I’ve always thought something like this will be a good idea, and it will come to fruition as soon as an iPhone 4S jailbreak is released.

While the circumstances around an iPhone 4S jailbreak are still a tad sketchy, what’s clear as day is that this tweak would be ridiculously handy, and should have been a native Siri feature to begin with.

Essentially, this allows you to control various toggles like Wi-Fi connection, bluetooth, etc. using only your voice. e.g. “Turn Wi-Fi on”, “Set the backlight level to 60%”, and pretty much anything else you’d normally be able to toggle with SBSettings.

Developer Hamza Sood says that a iPhone 4S jailbreak would be needed before the toggles system for Siri would be available, although it seems to me that it would be able to be done on the iPhone 4 if a legal Siri port ever sees the light of day as we expect.

Either way, it’s inevitable that we’ll see this functionality make its way to Siri equipped iPhones, it’s only a matter of time.

What do you think? Would you like use Siri to adjust toggle system settings?

[Hamza Sood via Redmond Pie]

  • Dan

    this would be great

  • It would be awesome if someone port siri to the ipod touch 4g! That will be awesome. And I like the tweaks..

  • Yes, it would actually make Siri useful.

  • Omg its too great ,i’d love that, can anyone also ask siri about Resping..Reboot?

  • cool

  • Is it possible for Siri to work on iPad 2?

  • This makes for a cool gimmick but it would take 10 times longer to use it then just a swipe and a tap…

    • Anonymous

      agreed, discreetly swipe and tap or wait for Siri to fire up then potentially look like a douchebag in front of folk as you ask your device to dim the screen while on the train or other crowded environment 😐

  • This is already possible using plugins for Siri Proxy.. would be great if this package somehow could use the same plugins instead of being designed for a specific purpose.

  • Kok Hean

    If someone jailbreaks an iPhone 4S, chances are that he or she will already install SBSettings, which is why I feel that this is not so much of a convenient tweak.

  • Everything will be possible as soon as a Jailbreak comes out for the iPhone 4S. And I have my money on the Dev-Team to release the first Jailbreak for the iPhone 4S. I just hope it comes out befor New Years. MuscleNerd said that he’s working on a unlock for the iPhone 4S and in order to use the unlock you would need a Jailbreak. So I’m thinking a jailbreak is already set for the 4S. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  • This is already possible without Siri. There is a voicecontrol tweak which enables you to assign whatever activator has to offer to whatever syntax you fill in.

    I’v been using this for quite a while already.

  • Lol @ the guy who thought a router generated LAN address needed to be hidden from our view.

    • Anonymous

      That cracked me up, too.

    • Simon Reidy

      My address is Please don’t hack me! 😉

  • Apple should do it natively…. so sad they are so stupid!!!

  • Hiding local IP-address. Are people really this stupid?

  • no point of hiding the IP address in the second picture, since it is local address. mine is!!!

  • you really dont need to cover your private IP address you know.

  • I just want Siri on my i4 lol

  • this should’ve been apart of the beta!