Nokia’s got it all figured out. See, youths don’t really want to buy an iPhone, it’s just so boring. Android isn’t quite what buyers are looking for, either. Teens just don’t understand what Google has put in front of them. How could they?

Those are the views of outspoken Nokia director of Portfolio, Product Marketing & Sales Niels Munksgaard in an interview with Pocket-Lint. Apparently, he even managed to say it with a straight face!

According to Nokia’s man, what do you think is the ideal platform for the youth of today? Windows Phone 7, of course!

“What we see is that youth are pretty much fed up with iPhones. Everyone has the iPhone,” he said. “Also, many are not happy with the complexity of Android and the lack of security. So we do increasing see that the youth that wants to be on the cutting edge and try something new are turning to the Windows phone platform.”

We are all for Nokia execs pimping their own devices — it’s what they get paid to do. We are even fine with them suggesting that youths — Nokia doesn’t want old people to buy its phones, apparently — should drop cash for a Windows Phone 7 device. What we’re not so sure about is Munksgaard’s opinion that the iPhone is boring.

Do the iPhone 4S sales figures suggest that people are bored? Not really.

We suspect that people are not bored with Windows Phone 7 because nobody actually bought one in the first place.

  • He forgot to say ..and Nokia is just dull..

    • hey becareful nokia’s next phone will blow you out

  • To be fair, that phone does look better than my iPhone 4… but I thought that WP7 was for getting stuff done and not for wasting time. Doesn’t that mean that the more boring your OS is, the less you want to use it, the quicker you get stuff done??? What have I uncovered?

    • it doesn’t mean that at all. a boring OS doesn’t mean you get things done quicker. it means it’s stale, old, and there’s not much to it, it’s limited. that’s exactly what iOS is

  • Window Phone 7 Sucks. iOS ROCKSSSSSSS

    • so you have tried WP7 before to say that..

      • Nice point 😛 , many people just see the low sales of WP7 devices and comment straight ahead without having any experience. Not to forget, Windows Phone 7.5 did win the OS of the year award due to its simplicity.

      • I have,my homegirl has one I mean once u get pass the tiles there’s really nothing to it she wants I iPhone

      • I actually have. 🙂

    • why iphone has a button ? ios a boring software all need to download from Apple store(closed source),iphone battery sucks you ,call drops are many on iphone inside lift & multitasking on iphone is impossible chalange with nokia for multitaking… where as nokia N9 just swipe,battery life more than Iphone,Dolby Digital plus,notifications all(FB,twitter,mails,news) on one page(no need to go and check each app).. check my video on youtube

  • Anonymous

    Yap. Lets face the truth. iPhone without jailbreak is very boring. I have the iPhone 4S, will flip through the springboard back and forward. Nothing exiting any more. Same thing everyday. Nothing much you can do with the iPhone. iPhone is like a Bank safe. LOCKED. Only Apple will let you in.

    • I have been an iPhone user for about 3 years now and I’ve always had my iPhone Jailbroken. I recently purchased the iPhone 4S and to tell you the truth I can careless for a Jailbreak. I think that iOS 5 is a clean iOS. Yeah it sucks that they don’t have widgets but I think they will in the future because when Apple makes something they always make sure the get it right the first time. Look how safe the AppStore is, and why is it safe because Apple took their time by putting it together.

      The iPhone paved the way on how cell phones are made today. How can anyone say that Android or WP7 is a better phone then the iPhone. Just look at the numbers, there are only 3 iPhone models for sale right now but Android has over 30 and WP7 has over 10, yet Apple sell more units then all Android and WP7 phones put together. Not a lot of people care for stupid tiles flipping up or down and giving you updates, they want everything to be simple. Look at IN – N – OUT burger they only have 3 burgers to choose from and yet they have better sales then MD or BK.

      Simple is better!

      • Android has over 30? Make that over 300 and then add some more. Android is everywhere and that’s why it’s a mess and unsafe.

      • Anonymous

        Dude the only reason iPhones are selling more is because they are more well known. My mom has an Android trophy and it’s pretty sweet. Tho I am an iPhone user and thts what I prefer simply because I really understand it and know a lot about it. I would only switch to Android if the iPhone Jailbreak cease ti live. Which it wont.

        And I have no idea where you came up with “Apple always getting it rite the first time”> Actually I cannot think of one thing that they got rite on the first run…………….”nothing”.

        And as for not caring about a jialbreak…………………I mean thats cool, “personal preference” and all…………………………But wowo man you must be really shy when it comes to customization. My phone is so tweaked out it’s

        Tho not what ya think. It’s all functionality stuff, Not all decked out with ugly a** themes. Dont really like many themes. Theres one I use sometimes like Black UPS HD iOS 5. But the way I’ve had my phone setup, it would really get on my nerves not having all the extra shortcuts, and extra general functionality. If it didnt have the jailbreak, To me the Android would be the next best thing. I could not have an iPhone if I couldn’t hack the he** out I need something I can really modify to my liking. Almost every single aspect of my phone is customized. Just not entirely visibly customized.

