We’re big fans of the Ion Audio iCade here at iDB, so when we heard that the company had announced three new models, we took notice!

Building on the huge popularity of the original iPad-supporting iCade, these three new models build on what has already been done, while bringing the magic of iCade to the iPhone and iPod touch at the same time.

If you’re a fan of arcade games and own an iOS device, then Ion Audio has you covered with an arcade stick solution…

The first new model is the iCade Core, which is a stripped down version of the original iCade, and can be used with any iOS device. Communication between the device and the iCade is via Bluetooth, though you will need to use a 30-pin dock connector if you want to keep everything powered.

iCade Jr. is a smaller version of that famous iCade, and is obviously designed for the smaller iOS devices – the iPhone and iPod touch. Control-wise, buyers get a stick and four face buttons. There are also four buttons on the back of the iCade Jr, too, along with a dock connector. Expect to pay $49 for the iCade Jr. when it goes on sale in the spring.

The final new product is the iCade Mobile, which wraps around an iPhone or iPod touch, giving it more of a “control pad” feel. Perfect for taking with you when traveling. Bluetooth is the method of communication, and the iCade Mobile is expected to cost $79.99.

With the list of iCade-compatible games growing continually, an iCade is starting to look like a required purchase for any iOS gamer!

  • There is definately a lot of progress being made her with the iPhone peripherals. I think we’ll see a massive increase in this going from 2012 to 2013. The processors in smartphones are increasing in leaps and bounds, and not to mention the iPad 3 is rumoured to have a Quad Core processor so naturally I think they would upgrade the GPU to match. If they do, they are seriously approaching console territory as far as the limits these phones can goto.

    I still believe that we haven’t seen the best the 4S can do yet due to the fact that games are bundled for all devices, it might be worth looking at for Apple to make a 4S only section that pushes the phones to the limits (I don’t believe Inifity Blade II did this)

    On the subject on peripherals though, I would match rather airplay my iPad and be able to use my PS3 Dualshock 3 controller, which I believe is still by far the best controller ever made.

  • Anonymous

    Old iCade looked cooler.