My Transformer Prime however is riddled with issues. That may change when I get home and update it to ICS, but still.

    • Anonymous

      Something is wrong with your iPad because my iPad has not even crashed once.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know about Android, but my iPod’s been crashing a lot lately… Safari especially, although apps (like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja) lag and crash every once and a while (haven’t touched AB in ages though). But Safari is what really gets on my nerves; the tabs stop opening, my buttons disappear, the app just crashes and all my webpages disappear, the keyboard glitches and keeps disappearing, and the cursor when typing disappears. This all happens occasionally (once or twice a week), but it’s incredibly infuriating when it does. Hard reset, updates, soft reset; it completely breaks the whole “great OS” thing iOS has going for it. Now that the 4S is out, they’ve stopped optimizing the OS for single core devices, which is why all this crap is happening. I’m predicting it’ll get worse once quad core devices come out, if they support 3rd/4th gen devices at all at that point.

  • Isn’t this kinda subjective? I don’t have any Android devices, but this isn’t the way we supposed to treat a company where you run into when you wanna search something you don’t understand.

    FYI, I’m an iPhone user and I’m happy with it. I don’t think I’ll buy an Android device, but let’s just walk our own path, shall we?
    Google is Google. Apple is Apple.
    They have different methods to advertise their product.

  • Can we not all just get along? Nope. We could conquer the universe with assistance from others, instead, we often would rather fail & say, “I did it my damn self.” Jesus, when will the hate in this world end? Answer? When only 1 human remains.

    • Anonymous

      The day where humans stop lying to each other, thats when everything will be serious.

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    @Jon Garrett, I would like to know about your views to this article.

  • Lolz, rediculous and pointless arguements all around about which os is better. SUBJECTIVISM, that’s the magic word. Based on someones needs every argument has a counter, I dare any fanboy!

  • This claim is really ridiculous, you know that the android market allows free tethering apps in its app store like PDAnet right, whereas apps like that in the apple app store are ALWAYS denied, this website is becoming a ridiculous fan site that is so one sided it isn’t even funny. You just lost a reader.

    • Yeah but in fairness, it’s not really Apple’s deal, it’s the cell phone providers that want them to stop it. That’s why companies like Verizon are trying to kill those apps on both markets.

      • The writer, intentionally or not, by writing up this story is claiming that the Android ecosystem isn’t open, when that claim in and of itself is complete BS. Apple has bended over backwards for carriers since the inception of the iPhone. Want tethering on your phone? Well, only way to do that is to is pay your carrier, because Apple wont allow any apps in the App store to allow such functionality from a third party. Want to use FaceTime over 3G? Sorry, the carrier think their network would crash if they allowed that. It’s completely ridiculous, Apple’s closed ecosystem is one of the reasons it looks like I may be moving over to android.

        It use to be fine when Jailbreak exploits were found very quickly and were pushed to the public in a few weeks after the product had launched. This allowed me to use facetime over 3g, fix Apples FUCKING STUPID Mesages App, and use my phone as a hotspot. but Apple has stepped up it’s vendetta against jailbreaking for some reason, and at this point, it has been 3 months since the 4S has been released, and still no Jailbreak. If the iPhone 5 doesn’t blow my ass out of the water, I’m moving over to android due to its open ecosystem, it’s that simple.

    • Anonymous

      this is idownloadblog, get the “i” part? I love and own apple products, I don’t visit android websites, and I don’t know why android users constantly visit apple based websites. I just don’t get it.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe because they have Apple devices as well? You can have Android devices AND iOS devices. Unbelievable, I know. And no, the house doesn’t implode whenever the two devices meet; I did hear one time where the roof collapsed when a Transformer Prime got compared to an iPad 2 in thickness and the Prime won. The Apple Gods weren’t happy.

