In need of a great conversation piece for your desk? Look no further than the iLaunch Thunder from Dream Cheeky.

The iLaunch Thunder allows you to launch Nerf-styled darts via a rotatable base using nothing more than your iDevice, its Bluetooth connection, and the free iLaunch Controller app downloadable from the App Store.

In our tests, the iLaunch Thunder worked just as advertised, though it is pretty pricey at around $100. But that’s okay, we’re giving this one away…

Update: Congratulations to Damien Tyler for winning our iLaunch Thunder giveaway!

To Win Do the Following:

Step 1: Follow @iDownloadBlog

Step 2: Retweet this post!

We will DM the random winner via Twitter on Monday.

What do you think? Would this look good on your desk?

  • Done and already doing…but I suppose 2 wins is a bit a try though…

    • What did you win? I’m glad you finally did because I know you’ve been participating for a while. See, everything comes to those who can wait 🙂

      • I won a gelaskin …( last week ) I did thank @idownloadblog ..and said congrats to you and your wife ..I take it you didn’t see it ..never mind …thanks anyway..
        Wait no I did win a thing ..this could be my first

      • Hold on a mo…as CEO of iDB I would of thought it would of been you picking the winners of all iDB’s contest/giveaways ? ..if its not you, than who do we need to bribe to win this ..haha..

      • Haha. It depends. I sometimes pick, sometimes it’s other writers. There is no one to bribe though. I mean, unless you pay me $1,000,000, chances are you won’t be able to influence my picks 😉

  • This isn’t available to retweet yet, so I just shared it for now lol

    • If you follow @idownloadblog you can retweet from there ..

      • I am. Have been. It hasn’t been tweeted yet. Or not when I posted that atleast

      • You can now RT directly from the post.

  • That’s awesome! Hope I win!

  • Anonymous

    this would be awesome to win. i could harass my children with it. i could also harass my wife while she is cooking dinner. would be a fun thing to shoot people as they walk through the door!

  • I have shared on facebook too!

  • is a good accessory for my car because I find biajo. I will be great to win me greetings @ des_cus

  • is a good accessory for my car because I travel finds. I will be great if I won it. @ des_cus

  • This looks fun haha. I definitely can’t afford it, but I’d buy it if I could lol 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have a desk but I do have a work truck 🙂

  • I have shared on facebook, Twetted, RT and share on G+ too!