Most jailbreakers will recognize the hacker known as chpwn. Grant Paul is responsible for many of the most popular iOS jailbreak tweaks in Cydia, including Infinidock and Gridlock. He also helps manage sites like JailbreakQA and works on jailbreaks with the Dev Team.

Grant has started a new blog called “ICS Paper Cuts.” His site is dedicated to critiquing the Android platform, particularly the recent 4.0 version, Ice Cream Sandwich. Needless to say, he’s been dealing with plenty of hate for his critiques of the operating system’s design and usability.

You can head over to ICS Paper Cuts and read his critiques. The site is filled with plenty of screenshot illustrations.

While most of Grant’s complaints are warranted, many Android fans have called him out. Android Central’s Jerry Hildenbrand wrote a rebuttal post to ICS Paper Cuts saying that “it’s crap and you must agree.” Jerry says:

Everyone is allowed to (and should) have an opinion, and lord knows I don’t expect everyone to agree with mine, but to present anything that’s a writers opinion and come off like it’s factual just feels wrong.  There are a lot of people who think some of the changes Google made in Ice Cream Sandwich aren’t for the better, even some of us here at Android Central.  Everyone has his or her own tastes, and the whole UI/UX culture is all based on individual user’s likes and dislikes. To put it bluntly, I don’t have to like the same layout, fonts, or buttons as anyone else, and I’m not wrong if I don’t. And that’s one of the great things about Android.

Instead of getting into the fact that Jerry just said the ‘great thing’ about Android is that people don’t have to like it, we’ll move on. Grant has actually responded to Jerry’s post with clarification and more points of argument. We highly encourage you to read it here.

We realize that iDB has posted plenty of ‘Android is better than iOS’ stories in the past, and we’re obviously biased towards Apple’s platform. But for what it’s worth, Android Ice Cream Sandwich actually looks pretty good. The UI isn’t as consistent as iOS, and there’s some technical jargon that shouldn’t be in a consumer operating system, but it’s a good step forward for the Android platform.

Grant and Jerry’s little spat is a perfect example of how heated things can get when the Android and Apple camps collide. If you read some of the comments on Android Central, you’ll see things like, “I can say that that dude is an idiot. The guy has a beef with the YouTube app icon. Really? It’s the f&^king YouTube icon. How could there possibly be a problem with the icon? I hope someone slashes that d-bag’s tires.” and “The author of the original Paper Cuts article, @chpwn, is a piece of shit IMO.” Check the comments section of iDB on certain Android-related posts and you’ll find the same sort of thing.

As Jerry says in his post, Android needs to be critiqued. If parts of ICS suck, someone needs to say that they suck. The same goes for iOS. I think that the way you have to clear messages in iOS 5’s Notification Center is cumbersome and poorly designed. Do I still think that iOS is easier to use overall? Yes.

Why do we feel the need to attack each other over an operating system preference? A post about iOS and Android OS market share can turn into a religious war in the blink of an eye. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Use the phone you want to use and stop attacking the people that prefer something different.

  • ok captain fanboy

    • This is exactly what I’m talking about. What an ignorant comment.

      • Anonymous

        Jerry Hildenbrand was talking about the fact that Android is so easy to tweak it just how you want it without needing to root or jailbreak, you clearly have misread what he wrote because it makes perfect sense to me. You can set up everything you want from a 3rd party launcher on the Android Market, like ADWLauncher. My dad has an Android phone and I have an iPhone 4 but there are many things better about both platforms, the huge plus on Android is the ability to theme and change almost everything without having to jailbreak and install a dozen tweaks.

        I wish people would quit this whole vs bullshit because they are both very good depending on what you want from them, why can’t people just accept that people’s opinions differ and it has nothing to do with what is better.

        A lot of posts on here and comments are biased and scream fanboy and most I don’t entertain because as I said, I own an iPhone and agree with most things as it is a good device and OS but the fact is people like different stuff, the fact that Apple hate compettion so much and think they can sue or buy off any1 suggest they are scared of the said competition. Personally i’m glad there is freedom of choice and not a case where we have to buy an iPhone at whatever price they say just because there isn’t any other alternative.

      • Joo Joo

        Well, whats the point of only allowing users change their theme? To have a better version of customizing the theme, android user like me needs to flash to a new firmware for better UI n layout. And having a chance to brick it, fml

    • Anonymous

      Well, this sure wasn’t your smartest comment.

