UnlockFX, a jailbreak tweak by Filippo Bigarella we previewed last week, is now available in Cydia. UnlockFX adds unlock animations to your iPhone. This is the perfect tweak for spicing up your lock screen. You can get it on the BigBoss repo for $1.99.

  • Logan Roach

    Hey look what my phone can do. Seems kind of pointless and overpriced, great review though.

  • What about the performance? Did you notice a difference with this tweak?

  • Anonymous

    Is there ANY free tweak nowadays?! Jesus Christ -.-

    • Come on, 1.99$ ist cheaper than a beer 😉

      • Anonymous

        I know, but many people (me) don’t own a credit card.

  • Another one to add to the list of tweaks to add once my 4S is Jailbroken, but at the same time i agree with what Logan wrote. Maybe an intruductory price of $0.99 would of been better?

  • Anonymous

    I think, I have the best lockscreeen effect: NO lockscreen at all.

  • why to my iphone 4 dont work