      • Anonymous

        so u have both? okay. do u hate on both? u obvously like one over the other. im the kind of person that goes out wearing one brand. if i liked both ios and android i might have both, but i dont see how i would like android if i like ios or visa versa. either way. of course u can have both. im just sick and tired of ppl bashing iproducts on iwebsites. i dont visit android websites so i dont know if apple fans bash android on their turfs as well. im just saying. whatever, all these comments are pointless, didnt know why i wrote in the first place. you cant change ppls minds and i aint trying. but if u aint got nothing nice to say, dont say anything at all

      • I only own a MacBook Pro and have had an iPhone 3GS & now an iPhone 4S. I have never owned an android device, but I’m not so fucking blind to believe that the iOS platform is TeH b3s7 3V3R!!!1!1!1!1! The iOS platform has been lacking lately, and with Ice Cream Sandwich, it makes me want to ditch my POS iPhone 4S, that has a screen sized for midget hands, and no LTE. Attacking the Android platform for it “not being open” is the most pathetic display of fanboyism I have seen in quite a while.

      • Anonymous

        your entitled to your own opinion. switch if u like. i know ppl who have switched and regretted, others have not. I aint switching, but i also wish for a bigger screen

  • Anonymous

    Apple makes one smartphone a year, and it’s as closed as possible; the only way to “open” it is with a jailbreak. There are hundreds of Android devices a year, ranging from some almost as closed as the iPhone (because the only way to get rid of the bloat ware and whatnot is through rooting) to the Nexus (unlocked), which has literally no bloat ware, is in its vanilla, completely customizable form; the Nexus line is what Google envisions with Android. All those other phones are companies and carriers doing whatever the heck they want. Compare the Nexus to the iPhone, not the iPhone to the Sensation or the RAZR. That would be like comparing OSX to some incredibly customized version of Ubuntu; Ubuntu is Linux developers’ vision of how the Linux programming system should be utilized, and all those customized versions have nothing to do with their version. Actually, that’s a great example because Android is like Linux for smartphones; it’s even built on Linux.


    Let me show the difference between you too, yes you Android fanboy and you Apple fanboy:
    Apple fanboy: “I never wanted to change my device since I bought an Apple. It offers what I need and with each software update I feel like my money were spent well. Period.”
    Android fanboy: ” Apple is evil, Apple is closed source, Apple is stealing, Apple is too expensive, Apple is owned by a control maniac, Apple users are fags…”so on and on.

    Now there comes the conclusion (assuming that not all of us are earning over 5000$/month):
    Once you buy an Apple product, is kinda hard to go back because you care about your investment and you are really happy with the features it offers right out of the box. If you need more, you jailbrake.

    If you decide to go with an Android device you invest slightly lower amount of money and hope it will bring the same experience as a “shitload expensive iPhone”. At the begging you’re satisfied but then you see that your gadget’s value has dropped significantly and while you’re playing so much with custom ROMs and so on you realize that you do not have even half the stability and amount of software updates and improvements that Apple offers for it’s devices (as they have only few to update).

    And this is where the psychological element appears: you lose yourself, you start to over clock, you start to install more complicated and useless mods, start loosing your nights and pressing the F5 key 20/min on that damn forum hoping that an update for your custom rom was posted by the guy who makes it… and at the end you breathe relieved that your phone is still in fashion, there are still custom rome made for it, you can over clock it to 1 gazilion GHz and is “waaaaaaaaaaaay” better than that iPhone that your rich friend bought.

    Well, the truth is.. you’re waisting your life. Been there, done that. Thank God I had a patient girlfriend or I would probably regret ever buying an Android device and starting developing on it.

    As someone on this blog said, you buy a gadget for what it can offer you. Thats it!

    You like an Android device due to it’s design or special HW features? You try it and you like it’s performance and software features? BUY IT!
    You like style and standards and you feel Apple is the best at it? BUY IPHONE!

    Damn be the one who rants and feels that one company is better than other. They are all living on our money. Period.

