Although Apple has done a great job keeping malicious software out of the App Store, it hasn’t quite figured out how to keep the scammers at bay. It seems like we’ve seen several misleading apps surface in the App Store over the past few months.

What happens is, Apple will approve an application that doesn’t appear to be harmful. But for some reason, they fail to notice that the app’s description doesn’t have anything to do with what it actually does. And we’ve just come across another one…

Craft – Build Terrain is an iOS app that appears to be some sort of MineCraft game client — but it’s not. The word MineCraft appears multiple times in its App Store description, and its screen shots are of MineCraft, but the app is definitely a scam.

Check out some of its App Store reviews:

“This game is a total scam and all you do is make a stupid block jump through obstacles.

This app is a scam! All that is shown in the preview pictures are creations made by the REAL game of MineCraft. You WILL be  very excited about this app but trust all of the reviews!!! We are NOT lying.

This is a freaking scam DONT waste your money!!!!

This is a rip off, I want my money back!”

The trend continues through the rest of the reviews. Even with the developers’ tiny warning at the bottom of its app’s description that claims that Craft – Build Terrain doesn’t have anything to do with MineCraft, people still seem to be misled on what it does.

We’re wondering how long it’s going to take for Apple to remove the application or make the developers change its description. But in the meantime, we recommend steering clear of Craft – Build Terrain, and just downloading the real MineCraft client.

  • I think guys why it gets through the Apple security is that the program used to check for harmful elements in an app only checks for harmful elements only obviously. I guess someone just have to report to Apple for them to be able to correct this. Just a theory though

  • That’s why you’ll need installuous.

    • And that’s how you’re allowing Keyloggers into your phone using installous…

      • LOL just LOL’D at you

      • ROFL. Keyloggers in installous? Funniest thing I’ve heard in a LONG time.

      • Anonymous

        You want to know what’s not funny? Stealing from hard working developers, programmers, coders, etc. You people are pathetic.

    • Jon Garrett

      Wha?!? malicious apps in the app store? people advocating piracy !! WTH is going on here. what happened to “brand loyalty”

      • erm… you might want to read it again. this app is not malicious… just doesn’t do what it said it does. malicious apps are apps that can harm the device (e.g., steal personal info and stuff like that). Android has a lot of those…

    • Anonymous

      Not every jailbreaker is a thieving scumbag.

      • Many times I download an app through Installous first to try it out. -IF- I like it and plan to keep it, I ALWAYS go buy a legit copy. Whether from the @pp store or Cydia, it -IS- important to support good developing 🙂 But with my method, I never get scammed.

  • It baffles me how stupid people who buy this stuff are. I’m baffled.

    • Kok Hean

      Fake title? Check.
      Fake description? Check.
      Fake screenshots? Check.
      Game ripoff of The Impossible Game? Check.
      Challenging? Check.

    • Anonymous

      It baffles me how stupid people get online and brag about being criminals. That baffles me. I really hope that you dudes who use Installous and the like have people help themselves to YOUR property. That would please me to no end. Oh, and prison sentences. The international law enforcement community really needs to crack down on some of you losers.

  • Mersim Hasanbašić

    installous FTW 😉

    • rob

      WTF does FTW mean?

      Seriously, I need to know

    • Anonymous

      Only to e-bums.

  • Anonymous

    There are a number of other phony apps in the AppStore, focused on call-blocking (like blocking telemarketer calls). In jailbreak land, there is iBlackList, which is a wonderful application for blocking calls and texts from unwanted numbers. In user land, however, there is still nothing.

    If you search the App Store for “call block” and such, you will see a number of phony apps pop up. I have reported a couple specific apps to Apple, and have had my money refunded. I don’t know that the apps have been removed, however.

  • Ditto MoonCraft

  • Ditto MoonCraft

  • That’s why you need to read the reviews