Those of you who scored new iOS devices during the holidays will be happy to hear this news. Continuing the trend that we saw from several retailers last month, Best Buy is hosting a sale on all of its iTunes Gift Cards.

The electronics giant is knocking 20% off of the gift cards, so long as you’re ok with digital delivery. The cards come in flavors ranging from $15 to $100, and can be used to purchase a wide array of iTunes content…

20% may not seem like much, but it can make a big difference in price on the larger gift cards. For example, it gives you $10 off the $50 gift card, and $20 off the $100 card. If you’re interested in a discounted iTunes card, just visit Best Buy’s website. Once purchased, the cards will be sent to the recipient via their email address.


  • I wonder if Best Buy loses money for this. Do they not buy cash for cash? I don’t know the gift card purchase process between corporations, but if you sell $50 for $40, it makes you think.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how stores get any money for iTunes cards.

  • Anonymous

    Not an authority on the subject but I would guess that they normally get some small portion of apple’s 30% cut, and on this occasion best buy negotiated to get exactly 20% of that cut, put it on sale for that amount in hopes of getting foot traffic for other sales.

  • Anonymous

    So digital cash isn’t worth as much as real money? Funny.

    • Anonymous

      It never was. I don’t get the joke.

      • Mac Crabtree

        He is saying that the 20% is cheaper, and since you only get digitally and not in stores.

      • Anonymous

        Oh I get it now. Haha

      • Anonymous

        So you get it now lol.

  • Anonymous

    Off topic: I’ve been thinking about the breakthroughs of the next iPhone. Hoping that it would be more outstanding battery life than what current smartphones can offer, then the rest of the competitors will follow.

  • Anonymous

    hey that means i can sign up for iTunes Match for $20 not a bad deal.. I love that i can download certain albums (like new albums) so i don’t have to use my 3g ALL the time.. and then erase them when i’m tired of them.

    Plust I’ll be saving $100 next year off of my new iPhone since i can buy less storage

  • Anonymous

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  • Thanks for share……

  • I just clicked on the link and there is no discount now. Maybe they took it off their website?

    • Me too… no discount shown… ???? And is this available in Canada? I’ve been considering getting an American account for myself, but don’t want to bother with multiple accounts for my kids. 🙁

      [edited after rereading the site with my eyes open]