    • Exactly. It’s funny. I have friends with iPhones who don’t realize what it can do. They got it as a status symbol. I had to show them all the apps and additional functionality their iPhone can do. Most people are happy with what they get out of the box. They couldn’t care less about open vs closed platforms.

    • Kok Hean

      That cannot be more epic. I was about to TLDR, but I’m glad I didn’t.

    • Anonymous

      It’s funny when most Android and iPhone users don’t really care about the whole “competition thing” going on. People I know are pretty much telling me “I don’t care about iOS or Android, just tell me, can I check the web on this? Open apps?” I say yes and then they use both, and see which one they like. People say Android is “complicated” but in around 2 weeks time those users who didn’t know Android existed half a month ago now know how to go around it better than I do…

      So while people are arguing their asses off on why one OS is better than another, people really don’t care about it. If you want a simple OS get either (and mod Android), if you want a lot of customization options get an iPhone (and jailbreak). These two things may seem like the opposite of what you would want from the OS’s, but it just goes to show you how versatile both OS’s are. There aren’t any “this OS is better at this” any more; the only difference is Android is better at scaling to multiple devices and resolutions and whatnot, simply because iOS has almost zero experience doing so (besides 3GS vs. iPhone 4 vs. iPad resolutions), or need to.

  • Its like reading an article that got cut in half. What is he talking about? I want to know more? Who did exactly what to and for the carriers? This doesnt really say anything. Just some dude thats pissed at google?

  • This comment really is related to this post. But I need to give a little off topic background. During the Great PC/Mac war Apple was the godsend and Microsoft was evil. MS was open but Mac was closed. I sided with MS. All its bugs and security issues aside, it was the best everyday mans OSs. Mac was superior in many ways, but Windows was superior in so many other ways. So you’d think that I’d side with Google in this case. Nope.

    My first iPhone was the 3G. And I have owned every model since. iOS is open “enough” while Android is maybe “too open”. Maybe it’s my age, but I enjoy knowing I’m more secure. I like knowing that someone is actually reviewing these apps before I put them on my phone. Yes Apple has dropped the ball on finding some BS apps, but they find more BS apps than not. And I literally download 30 to 50 apps a month. I’m an app junkie.

    Would I like to change my fonts or theme my colors without jailbreaking. Yes. Those are customizations they should have added in iOS3 (iPhoneOS3). But I can happily live without it. On Android would I have to live without it. No. But I’d rather have the security now than a Green and Gold theme for the SuperBowl. And I enjoy knowing my OS is specifically designed for my hardware. You can put Android on pretty much anything. Cool. Maybe. But like the old saying, “Jack of all traits, master of none.”.

    So is Android an open system. Heck yes. It’s too open. If that floats your boat more power to you. But for me I perver Apples closed system now.

  • Nathan Evans

    Um, “Apple, for all the shit they get for being “closed” and “evil”, has actually done far more to wrestle control back from the carriers and put it into the hands of consumers.”

    Bollocks, They are doing what MS did with the PC market. wrestling control from the vendor and giving it to themselves. If you think it is anything else you are delusional.

    This is a corporation, and any corporation (including google) if you look closely enough doesn’t care about you. They care about massing ridiculous amounts of money putting it their pockets and building a new class system in which you are not a part of.

    • Your point is well taken. Yes they are pulling a MS in many many ways. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad practice for them or the consumer. They are padding their bottom line. But at the same time the company has 80b in disposable extra cash, they haven’t put it in Management pockets or even shareholder profits. That money is unspoken for. It’s there for the company to improve their products and do R&D. It’s reported. Not for bigwigs. Plus apple is in constant legal battles. 90% they win. But that is expensive. Their current CEO made 400k last year. Their former CEO made $1. How many CEOs make less than a million. The money is there improve the company and their products. And what is 400k compared to 80b. The salaries of 2 VPs in any other company. Probably just one VP. Anyone who makes money is “evil”. So tired of hearing people complaining that other people are better off. You make a great product. You get rich. And everyone is pissed because you were smart. That’s BS.