You know what we love more than apps at iDB? Apps that are available for a discounted price or even for free in the App Store!

Today, we’ve got a selection of popular applications that are selling for significantly less. Some of them are totally free.

Our advice is to get them while the sales last, because they’re going to be back at their original price soon…

Which one are you going to get?

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  • Happy new year IDB Team!
    Have a great one!

  • @ I make things…if you are rating the first poster , and by your comment you are …why the fuck are you telling us that you gay…I think you will find that most posters on here don’t give a shit..but hay at least you’ve come out on the first day of a new year and it’s a fresh start for you…

    Happy new year to one and all….

  • Anonymous

    i know one should be grateful for discounted or free items but these are on offer for a reason, judging by the lack of feedback they’re a load of junk ­čÖé