Samsung has been on a warpath with its advertising team over the past few weeks. We’ve seen them air multiple commercials that blatantly take shots at iPhone users, and a full-blown Facebook anti-Apple campaign.

The company’s latest TV ad to find its way to the air waves is called “Movies and Music.” And once again it features a group of young adults waiting in line for the new iPhone, when a Galaxy S II catches their eyes…

The commercial appears to be aimed at both iTunes and Apple’s new iCloud service. One of the actors says, “Well I have all my playlists right here, my music streams from the cloud, and I have tons of places to buy my movies.”

Samsung’s commercials certainly seem to be garnering attention, but are they creating handset sales? With Apple expected to sell as many as 30 million iPhones this holiday season, it’ll be interesting to see which company comes out on top this quarter.

What do you think of Samsung’s TV ads? Too much?

  • Samsung, You Jelly?

    So this is how samsung wants to win costumers?

    Well, i guess this commercial already said enough.

    Scew Samsung.

    • So when apple releases commercials about mac vs pc, making fun of everything windows does, its ok. But god forbid another company make fun of apple. Even though its all true.

      • Anonymous

        Apple made fun of a product, Samsung is making fun of individuals. Huge difference, and it’ll burn em in the long run.

      • Yea, good point. I guess it does come off a little to much as making fun off the people instead of the phone.

      • Yea, good point. I guess it does come off a little to much as making fun off the people instead of the phone.

      • When you make fun of a product you make fun of the ones who buy and use them. There is no way around that. Splitting hair dude

    • Typical Apple fanboy. Gets upset over a clever commercial that pokes fun at Apple fanboys even though Apple uses an IDENTICAL marketing strategy.

  • fuck samsung!

    • and your mom as well

      • Oh god….this guy again
        I know you will show your bloody nose…
        To make samsung look so great..
        And fuck you willy hurrz.
        And fuck samsung….a copycat product.

      • Thanks for the support!
        go hate on another website willy wazz hurrz!

      • Your name is Willy dude…. If I were you I would STFU!

      • Anonymous

        And your blow-up girlfriend, who is the only anatomically-correct female that will ever be with you, with or without your 4.5 inch ‘Willy’ Samsung…Simpleton… <;)

  • chezzy

  • they dont have to include apple in the ad!
    id really wish apple would make an ad like that and stab samsung in the back!

    • apple made ads like that a long time ago. Called mac vs pc.

      • “Hello i’m a Pc” was funny. It may have not said ALL of the information, but it didn’t change any of it either.

  • I though there were laws against wrongful information…

    • Kinda like the “Hello I’m a PC” commercials from Apple?

      • Thankyou. Someone else pays attention to other stuff and is not stuck up apples ass.

      • Apple is a company. Not a person. Companies don’t have asses.

      • Those were actually funny.

  • F**k samsung…copyin all Apple products…

    • sike

      • Willy hurz buzz fuzz..
        Are you get paid from samsung or android???
        Piss off dude and bring you BAD ASS samsung product…
        Samsung is evil!!!

      • Apple is evil too dude, even microsoft is

    • Eric Powell

      Dude get a samsung and an iphone…they look nothing a like and perform differently same with the tablets and computers and music players stop being so offensive they are both good products let it be

  • Samsung fear Apple ..but they should be thankful to them…With out apple making the iPhone thay would not have come up with a decent phone at all …just a shame they still don’t make a decent phone.

    • yes they do

      • Anonymous

        Samsung doesn’t have a phone that can compete with the iPhone 4 let alone the 4S so what phone are you talking about?

      • Anonymous

        Samsung is about to release the galaxy nexus, I love my iPhone, but that is a damn good peice of software….

        For the longest time android was really choppy and not as elegant as iOS, but now it’s on par, AND 4g… Which is huge. I hate that apple hasn’t released a 4g device.

      • Since when is the iphone 4s (phone itself. Not with ios) a super phone to begin with? There is alot of phones out there that beats the iphone in performance many times over. Gs2, Gnexus and probably motorola razr got more performance under the hood then the 4s. Not counting any of the operating systems in.

        There is a reason why the 4s was described as a let down when it was announced. Its still a damn good phone. But dont be biased and say stuff you clearly have no clue about.

