pod2g has handed over the keys to his iOS 5 untethered jailbreak for A4 devices (which includes the iPhone 4) to the Chronic Dev Team. In doing so, he hopes to focus primarily on the A5 jailbreak, which covers the iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

Since the untethered jailbreak for pre-A5 chip devices is basically finished, this will allow pod2g to get the iPhone 4S jailbreak back up to speed. This is very good news for owners of both A4 and A5 devices, because that means that both are being heavily worked on simultaneously…

Here is the latest from pod2g:

I need to focus on A5 and hope I can find a path quick, and I have the feeling that chronic-dev could help me.

In essence, pod2g plans to hand over the details of his A4 jailbreak to the Chronic Dev Team for packaging, bug fixes, and final deployment to the masses:

I gave all the details to the chronic dev team so that they can finish, test, integrate and release the A4 jb ASAP.

This will allow him to focus on the iPhone 4S, as he alludes to below:

I’ll put all my energy from now on on the A5

This is very good news for both iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 owners. With this refocused game plan, there is sure to be a wiser use of resources to get both completed as quickly as possible.

Which one are you looking forward to most? An iPhone 4 (iOS 5.x) or an iPhone 4S untethered jailbreak?

  • I have an iPod touch 4th gen and I can’t wait for the untethered jail rake for iOS 5!!! Keep it up pod2g!!! I think I speak for everyone when I say we can’t wait for it to come out!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait for the iPhone 4s jailbreak and to finally update my iPad 2. Should I update to 5.0.1 or stay at 5.0?

  • He’s gonna wait for iOS 5.1, which in my opinion won’t be released this week.

  • Anonymous

    When will release untethered jailbreak for IOS 5 ???I cant wait anymore !!!Dont always put some video to show off how untethered,please put some video for real how to do untethered jailbreak~Freaking crazy~

  • Now we have two possible options. 1st, pod2g release unthreatened jb as a Christmas present,and 2nd, he will wait until apple release iOS 5.1.there some advantages and disadvantages in both options, but come on!!! I can not wait longer any more!!!!

  • I want an untethered for the 3GS. 🙂 However, I’d like the jailbreak to be released for all the devices, so that Apple won’t block it in 5.1.

  • iPhone 4 untethered!!!

  • A5 and plz Pod2g wait for iOS 5.1, the battery drain is killing me!

  • I’ve been waiting to long for the iPad 2 jailbreak! Be nice Xmas release

    • Dan

      don’t count on it, a lot more work to be done on iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, I can’t wait for iPad 2 myself

      • Anonymous

        Stay hungry and patient, my friends. We are all waiting for this.

  • of course the untether is much better…but if you want to try iOS5 use the tether jb…i´m using it and i ´m loving…so much features on iOS5..but i still want untether,but until there,lets keep this one!:)

  • dam, i wasted bunch money on this dam iphone, i have the 4.11.08 firmware version 5(9A405), and all the talk about jail break, and nothing for the 4.11.08 baseband, this sucks! anone know if there is anyway i can actually down grade to a later version so i can jb, unlock and use?

  • waiting for iPhone 4S untethered jailbreak

  • Anonymous

    is it coming out tomorrow as xmas present? I hope!!

  • hey jeff
    why are you not posting on IDB these days?
    and when will make a new video on youtube(ask jeff)?:)

  • can anyone tell me when the mac app store jailbreak(KICKBACK) would come ??

  • How can i download POD2G ?

  • I’m not bothering upgrading until the real i5 so I need a i4 untether right now 🙂