      • Hey buddy check the upcoming models of nokia lumia 900,pure808,W10,N9…
        apple has bribed many reveiw websites so they say apple is good..
        did apple pay you any money…

  • Ricky Nguyen

    how can the iphone be boring you can obviously jailbreak it and do a bunch of cool and interesting things with it dumb nokia executive thinks he knows what is right for teens the teens should choose what is right for them not some executive who works at a not so great phone making company

  • Well, maybe the guy is right. iPhones are using the same springboard since 2007 without a major change. And the Android main screen full of widgets confuses more than it helps.

    I wish the iOS could get a major facelift. I’ve played with a friend’s Lumia 800 and WP7 left me like “wow”. Same level of organization as in iOS but the Live Tiles and the facebook/twitter/social networking integration embedded into the system reminds me Android. Plus visually was so smooth and no lags (like android).

    I mean, I’m an iPhone user but I have to recognize deeply in this guy B.S. talking there is truth.

    • Well, Apple seems to have some changes in mind. They -did- hire that Cart guy as an intern and he will be working on UI/UX for them for over half a year.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah I heard but I cannot believe Apple would change the entire UI. That just cant happen. Not after they’re trying to sue everyone for looking similar to there hardware they can’t.

        If anything the new designer is going to help with animation transition involved in upcoming features. That’s what that guy is for. Not to change the iPhones general UI. Like I said, that UI is Apple’s trademark. That wont change but the animation, thats a whole other story. That could really use a tune-up. I think it does any way.

    • Anonymous

      To completely change the srpingboard would take away the iPhones signature look. That’s the last thing I would want and Apple too, is for the general look of the iPhone to change. If I want it to look different then I’ll customize my self. That’s what I’d end up doing anyway. Every single aspect of the iPhone can be customized to your liking.(yes “every single aspect”) It’s all customizable. You want suttin different, then do it. Just gotta jailbreak.( which is just too easy to do if ya know how to read and are also competent). And is also a no brainer for me. me owning an iPhone = Must be a jailbroken iPhone:).

      Thought I’d point that out. I seen one kid on here say the Android is more customizable than an iPhone and that’s why it’s I know that’s not

  • You can keep adding new things to iOS but a major revamp to how the OS works would confuse a lot of people. I think apple should focus on the missing details of its OS while adding new widgets to stay relevant.

  • Dan

    I’ll admit non jailbroken iphone can get boring, but this thing looks like the old ipod-mini. Doesnt seem original to me, and I wouldn’t want it.

  • That’s why apple have now got Jan-Michael Cart for awhile…maybe longer …

  • If Nokia could make the sound quality of music through headphones on the Lumia 800 as good as the iPhone 4S then he’d have a point. Unfortunately the sound quality is appalling. I have both phones and the difference is like night and day. A shame because WP7.5 is very impressive.

    • Is it seriously worst than the iPhone.?
      I can’t listen to iPhone without headphone amplifier. I though that iPhone got crappy sound.

      • Anonymous

        That may just be a hardware problem. the iPhone 4 and 4S are reported to have great sound quality through speaker and headphones. You could have got one with a defected headphone jack……………….maybe. Just sayin. Don’t jump to conclusions.

        People…………… cannot say the iPhone has a problem if no one else has had it and you only seen it on one phone. They are all different. Even tho they are the same. trust me. Lots of iPhones in my hands. Some things can work great on one phone and not on another. Weird I know. I don’t get it myself. And yes I made sure every aspect of the phones were the same when comparing mobile software on multiple phones.

    • Iphone sound quality very poor and noisy songs need to be uploaded from itunes only(boring thing) check nokia’s phone with dolby surround & dolby digital phone can download songs directly from web or computer no need any app…W7.5 is smooth OS ever used.. before i used Iphone 4 battery & signal reception too bad

  • I’m a youth, and we all want iPhone, because of the GAMES we don’t give a crap about what the spring board looks like! We want fun games to play!!! (however some girls prefer android for the physical keybord for faster texting) Youth wants what there friends have. They see iphone as perrfect, almost all of us have mp3 players and enjoy games! We see our friends playing a ios only game and then say sweet i want that too. Its all about what the other people have, we want to blend in and be cool with our phones, not stand out with an OS no ones heard of. (at least for my school)

    • Exactly!!!!

      • Anonymous

        I could care less about games. I prefer playing with modifications, and iPhone mods only. Games are okay for when I’m bored enough to actually play one. But hey……………………………….that’s just

  • Oh hey I just went into cydia and downloaded dreamboard, then downloaded the windows phone theme. Now my iPhone looks exactly like wp. Fuck off Nokia.