      • Anonymous

        Lol cute comment but how the f r u going to say the 4S hardware is separate then the iOS itself? So you want to compare just hardware and nothing else? And Im the one that has no clue what there talking about? The 4S and the iOS are one if you don’t like that apple is the only company that can get it right them go make your smartphone and put it with all the other trash that’s out there

      • SGS2

    • My galaxy s2 is a fantastic phone. And yes, the battery life is good. I have been using iphones since 2007, the i4s is the first iphone i have never owned and i dont regret it. Have you ever used a galaxy s2?

      • Tom


        We get it. You have a galaxy s2 and you love it. Good for you. Why continue hanging out at an Apple enthusiast site and try to rain on everyone’s parade? Does this help validate your decision to switch to Android? Just because you have your name and picture does not mean you are not trolling. That is exactly what you are doing. Grow up.

      • First of all, I don’t troll, second of all I still have an iPad2 and i love it as well. Hence the reason why I’m on this site. So thanks for sounding like a troll. 🙂

      • I’ll be honest to you I haven’t …but be totally honest , the G S2 phone does not appeal to me at all..and I’ll tell you why runs android which I don’t like at all ,so why would I want to use a phone with a not so good firmware…..

      • Well, if you don’t like it, then that’s your opinion. Everyone has there own preferences and you at least explain your self, unlike other people.

      • One other thing ..when was there a Q at a Samsung launch ..! ..
        Samsung make a commercial to poke fun at apple costumes ..but the joke is on Samsung ..there is never a rush or so much hipe over one of there phones ever , why is that ?
        Thay could only wish for this to happen for them ..A Q outside ,with people trying to get there latest product..ha never…
        Please tell me if I’am wrong ..if you can not please leave, and go to your Andriod site …this is the 2nd time I type this so you would not get to affended, I would of like to post the first one but I think I would off got bared from this site ..

      • Yea you do have a point there. I’m not afraid to say Samsung makes mistakes, every company does. Thanks for not being an ass. Also, I have an ipad2 that I enjoy modding and can’t wait for an untethered jailbreak. Im happy with both of my devices.

      • Best to be honest and say what you think..and best of all I’am setting here right now with my SAMSUNG netbook in front of me. there you go I’ve have a Samsung device as well for the iPad I don’t see the point ..If it could replace my netbook l have one but it carn’t sync for the iPhone to it ,Apple messed that one right up…but that another story for another

      • Best to be honest and say what you think..and best of all I’am setting here right now with my SAMSUNG netbook in front of me. there you go I’ve have a Samsung device as well for the iPad I don’t see the point ..If it could replace my netbook l have one but it carn’t sync for the iPhone to it ,Apple messed that one right up…but that another story for another

      • Simple to explain really. At every iphone launch there is only a few selected carriers and stores that sells the iphones. That alone creates a hype and makes people nervous that they wont get their new phone. In my country all the carriers have the phones avaible for sale at the launch date here. So there isnt any hype here really. Everyone can get their phone with ease from all avaible carriers and from all electronic stores without a payplan.

        Samsung isnt really using thesame strategy. None of the other manufactures are actually. Only apple use this strategy in order to make sales. And its working better then they could ever have anticipated. Nothing wrong in making money.

        And apple only makes one phone at a time. All of the other companies make much more models to appeal and lure all kinds of different people to buy their products. Sometimes they create to many different phones tbh. But it gives you a great selection.
        So why no Q for samsung phones? There is no rush. It wont get out of stock since its avaible for more partners. Iphone is not.

      • the uk all carriers sell the iPhone and they sell out on day one you first remark just got blown out of the water ..
        Apple only make one phone and just look how Samsung respond to it …with fear way to cope with fear is to take the piss out of somthing they could only wish for ..A Q …

      • If they are sold out on day 1 your carriers wasnt prepared one bit. Which just proves my point. Probably tons of lines outside the stores to get the iphone in your country. Re-read my comment and you might discover something new. In my country there are no lines outside the stores since the phone wont get out of stock the first day.

    • Anonymous

      Here we go. The proof of Apple beeing a religion. I just replace Apple with God, Samsung with the people and some other words in your text.

      The poeple fear God. but they should be thankful to God. Without God making a wonder, they would not have come up with a decent religion. just a shame they still don’t make a decent religion.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck em. Apple does not even HAVE TV commercials! They sell without.

    • Apple actually does have many many iPhone commercials.

      • Anonymous


    • I’ve seen 4 Apple commercials today alone. I have yet to see a single one of these Samsung ads except for here on iDB….

