After rolling out its LTE network in 15 markets last year, AT&T takes one more step forward by adding 11 new cities to the grid:

AT&T took a big step toward expanding its high-speed LTE network, announcing on Thursday that it has added 11 more areas, including Los Angeles, the New York Metro Area and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Also getting the service are Austin; Chapel Hill, N.C.; Orlando; Phoenix; Raleigh, N.C.; and San Diego, Calif.

Where’s my iPhone LTE, Apple?


  • Finally they got the ball rolling. Hope an LTE iPhone is in the works being that i’m in Orlando, I’ll benefit greatly!

  • Still seems like quite a slow roll-out, which doesn’t really matter to me until we get an LTE iPhone, but still…WAY behind Verizon…

  • About time. Now they just need to push out the rest of their hspa+ network. Hopefully that spectrum they purchased from qualcom will make things go along faster.

  • Phoenix! Yay!