For reasons that we cannot begin to imagine, known hacker and security guru Stefan Esser (i0n1c) has tweeted that he will do an untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.3.5. Yeah, not iOS 5, but iOS 4.3.5. We don’t get it, either.

Dedicated jailbreakers that haven’t wanted to ditch their untethered jailbreaks are likely still on iOS 4.3.3 (it was the last firmware that was accompanied with an untether, ala JailbreakMe). Then there’s the possibility of a few users who truly hate iOS 5 and haven’t updated for that reason. Whatever the intention, i0n1c seems to think that we need an untether for 4.3.5.

Whether he actually delivers or not remains to be seen, as he is known for pushing the envelope on Twitter. Stefan apparently polled his 70,000+ Twitter followers on if he should do a 4.3.5 untether, and the vote was a resounding no. His course of action was to then announce that he was doing the jailbreak anyway.

We have a feeling that Stefan was being a little sarcastic, so don’t expect a 4.3.5 untether anytime soon. We’re all waiting for pod2g to finish the iOS 5 untethered jailbreak!

Would you find any use for a 4.3.5 jailbreak right now? We’re still scratching our heads on this one.

  • Westin Bielecky

    iOS 5 first. All the lost features if we downgrade to 4.3.5. Why would any one want to do that!

  • Anonymous

    while he’s at it….he should help certain Android users get ICS, because they can’t.

    • Painman

      Or he could help certain iOS users to get iOS5, because they cant!!

  • Anonymous

    WTF trolling?

  • I would actually like this. I haven’t upgraded my ipad 2 to ios 5 because I don’t have 4.3.3 shsh blobs and don’t want to lose the jailbreak. having an untethered jb for 4.3.5 would allow me to upgrade safely and go back to 4.3.5 if I need to (i have the shsh blobs).

    • Use iFaith to get the blobs, man.

      • IFaith doesn’t work on the Ipad 2 and Iphone 4s.

  • This is the same as 4.3.3 i do not understand.. fuck that and bring us the ios 5.0 jailbreak!

  • Fran Menta

    guys, this was a joke

  • no no no

  • Kok Hean

    Yes. My cousin’s phone is jailbroken on 4.3.5 and it is a hassle to reboot it with redsn0w every time the battery goes to the minimum.

    • Anonymous

      anything on 4.3.5, should upgrade to iOS 5…….period!!!!!

      • Kok Hean

        Yeah, not to mention that 80% of tweaks are not compatible with iOS 5.

      • Anonymous

        speak for yourself there son, more like 80% tweaks are compatible for/with iOS 5, and most is being worked on and dropping weekly. Plus tweaks are being made iOS 5 specific.
        Do me a favor and name only 5 that is not….. and name 2 that you need to be compatible.

        And if you don’t reply, i am enjoying the new iOS 5 features + tweaks!!!!!!!

      • Kok Hean

        MobileNotifier (for the quick reply)
        Multi-Touch Gestures on iPhone

        Some of the tweaks 😀

      • Anonymous

        try cardswitcher, and springtomize 2, plus other tweaks to cover that, even an activator gesture to help out…..not an issue, weak tweak.

        weak, yourtube is not a reason, besides how many videos will you save?

        Celeste should see an update, but why do you care about BT transfer, iCloud and dropbox, + other options.

        biteSMS and iOS 5 notification center and intellixscreen got you covered!!!!

        Why multi-touch on a phone, activator is not good enough.

        mention more please?

      • Kok Hean

        Lol, you win. I’m jailbroken on 5.0.1 on my iPhone 3GS now so I cannot find any other tweaks :p

        Anyway, I use YourTube to download videos because I hate to see them buffer, so I download videos in bulk and watch them later.

  • Uh, no, y not just help pod2g with the 4s untethered jailbreak?

  • Too late 😉

  • Siv

    He’s known to have trolled with his followers in the past so just ignore this pointless report.