  • Anonymous

    All these ads and samsung’s sales aren’t even beating apple’s. Guess that speaks for itself.

    • Not that hard. Apple sells one model each time. Samsung creates several phones. Compare the models 1v1 and apple will always win. Iphones are the only ones with ios (phones im talking about. Tabs can go somewhere else). If other phones could use ios everything would change

  • Anonymous

    Pathetic…tactics. Here’s to Sammy making themselves look worse than they r tryin to make Apple look. Sorry mthrfckrs with all their plastic junk!

    • the plastic junk is harder thenn your glass junk

      • And that plastic junk is harder than your balls willy…
        Samsung desain always looks like apple

      • Your name is Willy dude…. I would STFU! It seams like your parents did not like you at all Willy! hahahah

      • Anonymous

        Hi, little Willy. They don’t teach you how to spell “than” in 3rd Grade yet, do they?

      • your willy won’t get any longer by trolling around.

      • ur right it can’t, its to big alteaddy douchbag

      • Anonymous

        “To” big “allteaddy”?

    • So by that logic, apple is pathetic for making the “Im a mac” commercials.

    • Reminds you of mac vs pc commersials right?

  • There’s one thing the guy with the Galaxy S II forgot to say: “Oh, but you get all the stuff I just mentioned on iOS 5 anyway, so forget I said that.”


    • You also get itunes. Man i wish i didnt have to use that program for my iphone. Worst thing ever made imo. Would be a perfect world if an iphone user never had to use itunes

    • The point of the commercial is that those people are waiting in line for something that hasn’t been released yet and the guy with the Samsung already had all the features they are waiting for. It does not insinuate whatsoever that iPhones do not have the same capability now.

  • Anonymous

    Are people still waiting in line for iphones? also, how is it a swipe at icloud?
    boasting you have a cloud service and an online store to purchase content to a group of people that also have a cloud service and an online store to purchase content is stupid.

  • Apple releases 4 phones, Samsung what? 50+? And apple is till outselling.

    • samsung doesnt have 50+ smartphones on the market. Please do a little research before you make statements like that.

      • Anonymous

        Whatever, samsung has more smartphones in the market than apple yet none of them sells more than iphones.

      • Ahkyar Aeka

        Lol.. Lopez do not mention smartphones. He just mention phones. Yes, samsung do have 50+ different phones.

      • Yea but last time I checked an iPhone is not a regular phone. It’s not really fair to compare an iPhone to a standered flip phone. It’s like comparing a Ferrari to a ford.

      • Sorry….
        but a Ferrari to a ford..ok ..the ford I’ll pick is a GT40…

    • Jon Garrett

      Samsung is outselling apple in both the US and overseas.

      why dont you do a Google search before you make these stupid and inaccurate comments.

      • Pick the best Samsung phone…how many have been sold ?
        Now choose a Apple phone ..lots of chose there…
        Who’s sold the most of one type of phone ? I don’t know and I don’t give a shit choose the phone that you want and live with it ..

      • He is talking about the total amount of phones sold. Of all their avaible models. Not 1v1. Apple can only win in a 1v1 comparisment. But im still happy with that

      • Samsung make what 40/50 phones make what ..3 phones …of cause Samsung will sell more phone ..but like I said pick one know the rest ..

      • Jon Garrett

        what difference does it make to your anyone else here who sells the most phones. what does that do for you? how is your life improved by the number of phones apple sells?

        I seriously dont give a FK about these companies profits, how much money they have or who did what first. when one of them start paying my monthly phone bill then maybe I’ll care.

        I grow tired of these pointless back-and-fro conversations with immature people with low self esteem issues.

      • they sell more budget phones and stuff, so it’s true they report they sold more than apple! but they never beat Apple in Total Revenue!

      • My brother burge…I agree wiht u bro.
        But with jon garret hmm….this guys always show his bloddy nose..
        If someone talking about android or silly samsung…
        He will do everything and say every word to protect his copycat product…
        Jon garret=willy….android fagot fans….piss off dude.
        This is not your place.

