Interested in customizing your App Switcher? What about completely removing certain stock features, like AirPlay and music controls?

With SwitcherLoader — a new jailbreak tweak available on Cydia — it’s all possible, and then some.

SwitcherLoader is a free tweak available for iOS 4.2 devices and above. Check inside for a full video explanation of what this tweak brings to the table.

By default, SwitcherLoader includes options to enable or disable AirPlay features, music controls, and your dock along with the accompanying icons in the dock.

You can even rearrange the “plugins” to appear in a certain order if you wish to do so. Hopefully more developers will hop on board and release add-ons in support of SwitcherLoader. If the rest of the jailbreak community gets behind it, it could be an extremely handy tweak to have.

What do you think about SwitcherLoader?

  • I’ll give it ago as soon as I can..i4s , you know the score..

  • Anonymous

    This is great. I haven’t used my iPhone’s task switcher since installing Activator + MultiFl0w. Now I can put my dock in it for quick access to my docked applications. Finally I’ve found a use for Apple’s stupid default switcher! 🙂

  • Feels like the one thing missing is being able to set which to use as your default page, I really like the look of it though.
    (Personally still awaiting the i4S jailbreak, but this tweak is on my list of things to do once I get it.)

  • The only thing I want in appswitcher is that I want to be able to turn off an app directly from the app itself meaning I don’t have to be at homescreen to close the app that is running. (Hope someone understands what I mean)