Wow, talk about a last-minute Christmas deal. Best Buy, a major electronics retailer, is hosting a ‘buy one, get one free’ sale on the 32GB iPhone 4.

It’s not being widely advertised, but folks on Best Buy’s email list have been receiving word of the promotion throughout the day. Here’s a full breakdown of the BOGO offer…

First off, and most importantly, the deal is only good for today. This is obviously an attempt by Best Buy to drive some last-minute traffic before the holiday.

The BOGO offer applies to both Verizon and AT&T 32GB iPhone 4 models, and both handsets come with two-year carrier contracts. The nice thing is that the second phone is free in-store, meaning no mail-in rebate.

If you’re interested, you better act fast! Best Buy’s doors close at 5PM today.

  • Anonymous

    Thank the iPhone 4s out of the headline. Seriously misleading

    • Anonymous

      Also didn’t Apple discontinue 16gb and 32gb iPhone 4? I could be wrong but I thought stores were only getting stock of the 8gb

      • Anonymous

        Maybe they are trying to clear their stock of iphone 4?

      • When Apple stops the iPhone 4 16 and 32 they send them to other retail stores and get rid of them on christmas… Radio shack has 16GB for $100.. but Verizon has 8GB models.. so they have the old models and.get a cut.and.Apple gets the rest.. very smart…

      • Swear I don’t know

    • Anonymous

      iPhone 4S is Apple’s new handset. iPhone 4s is multiple iPhone 4s. We understand that this can be confusing for some, which is why we clarified it in the first paragraph of the post.

      Thanks for reading!

      • Anonymous

        You created the confusion yourselfs. best buy didn’t word it that way in their ad.

      • Anonymous

        Anyway I think there’s a grammar error with title. Correct me if I’m wrong but shouldn’t it be buy one get one free iPhone 4?

  • Steven Spray

    So what is the difference between 4s and 4S?

    • 4s mean multiple. 4S is the device.

      • Anonymous

        iPhone 4’s is what you should have put.

      • Apostrophe “s” shows possession or is used in place of “is” it would not be appropriate in this situation.

      • Steven Spray

        Durp! Thanks Michael.


  • Omg

  • Seriously, take the “4s” out. or change it to 4’s

    • Anonymous

      4’s is wrong though. 4s is correct although misleading.

  • iPhone 4S FaceTime,get u one or two!!!!

  • thats a good deal

  • abcdefg abcdefg

    Buy one smartphone and get the other one free. Great. Are there any cell phone companies that offer buy one plan and get the other one free? :p