      • hey dumbdum of course samsung is outselling apple. because they sell all those crappy disposable phones for a cheaper price. hmm.. why not make it model vs. model. galaxy s vs. ip4. sii vs. ip4s. why don’t you google search before you make these stupid and inaccurate comments

  • the ad clearly speaks that nobody lines up to buy Samsung-crap

    • Anonymous

      Lol couldn’t have said it better myself

  • Hell yeah I’ll wait in line for next ios product or order online at 3 in the morning on a work night. If I’d want to get a few SamSung phones on launch day I guess i’d have to fly to Korea and wait in line there lol what are they even comparing? They don’t even make their own OS.

  • what is there to be mad about here people??? why do all the blogs keep posting this ad as if no other company has ever used this strategy??? apple does it all the time! they just arent currently doing it. why do you people feel like apple gave you life?? why do you feel the need to defend apple’s honor??

    • Anonymous

      I won’t fight for my country but I will fight for apple

      • Anonymous

        Nay, don’t do that! Go forth, however, and get yourself A LIFE!

  • Anonymous

    I take your lame A$s Samsung and throw it to the ground!

  • Anonymous

    I have passion for Apple ever since my first computer, an apple IIe, 25-years ago. I still have the code from my first .exe. I have grown up using every innovative product apple has ever come out with. Apple has earned my passion and loyalty for decades. How can anyone have loyalty and passion for Samsung? Name one innovation they have ever done on the mobile side? Heck, they aren’t even a software company! Just make hardware they copy! SOMEONE OVER THE AGE OF 14 PLEASE GIVE YOUR 2c…

    • Jon Garrett

      name one innovation apple did on the mobile side? EVERYTHING apple is doing now was already being done by other companies, everything from touch screen phones to app stores to mobile app stores, its all been done before.

      • Anonymous

        I had no idea Jon, really? I am humbled by your insight… BTW: Can you provide the link to either:
        1. the predecessor to the iPhone that Apple ‘slavishly’ copied
        2. the predecessor to the iPad that Apple ‘slavishly’ copied

        If you can back up your spurious statement, then I will bow before thee. Otherwise, let me think, hmmmmmm…. STFU!!!!!

      • You are aware that smartphones existed before iphones right? With touch screens and icons on a desktop background etc. like sonyericsson p800, nokia 9000 (think that was its name). And you had these big ugly tabs with windows mobile. And Qtek has several models in 2001-2002 with windows mobile and touch screens.

        Dont be biased. You knew what he meant all along.

      • Jon Garrett

        stop saying slavishly and use your own words. show me where the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 copies the iPad? show me just 3 features of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 that are exactly the same as the iPad 2 OR looks similarly enough that a person trying to buy one of the devices would be confused. you do that and I’ll show you 15 OBVIOUS differences between the 2

      • Jon
        there was a post last ( I think ) on here ..about Samsung copying
        From what I can remember
        Glass screen
        Rounded corners
        And the use of black
        There you go 3 ..
        Sorry for this but you ask for 3
        You need to find the post, it’s stupid I know but there you go..

      • Anonymous

        I will make it easy for you Jon, very easy….pay close attention….

        Give the 2 phones to a 5 year old, and ask him/her if they look very similar…that’s it…

        OK, now you give me the 15 promised differences, since so far you have provided nothing but flatulence, promises, and pomp…(just wiki anything you don’t understand…and try to be more clever with your replies, I am getting bored…)

      • like siri? lol

      • And what about your copycat product samsung???
        What innovation that samsung make???
        Siri??? Upsss sorry wrong
        Samsung can’t make things like that…

      • EVERYTHING apple is doing now was already being done by other companies<- yeah. you got it right. they're busy copying apple alright.

  • Carlos Degano

    fuck samsung

  • Shrug, as an iPhone and iPad user these commercials make me chuckle. At least it’s not as smug as the I’m a Mac ads. People are over sensitive.

  • Anonymous

    Instead of crying about it, I actually find them funny. I mean, it doesn’t do any harm to my iPhone, does it?

    Cry me a river, people. Not like you work at Apple (unless you do :D)

  • Anonymous

    After seeing the ad I am not sure why we should buy a Samsung phone. What is Samsung product promise? I guess they have none. I am an iPhone user and I find it offensive for many reasons. I see the ad campaign hurting their brand equity. From my perspective I now have less desire to buy other Samsung products like TV’s.

    • Cmon. You get offended by ads like these? I dont even… If anything commersials like this is funny.

  • João Vidal

    That piece of, light and cheap plastic look, greenish tone low quality lcd is a Samsung?
    With buggy android, by the way……
    How about glass, aluminum and retina display, and a decent OS?

