Welcome to our tweaks of the week. Last week we covered Siri Proxy plugin tutorials, jailbreak Tweaks for power users, and much, much more in high definition video.

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How to Install Siri Proxy Plugins

Display Album Art in Your App Switcher

Why iFile is Important

10 Jailbreak Tweaks for Power Users

Automatic Dictation Brings Pseudo-Siri Experience to Older iPhone’s

  • Bitesms….it’s not new , but it’s now iOS 5 compatable ….

    • Mersim Hasanbašić

      it’s not a tweak dumbass

      • What does it give you…quick reply ..= tweak..SMS from lockscreen = tweak..

      • Mersim Hasanbašić

        Bitesms is an app get over it 😉

      • Ps…just so you know..the Siri proxy plugin is not a jailbreak tweak ether..
        So it looks like you don’t know what a jailbreak tweak is at all…

      • I know it’s a app..but the tweaks it gives you …TWEAKS …

    • Mersim Hasanbašić

      it’s not a tweak dumbass

  • Jeff can i use these plugins in my ip4s without JB??