TinyUmbrella was recently updated to bring support for the iPhone 4S second iOS 5.0.1 build, but a few Windows users have encountered this issue where the app would just crash on launch.

Notcom, the developer of TinyUmbrella, was quick to fix this and just updated his tool to resolve this issue…

Thanks to an especially determined user (@szr8) I finally squashed a nasty bug that caused Windows users’ TU to crash on startup. Apparently it was something stupid that I was doing that I thought i wasn’t doing. 🙂 Either way. Many of you have voiced this issue but now it’s fixed. This fix affects you if TU would crash on startup with “LibraryFinder” errors in the log.

If you were having this problem, make sure to head over to our Downloads page to get your hands on the latest version.

  • Anonymous

    So on other news can anyone believe that Tipb changed their web site to iMore LAME welcome home to an iPhone iPad and other apple products here at IDB. I feel sold out, and a site that i visited everyday for the past 3 years is trying to re-rebrand. I understand shortening the site to IDB but completely changing it to something so different makes no sense to me, and makes it feel like a corporate move or something to that effect.

    Also i think that this site has been much better, faster and less worried about being so politically correct with its blogs and stories on fringe topics (jailbreaking, repo’s and rumors) keep it up jeff and seb. don’t sell out like rene and Tipb oops i mean imore. (sounds like cat food)

    • Kok Hean

      The name sounds ridiculous. iPhoneDownloadBlog = iDownloadBlog = Cleaner :p
      TiPb = iMore = rubbish

    • Thank you, guys!

      We know first hand it’s not easy to rebrand a website. Fortunately, our rebranding wasn’t as extreme as tipb’s. It seemed to make lots of sense to us, and the feedback we got from you was overly positive.

      This being said, I’m not really fond of their new name either, but I’m sure they made the decision they felt was right.

      We try to have “a voice” here at iDB. We don’t care much for being politically correct because our audience couldn’t care less about that. Even though we stay away from foul language and keep it clean in our posts, you can usually tell we are opinionated people, which I think our readers like.

      When we start writing for mom and pops readers, please slap us real hard in the face, because the last thing we want is to lose our soul.

      Thanks for reading, and thank you for your support.