  • “Use the phone you want to use and stop attacking the people that prefer something different.” That sums it up completely! Although I find iOS to be useless without a jailbreak, and I consider my iPod touch to be a complete piece of junk, I still can’t imagine myself using Android. Its still not mature enough for me, the UX is not yet there.
    But why can’t you people (fanboys and alike) accept others opinions for fucks sake! Not everyone likes the same food, drinks, colors, so why the hell should they like the same smartphones? Get real!
    /end rant

    • Anonymous

      do you eat Rice?

  • Andvoid fans love to call anyone with an apple a fanboy. Cracks me up. The only thing apple I own is a phone. I looked at all the choices and that’s what I liked best. Does that make me a fanboy. I think not.

    • Anonymous

      Preciously, sometimes a great phone isn’t always about how high the specs are, but how intuitive the os appeals to the user and Apple has done that right.

      • Jon Garrett

        intuitive? look at your messy notification center. intuitive? try to upload a photo to facebook or send an MP3 to a friend. intuitive? look at your contacts, text messaging and your browser.

      • b3nn0_1990

        My 80 year old nan can use her iPhone and accomplish most tasks easily the ones you’ve mentioned above anyway. Place my sister’s android phone in her hand however, her confidence disappears and she is stuck wondering where to begin. Im not bashing android per se, but on a basic level iOS is a lot easier to use in my opinion.

      • Jon Garrett


        I always read how people say iOS is easier to use than Android. but in what way is it easier? take your average consumer who makes calls, sends text messages, browse the web and check email. Iv had all iPhones from the 1G to iPhone 4. I sill have my iPhone 4 and my Galaxy S II. everyday I use my S2, Im amazed at what it can do.

        please tell me in what way iOS is easier to use to the average consumer than Android is?

        there’s nothing easy about what happens to your photos, playlists, music, movies etc etc when you buy a new computer and sync your device. the average consumer looses all their stuff.

        remember, we’re talking about the average user, not people like you and I who know how to solve problems and make things work when they don’t want to.

      • Anonymous

        iOS has its flaws, nothing is perfect. But when you talk about simplicity, iOS is better. Better in ways where android fans will call us retards because it’s that simple.

      • Jon Garrett


      • Jon Garrett


        Im still waiting for somebody to explain to me what “simplicity” means. give me some examples of how iOS is easier to use than Android?

        I can give you tons of examples where iOS is anything but simple. I can compare iOS to Android and show you how iOS is cumbersome, complicated and very user–unfriendly.

        So for the sake of fanboyism, please give an example of iOS’s simplicity over Android.

      • Anonymous

        You know you can just google this out without asking me.

      • Anonymous

        HAHA LOL, android users really like to call everyone with an iphone a fanboy. I have choices, and i chose the iphone. So that makes me a fanboy? I beg to differ.

      • Jon Garrett

        aw come on dude. you said iOS was easier to use than Android. that’s your opinion, how can I use Google to find out what you think?

        come on man, seriously. I’m not trying to pick a fight. I hear this over and over and over. but NOBODY can offer any examples—mostly because people who make this claim NEVER used an Android device.

        I have an iPhone 4 (2 of them) and I can only think of 2 things that my iPhone 4 does that my Galaxy S II cannot and one of those things is because of AT&T so really my iPhone 4 only does one thing easier than my GS II. everything else is either the same or my GS II is far superior in terms of ease of use.

      • Anonymous

        Whether you like Apple’s hardware and software or not, iOS’s user experience is definitely more intuitive than Android. Android can take quite some time to figure out without any help, and there’s a lack of consistency in the way third-party apps operate, but if you give someone an iOS device they’ll generally be able to figure it out. Remember, not everyone is like you, so not everyone prefers the same things that you liked. Use the phone you want to use and stop attacking the people that prefer something different.

      • Jon Garrett


        being hyper-sensitive aren’t you? you’re making ridiculous claims and I asked you for one example. you cant even give one example so you just keep repeating (like a robot) iOS is more intuitive than Android. iOS is easier to use than Android.

        then it gets worse, cause you then switch from trying to support iOS to talking about 3rd party apps?!?!?

        its only now that iOS is getting integration with 3rd party apps like twitter and Facebook and its a bare-bones minimal effort on Apple’s part to implement them.

        but anyway, this was a waste of time.

