Electronic Arts and Gameloft Launch Major Holiday Game Sales

By , Dec 21, 2011

While we’ve been finding app deals on a daily basis this month, we have yet to see any major developers put a big chunk of their lineups on sale… until now.

With Christmas just a few days away, both EA and Gameloft are looking to help you get into the holiday spirit by offering up apps at a serious discount. Between the two of them, they’ve lowered the price on over 40 games to under a buck…

You might have seen a few of these games in our Hot Deals app report yesterday. But this sale is so massive, we felt like they were worth mentioning again.


Electronic Arts

We’re not sure when the sale ends, but we assume it will go through December 31st. Keep in mind that some of these titles are normally as much as $10, and their console counterparts can run as much as $60. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to score some cheap games!

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  • Thomas Gehman

    Dang……None are free…

    • pUnEeT JaSwAL

      So why not get it for free 😉 … google will help u like it did to me ….

  • Keksz

    $ 0,99 is almost free, isn’t it?