You know what we love more than apps at iDB? Apps that are available for a discounted price or even for free in the App Store!

Today, we’ve got a selection of popular applications that are selling for significantly less. Some of them are totally free.

Our advice is to get them while the sales last, because they’re going to be back at their original price soon…

Which one are you going to get?

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  • giel Konink

    YOU are the best IDB ! i watch your blog every day ! i wich you the best this new year !

    • Thank you! Best to you for 2012 as well 🙂

  • Dan

    I gotta stop buying apps, they always become free later lol

  • Anonymous

    was hoping to get Paperboy – immediately thinking it was the classic 80s Atari game (who wouldnt 😀 ) – then to my disappointment found that it wasn’t anything remotely like that and was something only available for the iPad. Double disappointment!!! the rest i can live without…

    • Simon Reidy

      +1! I used to love that game on my C64.

    • Anonymous

      They have remade the original paper boy in the AppStore though! Only .99 too, I haven’t bought it (I’m broke) but it has 6k ratings and almost 4 stars. That’s a pretty good ratio I just might have to get it.

      • Anonymous

        hmm cant find the atari version, internet from a couple years ago has a link but no longer available in the app store. the only one i did find is a ‘special delivery’ version,, 2500 ratings, 3 stars. it’s better than nothing though. cheers 🙂

  • Just bought French/English dictionary,
    Keyboard input is freeze.

  • Michael Woo

    Snapseed is still listed as $4.99. It is not free.

  • Anonymous


  • Jon Garrett

    Here’s my Top Ten purchases/downloads from this past week.

    Modern Combat 3 = .99 cents
    Back Stab = .99 cents
    Brothers in Arms 2 = FREE
    Order & Chaos = .99 cents
    Nova 2 HD = .99 cents
    9mm = .99 cents
    The Adventures of TinTin = .99 cents
    Where’s My Water = FREE
    Windup Knight = FREE
    Pirates of the Caribbean = FREE