iFile — you’ve most likely heard of it, but do you use it? If you’ve ever used a Mac, then you’re familiar with Finder, and if you’re familiar with Finder, than you’re familiar with iFile.

iFile is essentially the iOS version of Finder, or Explorer for Windows. But for jailbreakers, there’s a lot more here than meets the eye. Check inside for a video walkthrough accompanied by a good list of reasons as to why you should be using iFile.

As you can see from the video, not only does iFile provide you with the basic ability to view your device’s root file structure, it does a whole lot more.

You can install .deb packages directly from iFile: Without iFile, Safari throws up an error message whenever attempting to open a .deb file. After iFile, it asks you to open the file in iFile where you can then install it. Obviously, there are more complicated ways to install .deb packages, but this is by far the easiest most straightforward method to do so.

You can transfer files: And no, we’re not talking about mere cable-based transfer, we’re talking Wi-Fi, we’re talking Bluetooth. Yes, iFile allows you to establish a Wi-Fi file server that you can connect to from any web browser running on the same Wi-Fi network. It also allows Bluetooth transfer between two iPhones running iFile.

Editing files: Being that iFile acts like a Finder for iOS, it’s a no-brainer that you can edit files within the app. But the big difference is that you can edit any file within iOS, and you can edit property list files to perform more advanced hacks on your iPhone.

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s just three reasons why I feel that iFile is a must have for every jailbreak power user, but there’s many more, as you will no-doubt see from our video walkthrough.

Let me know, do you use iFile, or do you have some other means to accomplish the items explained above?

  • cool thanks for the info

  • Ifile is a must! I love and would be lost without it! Worth every penny!

  • Dan

    I don’t use it that often, but it’s essential to modify many tweaks. You can do most of the work with the free version too.

  • Ifile is a must …

  • i am using iFile from 1st day i brought iPhone, before few days i brought official version of iFile. Thanks Jailbreak community and iFile Dev for this great App…

  • I could use (and probably would use) if I know how to jailbreak and restore to normal without loss of my (non jailbroken apps)

    • Anonymous

      Get PkgBackup you’ll be able to do that.

    • Jon Garrett

      you wont loose your non jail broken apps if you jailbreak. and you don’t need pkgbackup to save your non jail broken apps. you use pkgbackup to restore jail broken apps…..when it works that is because half the time it don’t. but there are many ways to back up and restore your jail broken apps.

      the easiest way for me is to make my own cydia repo and upload the .deb files there so when I want to reinstall them, they’re all in one place and I don’t have to worry about sources that no longer work or devs who no longer make their apps available.

  • Anonymous

    iFile is the most useful app there is, hands down! It is a MUST for every jailbroken iPhone.

    • Jon Garrett

      a stock Galaxy S II has this already…and more.

      • Anonymous

        So? I don’t care about it. By the way, I have a Galaxy S II ang planning on getting Galaxy Nexus today; and that doesn’t take anything from iFile and the iPhone. What the f&$@ were you trying to say with your comment?

  • I do use it a lot!you can download 4shared music and play it with ifile..you cant add to iPod.app but you can listen..and even watch .MP4 videos:) thats totaly awesome!!

  • Brent Morris

    I have music in “music box,” I purchased iFile thinking this was how to get music off of my phone and onto my PC. Was I wrong? How can I accomplish this?