    How can people put things at the same level were there are in different dimension?

    • Derpy derp. You fanboys need to step your game up, because you’re losing. Those retarded “cheap plastic” arguments no longer work.

      1) samsung controls the amoled technology, which is, imo, by far superior. with retina, all you get is sharpness, that is all. amoled gives you such a better experience, contrast, blacks, sharpness… (i’ve compared my ipod touch 4 to a galaxy s 2 and left speechless.)
      2) the galaxy nexus, on the other hand, features a 720p display (that is 1280 by 720 pixels), which is also super amoled.
      3) it is 5 grams lighter than the iphone, indeed, such a massive difference.
      4) want to argue about the os? where are application multitasking previews in ios? whoops. can you put more than 12 apps in a folder? whoops. how many times do you have to tap to toggle wifi, bluetooth or cellular on ios? you need to go into settings, submenus and then toggle, while on android i can put a widget on a homescreen and be done with it.
      5) and yes, the screen on the galaxy nexus is also glass, but the back is plastic. i’ll much rather scratch that cheap plastic, than the glass on the iphone, or invest in a case, which will in the end hide that fancy schmancy aluminum you’re so proud of.

      ios is a fucking joke and all you people arguing in favor of it, get some credible arguments, ffs!

      • João Vidal

        This is why Apple users always have a smile in the face!!
        Not anger…
        By the way how many time do you restarted your loved Android today?
        maybe all that frustation comes from your cheap plastic androidish buggish virush biggish device!!

        Smile and buy an iPhone !

      • I also have a smile “in the face”, I would never buy a device that would wipe it off. On the other hand, misinformation is what “buggishes” me, and you’re the one who’s spreading it. By the way, I don’t have an Android device, and the comparison I mentioned, happened in a store.

        Enjoy your shitty iPhone and watch out for that battery, I heard it drains very quickly.

      • Jon Garrett

        at least my battery works. and I dont get muted outgoing calls and I dont get echos on my calls and I never get an insert SIM error message.

        smile and enjoy you faulty iPhone 4S

      • Ah man shouldnt have gone there. I have to restart my iphone just as many times a week as my girlfriends android phone. If your iphone doesnt need 2 restarts a week. You are not using it enough. And now since i installed ios5 its a nightmare. Laggy, apps shuts down, websites kills safari etc.

        Sometimes i miss my old nokia 3310

      • I’ve said this above..but I’ll say it again…with out apple making the iPhone your phone would not be the phone it is ..that’s fact …Apple made there first phone in 2007 and look what it did…it made all the other phone makers step up there game…how long have Samsung been making phones.? . , and what phone makers have they inspired ..

      • If there was no iPhone, someone else would innovate. That someone would probably be Google. They purchased Android inc. in 2005 and released Android one year after the iPhone initial release. Say what ever you want, but no matter how big Google was back then, they couldn’t have developed a full fledged mobile operating system in such a short time frame.

        Now, that “if there was no iPhone” argument is the same as saying if there were no Edison, Tesla and the rest of the crew, we would still be burning candles. “Argumentum ridiculoso…”

      • This is about Samsung …not android..
        Apple made a device which broke the mould and the other phone makers realised this and had to play catch up..and now Samsung are coming out with ads like this..poking fun at apple ..not least there is not a mention about Flash..oh that’s right it’s now been said that it never did work right on phones..

      • No, that is not right, it did work just fine. Its just that it turned out there were solutions that work better.
        Now, remember those Apple’s mac versus pc ads? I don’t know about you, but I had a tough time finding Apple fans (not fanboys, just fans) who were criticizing them, but now, there is a boatload of them criticizing these Samsung ads! Thats hypocrisy and its seriously annoying.
        Here we go again… I’m sorry, but Apple is the one that had to play catch up (even since the mere release of Android) and finally kind of managed to catch up to it with the release of iOS 4. Since then, they’ve both been playing neck-and-neck. Android now seems to lead with ICS, but thats a different story.

