It’s been a while since we’ve updated our downgrade page, so we thought it was time to do so.

Our new downgrade page is an overhauled comprehensive resource for all of your iOS downgrading needs. It now includes video tutorials, along with a section-by-section breakdown for some of the most frequently asked downgrading questions.

Now the question remains: Do you know where to find it? Check inside for the answer…

To find our new page, navigate to Hot Topics > Downgrade in our navigation bar above.

There you will find our revamped page dedicated to downgrading.

We hope you enjoy the new page! Why not leave us some feedback below?

  • It was defiantly time for it good work

  • Anonymous

    Great feature! I also have one question. Do I need shsh blobs to downgrade an iPhone 3G from 4.2.1 to 3.1.3? It has never been jailbroken, thus there are no blobs saved. I heard some contradictory answers to this question on Jailbreak Q&A. Some say it’s not possible, some say that since the iPhone 3G was released before iOS 4 it should be possible.

  • Byron de Waal

    “What Are SHSH Blobs and How Important are They?
    We won’t get too much into what SHSH blobs are (click here for our detailed explanation)”

    There is no option to “Click here” thats if you want to update?