Tim Cook is starting 2012 off right with an upcoming pay day of over $96,000,000:

Of all the Silicon Valley executives who have a vesting event scheduled for the first quarter of 2012, the one who stands to reap the most is Apple Inc. Chief Executive Tim Cook, the study found.

Mr. Cook has portions of two restricted-stock-unit grants—including one he received for filling in for Steve Jobs when the co-founder was on medical leave—vesting in the first quarter. As of Apple’s closing stock price on Dec 30, those vesting shares of Mr. Cook’s were worth $96.2 million, according to the study.

This plus the one million Apple shares Tim Cook received back in August makes him quite a wealthy fellow.


  • Anonymous


  • On top of that he is soon to be reunited with his lost son, yours truly.

  • Ca-Ching!

  • Gotta love America! Ratio of pay from the CEO to the average worker is like 500:1…… more than quadruple the ratio to the next closest country.

  • iya iya iya what god damn money!

  • jeffrey Lim

    That’s still peanuts to Apple

  • Anonymous

    Appl’s Employee Donation Program only fetches about $2.6 million for charity and Tim gets to keep $96 million for himself?

  • Did he find cure for cancer? No, he basically got rich on someone’s (Steve Jobs’) death.
    Tax the rich.