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  • can we take a poll to see if people like these daily “hot deal” posts. I really have no need for them, and we all know there are plenty of apps dedicated to this….

  • Love the app updates, keep it up!

  • I actually think this everyday is useful and if u don’t like it don’t come on this site or just skip through it, why is it bothering u? It’s not like ur forced to click on this page to open.

  • Anonymous

    we don’t need a poll, a minority shouldn’t have any say on what content gets put on here, if you can’t see anything worth checking out, move on ­čÖé

  • relax guys im just saying,.. i usually skip over this but i dont see why we need it, just get one of the apps that does this better if youre into this stuff. and applet, how do you know im the minority of we dont have a poll right? haha

  • Don

    man i check this stuff out every day, keep up the good work iDB.
    also wtf man, i mean if you dont want to read it, then dont.
    Doesnt get any simpler than that…

  • Christian Campana-Emard

    This actually is kinda handy, although it is a little annoying with the bright red picture in the feed. I keep forgetting how useful this is! Keep up the good work!

  • I prefer deal postings over the many Jailbreak-only hacks. ([JB] tag?)

    “Wide Angle Len Camera” – you can tell this app oozes attention to detail :/

  • Anonymous

    Everyday i check up on the Hot Deals, i think this completes my iDB day, keep it up iDB you guys are the best!