  • i0n1c likes to troll his followers. he lost my respect a long time ago with the “elevat0r” crap…

  • How many times does I0n1c have to make a fool of himself before people stop listening to him. Remember how much he was trolling his twitter followers when we were waiting for an iPad 2 jailbreak?

    I think he’s just upset not being in the spotlight anymore.

  • Anonymous

    Your assumption that “anyone who wants an untethered jb would stay at 4.3.3” is flawed, as MANY people have come onboard AT 4.3.5, never having the opportunity to do an untethered jb. Still, with what appears to be a 5.0.1 untether on the way, I agree it doesn’t seem all that important.

  • He also said …if 70000 people unfollow him on twitter he will do a untether for 5.1..

  • He needs to lay of the wacky backy

  • He was just jokeing

  • Roman Minaroviech

    lol, who need it? So waste of time…

  • Dan

    well if he likes to do stupid useless things, who are we to stand in his way?

  • I’m pretty sure he was joking…..

  • a waste of time…instead of helping pod2G on iOS 5 untether jailbreak.As we say…two heads think better and FASTER than one!

  • Anonymous

    Really? Totally pointless and an absolute waste of time.

  • It’s not a waste of time. iOS 5 drains the battery. It would be good to have 4.3.5 untether until the battery issues are fixed on iOS 5 especially for older devices.

  • Hakim Bawa

    This could be a good thing for people using Gevey Ultra on 4.3.5

    • This is EXACTLY it — those who require carrier unlocks are often overlooked. We are a dedicated and often-overlooked group (small though we may be), and those of us who can’t get/never had our 4.3.3 blobs saved for our iPhone 4 are out of luck without such a JB. If it’s a joke, so be it. If it’s for real, there are many of us holding our breaths that he gets it done.

  • I have multiple Ipad2 devices that were purchased with 4.3.5 on them. I would be very happy to install a 4.3.5 jailbreak on my ipad2s if it became a reality before the 5+ JBs.

  • well, if it’s iPad2 compatible, yes..


  • If he has an extra time for that so why not? but i guess that 4.3.5 is a useless iOS version and anybody who stuck there should anyway go up to 5.0.1 because both of the versions has Tethered JailBreak only anyway…

  • Anonymous

    Forgetting the fact that he is either full of shit or joking for a moment, it’s true that there are actually people that would benefit from this. Namely folk like me that jailbroke their iPad on 4.3.3 for the first time, but by that time 4.3.5 was the only firmware Apple were signing. As a result I have no saved blobs for 4.3.3, but do have them for 4.3.5.

    I installed too many tweaks at the same time one day (admit it, we’ve all done stupid things in Cydia rather than taking our time with updates 😉 ) and ended up with a bricked iPad2 (absolutely nothing worked. Couldn’t even SSH into it or access file system via USB). I had no choice but to upgrade to stock iOS5 and to be honest, it now feels like a kid’s toy the thing is locked down so tightly.

    I feel like I’ve been waiting a decade to re-jailbreak my iPad2. I would downgrade to 4.3.5 in a heartbeat if there was no iPad2 jailbreak on the horizon (the truth is we still have no idea whether pod2g will be able to jailbreak the iPad2 on iOS5).

    I love a lot about iOS5, but it still pales in comparison to the power of a fully tweaked jailbroken iPad2 on 4.3.x

    Thanks for listening 🙂

  • Christian Campana-Emard

    IDK how, but I somehow managed to get an untethered jailbreak on my iPad 1. Maybe it’s a glitch? It all started one day when my iPad was freaking out and I *thought* put it in DFU mode. When I plugged it in again (idk why) it booted up perfectly and I checked the About menu in Settings and saw that it was 4.3.5! So I went into Cydia and rebooted. VOILA! An untethered jailbreak for 4.3.5!

  • kenneth vicidomina

    Is it possible to downgrade from 5.0.1 – 4.3.5 (SHSHsaved) on iphone 4