  • Anonymous

    I can see why people would think that its biased (it probably is), but there is probably some truth to what Nokia is saying. As a teenager I can say quite confidently that no one I know wants an Android phone. Some want an iPhone, but not many. However, I have noticed an increased amount of Nokia phones (I saw 4 today). One of my friends just bought one and another is considering getting one. But BlackBerry is still the most popular.

    • Anonymous

      Nah man,way off. Well not way off………………..but off none the less. In my area, there is almost no demand for the iPhone and everyone here wants an Android. But once I show the people that crave to get an Android my iPhone and what i did with they tell me they wish they would have got an But they are typically not tech savey people so it’s understandable that they may prefer Android if they learned more about it’s functionality and learn how to change it.

      The reason why is they just dont understand what the phones can really do. They have no idea how much you can really customize them (Android & iPhone I mean).

      This guy says the iPhone is boring because he knows nothing about it. THAT IS A 100% BIAS PERSON 100%. That statement alone says he is a Bias! Seriously. It’s all about how much the consumer knows about the products they have to choose from. Some areas they are generally more interested in Android then iPhone because people there have had them and they all understand it a little more than the iPhone, and vice versa somewhere else.

      But one thing I know is after I’ve showed anyone my phone it made them want an iPhone more than they’re Android. But they proly didnt know how to customize like me. But yeah, my phone is setup pretty sweet in my opinion, w/o being way over did with themes and visual mods.

  • Anonymous

    That guy is clearly just a bias douche bag! Ya see I’m not “stupid enough” to cheer for one OS over another. Android and iPhone are both great operating systems, and with a jailbroken iPhone it is just as open sourced and customizable as an android. I am an iPhone user and dont have a lot of experience with Android, but I have played with them before, and well I prefer the iPhones UI over Android’s but that doesn’t make me think the iPhone is better. It all comes down to one thing “functionality offered by both phones compared”. Rite there is the difference. Oh wait………………..there is no difference. Just a different UI. Thats it. Pretty much anything the Android can do the iPhone can do and vice versa. Wow people seriouly?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    Learn these words…………….live by them:

    “personal preference”

    And grow the f*** up…..

  • Anonymous

    I’m an iOS user all the way (iPhone 3g, iPhone 4, iPad 2 and AppleTV2 owner) but I actually don’t think Wp7 gets enough credit. It’s a very well thought out UI that is a pleasure to use. It’s “all digital” metro appearance looks great and feels natural (as opposed to the often tacky “fisher price like” shiny buttons and leather stitching, fake paper backgrounds etc on iOS). The recently relased Mango (WP7.5) update was kind of like iOS4 was for iPhone owners too. It added many crucial features like fast app switching, saved states and copy and paste.

    However there are three things worth noting here. 1. Many Nokia execs are douchebags and have a history of saying bizarre things. 2. No kid among my family and friends would have even heard of “Windows Phone”. They have ALL heard of iPhones and iPads and all want to play with mine! The 3rd thing is – the hardware of Windows Phone 7 is moving at a stupfyingly slow pace compared to the iPhone and Google’s current flagship phone, The Galaxy Nexus. Microsoft’s mandated specs were great a year ago, but even then they chose a snapdragon processor which sucks for games in comparison to the A4 and A5 + PowerVR graphics in iOS devices.

    Windows Phone 7 (which is still such a stupid name incidently) was released with only one screen resolution available and it must be the same on all devices. So whether the phone screen is 3.5″ or 4.5″ they are always only 848×480. It’s not like that’s a bad resolution for a small screen, but when blown up to 4″ or larger, text is jagged, UI elements are oversized and the screen is seriously lacking in detail and sharpness. Absolutely no comparison for the awesome detail and pixel density of the retina display. I realise that keeping the resolution the same across devices is an attempt at consistency, but it’s about time Windows’s Phone got a bump up to 1280x720p for devices over 4″.

    So that’s just one “hardware based reason” (of many) that mean I don’t think WP7Nokia devices are on the radar for me as a serious choice. A Windows 8 tablet with Metro UI does interest me a lot though, given I’m a PC man and have no real interest in a Mac.

    As for Nokia or Microsoft execs saying stupid things or making ridiculous predictions, it’s just what they do. Just laugh at them and go play Infinty Blade II on yoru iPhone 🙂

  • Nokia does it again. When ios and android moved up in the world. Nokia made their own crap. Which died, fast. Now it looks like they jumped on the wp7 train. Sure i could give wp7 a try. When it gets a decent appstore… Who would buy a phone with no apps today?

  • kb directory

    Just 3 words for Niels Munksgaard: shut up idiot!

  • window and android phones sucks…because it cannot jailbreak…XD

    • No need to jail break because W7.5 is a Open souce can download anything from any website no need any apps as for IOS(closed source)