      • Anonymous

        Once again, sometimes people prefer an intuitive OS which appeals to them and iOS is really that appealing as you can see from the sales of the newest iPhone. Why are you comparing an iphone 4 to a galaxy S2? Now i’m really interested in what you droid fans want in your phone? Is it the high specs that lured you in or the freedom? Because if you want freedom, you would have jailbroken your iPhones.

  • It´s the neverending story
    Competition is good for all!

  • Anonymous

    Well written, Alex. If only the world could share your sentiments.

    • Anonymous

      Are you German? Just for a second there you had me thinking about Hitler and his desire for 1 1 view, 1 opinion, 1 thought process. Individuality is the word, what a boring place the world would be if we all were the same !!

      • Anonymous

        “Why do we feel the need to attack each other over an operating system preference? A post about iOS and Android OS market share can turn into a religious war in the blink of an eye. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Use the phone you want to use and stop attacking the people that prefer something different.”

        These were alex’s sentiments and i share the same views as him. In what universe does that make me german?

      • Anonymous

        Typical stereotype, just because hilter was the bad guy, you assumed that the whole of germany are like him. So if hilter was american, you would say, are you american?

      • Sina

        Excuse me,
        Who’s hiLter ?
        Is it smth like Halter ? lol
        Sorry, Just kidding… 🙂

  • Android SUUUCCKKK!!

    • Really? All you people who liked it are just as bad as everyone else. I am an Apple fanboy, yet I still find it hilarious that everyone above is posting intelligent comments about how this war is too complicated to be ended, and that simply taking sides does no good, it’s always just an opinion, and then bam. An ignorant comment like this. I’m an Apple fanboy, but I am not too idiotic to realize that this was a dumb comment, even for an Apple blog.

      • ahhhh…. I know this is a DUMB comment… but its the truth…
        you need to understand ANDROID is an stolen Product , a copy of the real thing… same shit whit condoms…
        hate android so laggy

  • well, it’s just how things goes, the companies fight and they give the example! what i wanna say is. iOS users look up to Apple, Android users look up to Android, if Apple and (Samsung+HTC+…) keep fighting, you can’t blame their users. But, someday, this “war” will stop, like the one betewen Coca Cola and Pepsi did.

  • I have galaxy tab 7 inch and ipad1 3G. I love them both (mostly i use galaxy because it much smaller-portable than ipad).
    Viva la competition.
    One thing i cant understand is that many people bash other side, even they didnt use/own other device.
    Ignorant bASStardz!

  • Android is shit bro. Simple as that

  • Anonymous

    Both are fooking mobile OSes, dude. Reminds me of the UI wars between Microsoft and Sun Microsystems.

    Who cares? Use whatever OS/mobile you like.

    The world still turns, and people still die.

  • … “and lord knows I don’t expect everyone to agree with mine” lord knows, his fan club doesn’t

  • Kok Hean

    ☐Android = more features and capabilities = too much = more confusing
    ☑iOS = lesser features and same capabilities = just right = less confusing

    ☑Android = more freedom
    ☐iOS = lesser freedom

    ☐Android = more difficult to use
    ☑iOS = easier to use

    ☑Android = much cheaper
    ☐iOS = more expensive

    ☐Android = lesser device compatibilities (new firmwares)
    ☑iOS = more device compatibilities (new firmwares)

    ☑Android = mobile flash
    ☐iOS = no mobile flash

    ☑Android = expandable memory
    ☐iOS = fixed memory

    ☑Android = drag and drop
    ☐iOS = tied to iTunes

    • I don’t see where you got 3 screen sizes from, and what Android device with Flash installed has better battery life than an iPhone?

      • Kok Hean


    • Anonymous

      I thought flash is dead for mobile? In the future, every smartphone will start adopting html5 just like apple 4 years ago with the first iPhone?

      • Kok Hean

        Well, I have to put a good point for Android, right?

  • I’m impressed very informative.thank you for this blog.

  • The article is good I like this post!

  • Well it’s a blog abaout iOS so any people who don’t like it just don’t comment. I have iPod Touch 4 and I like it and it makes my day a little better but i still think that Android is a good OS.

  • David Dire

    Jon Garret, Why do you post here all of the time. You hate Apple right?