As if there weren’t already plenty of options to invoke iOS 5’s native Twitter integration. This time, the method is by means of a handy app icon conveniently placed on your iOS device’s Home screen.

We already have standalone shortcuts, Activator options, and now Twicon — a standalone app icon that acts a shortcut directly to iOS 5’s Twitter popup panel…

The thoughts over on our YouTube channel are pretty polarizing. Lots of viewers think this may be the most useless idea for a tweak in some time, especially considering the alternative options available. What say you?

  • Or you could just download a Twitter app…

  • Pretty pointless

  • I don’t like it.

  • I think I would rather use TwitkaFly.

  • In the app store there is a app called app switcher lets you add four shortcuts to notification center cost 99 cents can add settings preferences or app shortcuts or quick dialing works great definitely worth the dollar and requires no jailbreak for quick shortcuts anywhere similar to sbsettings

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely pointless!

  • Anonymous

    Jeff, please specify if jailbreak only in title.


  • Joshua McClure

    Using with an activator action i could see the usefulness I guess. That’s what the Dev should have Made it an Activator action instead of an app icon.
    Virtually pointless for me to use, but I guess I like how it shows iOS 5’s default “hidden” features. Even tho there are way too many Twitter shortcuts any way. I think. Pointless for me.

    • Joshua McClure

      Yeah but the idea is to make it a twitter shortcut. using the app would defeat that. Ya gotta open the app, tap on the rite bottom tab (if your not already in the rite one), then ya gotta tap “compose a tweet”. With this it is just one tap, but still pretty pointless as a springboard application. Like I said, it should have been an activator action. Sure you can still set an action to open the app tho. But still 100% pointless in my eyes (not a huge tweeter BTW). I only use the account for iPhone news and Dev…..Seriously. That’s it.