Apple is offering limited time deals on refurbished iPad 1 and iPad 2 models. Customers can save $80 from Apple on a 16GB iPad 2 and over $200 on refurbished iPad 1 models.

It’s rare for Apple to offer such deals on current-generation hardware like the iPad 2, so make sure to jump on this offer while it’s still available. We’ve got the pricing details for you to check out…

Refurb iPad 2 deals:

  • 16GB Black Wi-Fi Model: $419.00 ($80 off)
  • 16Gb Wi-Fi + 3G While Model: $549.00 ($100 off)

Refurb iPad 1 deals:

  • 32Gb Black Wi-Fi + 3G (GSM) Model $399 ($230 off)
  • 64Gb Black Wi-Fi + 3G (GSM) Model: $499 ($230 off)

Buying a refurbished product from Apple is basically like buying brand new, as all of Apple’s products undergo strenuous testing before getting the “refurbished” stamp of approval. If you plan on getting an iPad for the holidays, now would be a great time to pick one up at a discount.


  • Anonymous

    Any discount on the iPad 2 32GB Wifi model? The 16GB is not enough storage.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it is $499 which is $100 off.

      Just click on the link above for the 16GB WiFi then choose the size and color on the right of the page.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you. 🙂

    • Use iCloud to store!

  • Dan

    just for US… got my hopes up there

  • those discounts aren’t even worth it

    • Dan

      100$ off is worth it. New screen, new case, new battery. 1 year garanty.

  • Melvin Wong

    this is sad… the Canadian one doesn’t have any stock in refurbs… just one lonely 64GB iPad 1 (3G) rolling around @ $519… I really want to get an iPad 2 and ship it to my friend, stay there for 48 hours and bring it back up… stupid customs ><

  • Wow now.

  • Jon Garrett

    why buy a used tablet and save just $80 when the next gen model will be released soon. and the ones with 3G aren’t really savings because you’ll be stuck in a 2yr contract for 3G which you probably don’t need anyway because of the ability to tether and with free WiFi all over the place.

    • Anonymous

      All iPads are contract free. You can add, remove, or change your plan anytime.

      • Jon Garrett

        All of them? so I can go into an AT&T retail store right now and buy a 3G capable iPad 2 without a 2yr contract?

      • Kok Hean

        Probably :p

  • Just bought apple refurbished Ipad 2 for $349. Can’t take my eyes of it!