      • Wasn’t it adobe who said that it didn’t work how thay wanted to … Anyway I chose the device that I wanted a advert will not make me choose a device… Just to let you know ,no I don’t remember those ads at all..where thay shown in the UK..?…at the end of the day is just a ad ..and I couldn’t give a shit ..I’am just on here posting my point just like you and he rest of the loyal iDB readers…

        God I love this site and what it does to use reades ..makes us happy ,makes us mad , make us shout at are computers whether PC or MAC…
        It brings us together , whether it’s to agree or disagree ..were all hear to voice are opinions..
        Big thumbs up Seb for this site ..I thank you for what you have done …

      • Jon Garrett

        there’s nothing wrong with apple making other companies step up their game and make better phones so why does it seem to be a problem now that those same companies have stepped up and passed apple?

        why cant apple now step up its game?

        other companies came out with dual core phones and six months later, apple does the same. now those companies have quad core processors and apple will follow their lead and release quad core processors also.

        you seem to forget or ignore the fact that WE, the consumers are the ones who benefit from competition, if apple had its way with its anti-competitive behavior we wouldn’t have all these great products to look forward to because apple would bleed you dry and starve you of new ideas and new products.

      • do you know google work with Apple for the first iPhones? that changes google CEO point of view in mobile OS. that is why they bought Android. so if there’s no Apple google won’t care to buy Android.

      • And thats palstic crap
        Go fuck your samsung

  • Anonymous

    Apple fanboy-ism aside, got to admit the Galaxy SII is ONE HELL OF A PHONE, PEOPLE!

  • Cheap shots? I love all Apple blogs and web sites, especially the fanboys that work on them. Whenever there is an ad, (in a way) attacking Apple, then it is a “cheap shot” and is usually criticized. But whenever there is an ad where Apple is the one “attacking”, then it is considered funny, it is praised and glorified.

    Fanboys, gotta love them.

    • Anonymous

      Though I like this blog, couldn’t agree more.

  • Ahkyar Aeka

    I own G S 2. I am so tired of answering every one question especially the question like “Is that new iPhone!!” Damn you samsung!!

    • Painman

      People think that the SGS2 looks like an iPhone? These same people do realise that the 4S is only an internal upgrade and not an aesthetic one don’t they? I’m sorry, but if people are so stupid that they think it’s the same phone then they really do have problems :0|

  • Maybe the reason some Apple users are getting offended because some of the things that are said in these ads do have some truth in them. Same way the PC users hated the Mac vs PC ads because they knew some of it were true as well. I mean wouldn’t it be great if the Iphone had 4G, a music cloud service you didnt have to pay for, and a way to send files from one device to another via a simple bluetooth connection and not just email or another app? I think it’s gotta be accepted that iOS, for the first time since 2007, is the one playing catch-up on SOME features. It has ceased to become the leader of the game in SOME aspects. It’s still a great mobile OS, but now it has some really stiff competition. I for one was an iOS user, but have moved onto Android precisely because of some of the features mentioned above. It just suits me personally. Comes down to a personal choice.

    Also, maybe these ads are aimed to attract non-smartphone users to Android rather than try to convert iOS users. I don’t know, for me, it’s all just fun banter. And I’d like to see the Iphone come out with a counter ad. It would be entertaining to see the exchange. Hehe.

    • Jon Garrett

      I switched for the same reasons as you plus I got tired of wanting all the great hardware that Android devices have. faster processors, more memory, expansion options, better displays and more.

    • Same here. I first got an android phone. Changed to iphone one year later. Im not hating on ios. And not on android. Both has their flaws and awesome features. But in january im going back to android. It just suits me better. Its more freely. I like to customize everything. Iphone won let me do that. Still using the original ringtone since it wont let me use what i want without trouble. And i miss my widgets. My god i miss them. Android is for me. But i still say that ios is a good os

      • Yeah, you’re right. I do love the widgets. As well as the easy organization of the icons.

    • Painman

      The exact same reason I switched. If the 4S had come with a 4″ screen it may have been enough to keep me, but after 1 week with the SGS2 I can honestly say I am pleased I made the move.

      I do still have the iPhone 4 which my wife will use once she gets her new sim so I shall stick around here for her sake 🙂

  • Everyone Willy’s gay! He keeps sending everyone pictures of his little Willy! HAHAHA WILLY!!! How gay!

    • Anonymous

      Oh Willyy, silly you! No one wants to see your tiny little weeny.

