How to Manage Your iCloud Backups and Storage From Your iOS Device

By , Jan 6, 2012

iCloud launched last October to much confusion amongst consumers. Apple’s cloud-based storage service doesn’t work like your typical drag-and-drop cloud software (DropBox), leaving some folks wondering how to use it.

But never fear, iDB is here to show you how to make the most of your iCloud account. Today we are going to show you how to manage and/or delete your iCloud backup files from your iOS device in just a few easy steps…

Hidden deep within the SettingsĀ application are toggles that help you customize, and delete, your iOS backups. Managing these backups can help you save precious iCloud storage space and prevent you from having duplicate backups.

So whether you’re trying to free up some space in your iCloud account, or just want more control over iCloud, this little guide can help you out:

Step 1. Open the Settings application on any one of your iOS devices that is synced with your iCloud account.

Step 2. Tap the iCloud tab and select the Storage & Backup option. You’ll see your Total Storage and Available Storage. And you’ll also see a Manage Storage button. Tap that one.

Step 3. Select the iOS device that you want to customize first, and it’ll take you to a breakdown of your backup details including the last date that iCloud backed up your device, and how much space the backup is taking up.

Step 4. From here, you can select which files you want iCloud to store. For example, if you use PhotoStream to sync your photos to iCloud already, you don’t need to have them backed up a second time here. Turn it off.

If you don’t want iCloud backing up your data at all, you can choose to delete the backup which also turns off the auto-backup option. Just remember to plug your device into your computer and backup to iTunes or you could find yourself in a bind in the future.

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  • Manuel Urkullu

    I did the same for my agenda with Save Contacts Email app… worked OK…

  • Piotr Dabrowski

    How to delete single photo in photstream

    • Kriss zavala

      Their is a tweak in cydia that keeps every pic u take out of photo stream

      • James

        In iOS 5.1 you can delete photos in photo stream. I’m using it right now as a developer.

      • Piotr Dabrowski

        It’s good that they fixed that, but I need that now

      • Piotr Dabrowski

        What is a name of this tweak?

  • Dan

    Not to seem to be trolling, this might of been useful when it first came out, I would imagine everyone’s figured that out by now.

  • Anonymous

    any right minded inquisitive device user would’ve figured out these settings ages ago šŸ˜€

    • Sebastien

      Not every iPhone user is a savvy as you guys though :p

  • Sam Samson

    Is there any way I can restore my iPhone from a previous backup? I did a clean restore, lost all my contacts & pics and iTunes saved a backup of that :(

    • Anonymous

      in itunes, right click your phone and go restore from backup. it should give you a list of all the backups saved in itunes. Choose a backup previous to the one that has no data.

      • Sam Samson

        Nope, this didn’t work. It only has backups from after the one that has no data?

      • Anonymous

        I would contact Apple in that case, to me it seems like you’re hooped, but you never know they may have a work-around.

  • Anonymous

    Photostream does not back up your entire camera roll. If you want to make sure it saves all your pictures I would leave that on.

  • Sam Samson

    Thank you I shall try this :)

  • Atif Tam

    My iphone4s its deactived with icloud and its not my icloud i just buy it from somone so i cant take a pic or use my iphone at alll, when i try to activat it they asked me about my identification of appel when i am using mine its not working is there is a way i can open it, please

  • Patty Kovalik Krajewski

    how can I look at the files before I delete the backup on my phone