Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt made some waves at the recent Paris-hosted Le Web conference with comments regarding Android and its iOS competitor. Schmidt was at the conference to talk about Android’s big update, Ice Cream Sandwich.

During his speech, the CEO made a pretty big 6-month prediction for Google’s mobile platform, saying things like “developers will soon start choosing Android over iOS.” But a recent research report from Flurry Analytics suggests otherwise.

According to the marketing research firm, 75% of all mobile software startups chose iOS last quarter. That number is up from 63% in Q1 of this year. Could there really be a 50+ point swing in the next 6 months? It doesn’t seem likely.

So, why are developers choosing iOS over Android? On top of the huge fragmentation problem that plagues Google’s platform, it seems that money is also a major factor. According to Flurry’s research, Android developers make less than a quarter (24%) of what their iOS counterparts do.

Keep in mind that Flurry’s research only accounts for 25% of all apps downloaded from the App Store and Android Market, so it doesn’t include every application. But a quarter of the market is still a sizable chunk to pull data from and the numbers can’t be that far off from the overall totals.


  • Anonymous

    Not sure if it’s a biased article


    it’s because I’m reading it on an Apple blog

    • That would depend more on flurry, wouldn’t it?

  • Even though this is an Apple blog, I hate when they post, “Apple is better than this and this”.

  • Jon Garrett

    “Fragmentation” is not a problem for Android devs. 52% of Android devices are on Gingerbread. “fragmentation” also exists in iOS. older iPods, iPhone 2G & 3G will NEVER get another firmware update and will not be able to run certain apps. Google Latitude on a 3G anyone?

    ONE of the reasons iOS devs make more money than Android because the App Store has NO Refund policy. on the App Store once you download an app and it sucks, you’re stuck with it. on the Android Market, you can get a refund and pay nothing for the app.


    Android Market place has a much higher number of Free apps than the App Store and devs MAKE TONS of money through adds.

    In Addition

    Android users have other sources for apps, not just the Android Market place. in fact Android Devs can sell their apps directly cutting out the middle man completely.

    take Gameloft for example. half their apps are NOT in the Market. because Android users can side load apps… hacking required.

    there is NO single issue to explain this.

    As for Eric’s “bold” 6 month prediction, at the rate Android is growing anything is possible. I’m sure nobody at apple foresaw the day when Android would surpass apple in OS market share.

    • If android apps didn’t suck balls nobody whood return them lol

      • i Have iPhone and Android and i prefer palying games on my Android thank you!

  • Anonymous

    This blog has become laden with the silliest pack of Apple fanboys I’ve ever seen. There’s a difference between liking Apple and sucking their big fat cock, which is what the writers of this blog do all day, everyday.

  • We’re not hating on Android. We’re just reporting about a study. Where do you see in this article any negative comment about Android? Nowhere.

    • Anonymous

      You never seem to listen to your readers; always make up some lame argument and defend yourself needlessly. Maybe that’s the reason why you’ve lost so many readers?

      Soon enough, you and your staff of arrogant fanboys will be the only ones reading your articles, have fun!

      • I agree with this man!

      • hope that the ‘soon’ will come real soon so that this place will be free of all Android kissers. but i’m sure there will be a handful of them still lurking around just to satisfy their cravings for posting crap comments… cheers.

      • Crap comments? lol i got both iPhone and Android Phones and love them both.

      • Anonymous

        Silly Andrew Lee, you feel the need to defend the owner in hopes that you will look good in his eyes, but deep down inside, you know that when you read half of the articles this site pushes out, you think to your self “oh my god, this is terrible.” It’s sheep like you that drive the crap posted here forward, you are their gasoline. I hope that you see that I’m not an Android fanboy, but simply an onlooker who once saw a great blog crumbled to extremely biased, Fox news inspired piece of embarrassment

  • ios is always the winner