  • John Sey

    hey ! shut up ! maybe u dont have much money to change to another phone ! just shut up! old fashion! before iPhone born, what phone that u use?
    wait ! what? ur mom or ur dad work for apple ? thats why u hate this TV ads
    ? if not please dont act like this! just feel free with it! it just a TV Ads , it doesnt have ur photo in there! samsung not talking about U ! it doent have ur picture holding ur ifuck in there! it is not our company! u know! just buy it! use it! use both of it! u will find out that both of Samsung and iPhone are useful! i use both of it iPhone4 and Galaxy Note + iPad2 ! i like apple ! and i like something new! just think about it ! Samsung and Apple earn alots of money! what about u? what are u doing now? siting there watching this TV Ads and hate other company!? come on! go to school! go to work! go for a walk! run ur own business! Be rich!
    im sorry for my words!

  • Always same commercial !

  • So samsung is proud that they have a phone that manages music as if its an external hard drive, where the only successful music management system that you have have on android is an app ‘ Double Twist’ which ‘mimics’ the way Apple does it, just not as seamless and successful.

    One of the biggest downfalls I had with Android when I tried the GSII was the way it manages media, I have a 2TB external hard drive that I carry around with me, my phone shouldn’t have to be another one of those, some people hate it but I think the way Apple and iTunes manage media is the best by far on any device, you want to delete something off your device you just uncheck it, with Samsung or any android for that matter your stuck deleting it through the file manager or using ‘Double Twist’ which really is not even close, and was hit and miss for me, and I only owned it for 2 Months!

  • before i say what i’m about to say, i want to point out I’m a certified apple consultant and apple user since the 70’s. I’ve learned my lesson though – the company that started out as the anti-big brother company has become big brother. I love listening to all you twits try and defend apple – apple hands out mandates on what you can and can’t have on your devices and you defend them? then, they release this ridiculous iCloud service that ONLY stores documents for their THREE of THEIR apps and nothing else.. that’s useful how? lol – you can have your damn devices, i’m switching to android..

    • And you will of cause tell all at Apple HQ what you think ..No ?
      Shut up then…
      This is about Samasung poking fun at Apple customers ..that’s it ..true we do get carried away with the comments who sold the most phones type thing.. As for the iCloud , well that was always only going to store stuff from apples apps ..if you were expecting more than this ,than you were more delusioned than me.. And you work for

  • 9851127755ntc

    what the f**k samsung every dog have a day

  • BMoreGoHard

    I could careless what Samsung do it’s not going to change anything. Samdung Ooops ‘sung’ been making phones for years and have to completely copy the new kid on the block “iPhone”. Apple poke fun because they are original at what they do, Windows can’t and couldn’t stack up. So, if Samsung was original then yeah, but not after you set back and steal ideas now want to act like you created something. Bow down Sam! Ha!

  • okay guys, quit hating on th fanboy comment. Apple hasn’t made a commercial lately that is purposely targeting a particular company. Apple shows off features of the phone, not comparing it to others.

  • HaHaHa – Those suckers … why not get ‘Next Day delivery’ – Silly Nerds!

  • You high? I asked a simple question. You did know there was smartphones and tablets before iphone and ipad? Your random response tells me that you did infact know about this. Never said anything about that the iphone is a copy of the nokia. You just made yourself look stupid.

    Do i have to be grouped with guys like him? Since i got an iphone and therefor belong to thesame cult. Can i exclude myself from dumb people like him guys? Please?

  • Anonymous

    Jens, please reread my previous posts which takes your argument and turns it into my victory! Thank you…
    BTW: You are a simpleton who doesn’t understand the basics of the dialectic. Anyone reading these posts has already deduced my superiority in debate, logic, and intelligence. Good luck in getting that ‘animal carcass removal’ position you have been working so hard for. If you respond with more brilliant quips, like ‘You high?’ I shall be forced to humiliate and taunt you again to the delight of everyone reading with an IQ greater than an elderberry…LMBAO2X…<;)

  • Anonymous

    first of all, i cant even understand how is this smart publicity. they are fucking admitting, promoting and publishing the big lines apple products generates (the efforts to get apple products). As a company, i would never expose that to my competition. this is so not like apple ads.

  • Eric Powell

    Listen I don’t own any of their products I have an ipod and a Palm pre but none of you shit heads should take sides these are two children with their hands in each others pockets and with the other hand pointing at each other they need to get I life and apple isn’t the most ethical company either probably closer to the botton of the ethicalist

  • superior marketingllc

    Dude get a samsung and an iphone,they look nothing a like and perform differently same with the tablets and computers………