UnlockFX is an upcoming jailbreak tweak that consists of over two dozen unlock animations to customize your iPhone.

The tweak includes both simple and complex animations that can be altered on the fly without the need to respring your device.

Check inside for a video sneak preview of UnlockFX in action…

This is the perfect tweak if you’re looking to customize the look of your unlock animation, and it also includes provisions to alter the speed of the animations and create a custom photo animation as well.

UnlockFX should be available sometime after the untethered jailbreak touches down, which should be soon by all accounts.

It’s designed by renowned developer Filippo Bigarella, the creator of tweaks like Springtomize 2 and SlideAway, and it’ll be available on Cydia for $1.99.

What do you think?

  • Anonymous

    What about barrel?

    • No connection to barrel, this is a lockscreen tweak not a homescreen tweak.

      • Anonymous

        Ohhhh right i forgot. Thanks.

  • Looks pretty cool 😀 on my wishlist for iPhone 4S!

  • I’d love it, i hope it’ll be free

    • I bet it will not be free 🙁

    • and it’ll be available on Cydia for $1.99. So you got plenty of time to save some pennies.

  • really cool…. why not releasing now?? why you are waiting for the untethered jailbreak?

  • Pretty cool! I’m ok with Move2unlock
    I’m more interested with this paragraf..”UnlockFX should be available sometime after the untethered jailbreak touches down, WHICH SHOULD BE SOON BY ALL ACCOUNTS”
    It makes me more excited!

  • This tweak is pretty much like SleepFX, but here it’s for the unlock. From a long experience, I can tell you that in the first time it is so cool that you think that you never gonna regret about purchasing this tweak. In the second time you are like it, but not as the first time you see that in action. When you see it in the third time you just want to open up Cydia and delete this tweak right now, because it’s so annoying that you just want it “Just Work” as it should be.

    • Dan

      true. I have sleep fx and now the only effect I use is the tv tube when I am closing my phone. I prefer not to have any effect when I open it. I want it to start as fast as possible.

  • If it’s made by the same guy who made Springtomize, he should also include it in a Springtomize 2 update.

    • I think you are so right..
      I hope that the developer not gonna do the same thing that the developers of Cut the Rope did, and let go his best tweak instead keep going make it the best tool for a little customize on Cydia, just because he want to make a big profit from it.

      • Dan

        well he shouldn’t be surprised if people pirate his tweak, it should of been added to the other lock screen animations already included in springtomize. (personally I prefer sleepfx so I won’t be using it).