Verbs, one of the best IM clients in the App Store, has gone free for today only. This means that you can download Verbs for free within the next 24 hours instead of the usual $2.99.

You can also get an in-app purchase of Verbs Pro for $4.99, which allows you to stay online with iOS multitasking for up to 7 days. Not only that, but the app is universal, and has one of the best iPad interfaces to date.

We reviewed Verbs awhile back, and to sum it up: the UI is so good that it looks like Apple designed it. It’s a shame that this wasn’t a runner-up for Apple’s Top Apps of 2011.

You can download Verbs for free today in the App Store.

  • Free yes, but this app is a lite version. Wake me up when they give away the pro version.

  • Yeah. STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP! It is junk. Half the accounts that you have in free chat options are not here. You have to use a third party service (both of which are obscure) just to share photos. AND you have to pay $4.99 jto get notifications and multitasking! Seriously?! The worst part is that this is a “deal”! The base app is normally $2.99! This app NOT free and the “lite” features of this app are crap. I decided to take the plunge and buy the “pro” features and they barely work at all! Push notifications almost never work and accounts will randomly get logged off.

  • Érico Gonçalves

    no thanks!

  • This is probably the worst IM App ever, seriously stay away.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah no thanks I’ll pass…