There’s no outrunning the rumor-mill, especially when the world is expecting a new iPhone or iPad just around the corner. While we’re barely coming down after the whole iPhone 5 craziness that surrounded the iPhone 4S release, it’s fair to say that we are now well and truly in iPad-silly season.

That said, we never expected to hear something like this report. According to the infamous Digitimes, Apple could be set to bring an iPad 3 to market as soon as March, only to follow that up with the release of the iPad 4 seven months later in October.

Citing component suppliers, Digitimes believes that the two-pronged attack is designed to stave off the impending influx of both new Android tablets and the release of Windows 8 machines later in the year.

The first tablet to be released, the iPad 3, is believed to sport a QXGA (1,536×2,048 pixels) display along with improved battery life as the rumors have suggested for some time now. Apple would also take the opportunity to reduce the price of the existing iPad 2, in effect offering a cut-price tablet to those not wishing to fork out for the top of the range machine.

Not content with just iPad 3 rumors, Digitimes also believes that the iPad 4 is closer to a release than we expected, with October being the proposed date. Little is known about this mythical creature, other than it would pack improved internals and be aimed at fighting off the expected influx of Windows 8-powered tablets.

Both of the rumored devices are expected to retain the same 9.7-inch screen that we have come to love, with no mention of a smaller 7-inch device on the horizon.


  • jose castro

    i dout it, does not make any sense what so ever, this is prob the most dumbest post to date lol

  • I thought you weren’t going to be doing rumors as often anymore? This is a quality site and when you do so much speculation it’s kind of lame.

    • When they did that poll a while bak they never said less rumors, they said they would put Rumor: in front of all of them so that you don’t have to read it.

      • These are the only reason some users come to the site. Like myself. I could care less about Jailbreak stuff, give me rumors.

  • Anonymous

    With iPad 5 joining in November

  • No chance at all. Apple would never realise 2 iDevices in one year, if anything it would be an iPhone, but Apple is know the promote there device for at least 12 months, I think Digitimes must have got it mixed up with a Samsung article.

  • Anonymous

    … and Digitimes would be wrong.

  • This could be possible, only it won’t be iPad 3 and 4. Instead it will be a slightly modified iPad 2, thus giving it the name iPad 2s, with Mabey Beter camera and Siri. And iPad 3 In October having everything that has been rumored about.

  • Prathik Nair

    I am just so scared that Apple is going to rule the world eventually. Apple is so far ahead of its competitors. What like 72 percent of americans own some kind of apple product.


  • Speculation on products that haven’t even been announced yet is super lame. I would rather sit on barbed wire than read another article like this…

  • Come on… rumors again. There is no way for Apple to that. Please iDB, don’t spam you own site with this kind of news.

    • Matthew

      Yet here we are a year later, January 2013, and indeed Apple did it.

  • iDB I think you can distinguish a plausible rumor with a fake one. If not, this one is fake.